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Outlander Recap: Lallybroch, Episode 112

I don’t even know where to start with this episode. Let me just say I am equal parts thrilled and annoyed. I can’t - It’s like there’s an elephant in the room…. Oh wait that’s later.
Let’s save the hysterical rant for the next post and get back to summing up this episode. But for the record, I’m gonna have to rant as I go. I know I said save it for later, but like Jenny, I can’t keep a harsh word in.
Claire and Jamie are on horseback, riding home to Lallybroch, Jamie’s home. Not a word of dialogue has been uttered but I’m already disappointed. We’re already away from the stones so I don’t think we’re going to be hearing anything about all that praying Jamie did. 
Instead, what we get is Claire showing off her knowledge of airplanes. Jamie’s fascinated. It’s cute. What I really am thinking, though, is okay, and then you prayed so hard… No? Okay. Maybe next scene. This will be a common theme throughout my viewing experience. Along with shouts of, “that’s not right!” I’m sensing that the crazy witch hunting townsfolk aren’t the only thing we’ve left behind. Seems the spirit of Jamie and Claire is no to be found till the last ten minutes of the episode. We do get a cute exchange about how old Claire is: Jamie is surprised when he realizes she is five years older. Claire asks if he’s disappointed. Jamie jokes, “No. It’s just that when I’m 40 you’ll be 245.”.
Annnnd we’re still on the horse, until we’re not. Jamie spies Lallybroch and quickly goes from conquering Odysseus returning home to shame faced prodigal son suffering from PTSD. Claire senses this and tries to tell him it will be alright. Little does she know she’s about to be assailed as a trollop by her new sister-in-law. Jamie tells Claire he’s heard rumors that Black Jack got Jenny pregnant. He’s worried, but they keep going.
Jamie pauses in the yard of Lallybroch as a wave of PTSD comes over him again. Claire, showing great care and nursing ability, misses this and instead makes herself acquainted with wee Jamie, Jenny’s son, and presumably Black Jack’s bastard. Jenny Herself comes running, thrilled to see Jamie. Until he opens his mouth. Jamie has got the wrong end of things about wee Jamie and he’s not about to let Jenny set him straight. That job falls to Ian Murray, Jamie’s childhood best friend who makes a timely appearance as the Frasers are about to go off, threatening to grab each other by the balls. Ian is perfectly cast and the only one I actually enjoy hearing from most of this episode. Ian alone seems to have been given the cipher that stops the Nazi enigma machine contains actual dialogue and plot lines from the book.
Ian informs Jamie that he, Ian, is himself wee Jamie’s father, the father of the child Jenny’s currently carrying, Jamie’s brother-in-law, and the only person this episode who does not lecture, criticize or insult Claire aka Sassenach.
Jamie and Jenny calm down enough to go inside where Jenny ends up telling Jamie everything that happened between her and Black Jack, at Jamie’s insistence. 
Let me just tell you, I’ve read the books. I know what happened to Jenny, but it is still appalling to watch. And becomes very revealing for Tobias Menzies. Jenny recounts the horror of Black Jack dragging her upstairs with the intent of raping her. Black Jack flops himself out of his breeches, and stays flopped. Seems Jenny and her laughing isn’t doing it for him. Jenny realizes this and keeps laughing until he’s so incensed he knocks her out. In a show of remarkable restraint for him, Black Jack does no more to her and leaves. It seems out of character but I’m grateful. 
 And here’s where things go off the rails for the book readers among our viewers. I love this series, I love the actors but this scene is wrong wrong wrong. Sigh. 
After Jenny finishes telling Jamie everything, she says she’s waiting for an apology. Now we know where Jamie gets it, having demanded an apology from Claire in similar fashion after Fort William. Jamie swears he’s already said he’s sorry, in good little brother deniable fashion. Claire butts in and says, uh, no, you didn’t. Sigh. Here’s where…. I don’t know what. Jamie pulls Claire into another room and chastises her for contradicting him in front of his family as he is the Laird. I’m pretty sure book Jamie would never dream of giving this speech, having the memory of Claire’s dirk pointed at his throat seared in his brain after the last time he tried to discipline her. But here we are. This is just the beginning of the storyline in this episode where Jamie becomes an ass. 
Jamie softens the blow by reminding Claire that they’re in his time, not hers. He appreciates her sharp tongue, but only behind closed doors. Oh, really? Claire smiles, and says she will toe the line. She’s immediately put to the test by Jenny who insists on insulting Claire a time or two and being a martyr before giving up the master bedroom to Claire and Jamie. The two reluctantly retireClaire reluctantly retires to change as Jamie starts showing off as the new Laird. Jamie finds his father’s old Viking sword, and Claire shows off her knowledge of all things by examining it.
The conversation turns towards the death of Jamie’s father, Brian, which happened as Jamie was being flogged a second time within the space of a week by Black Jack. What we didn’t know, was Jamie’s father had gone to Fort William to try and free Jamie. In a flashback, Jamie tells us that Black Jack said he could do as Jamie’s father wished, and free him, but only if Jamie gave his body completely over to Black Jack. Jamie would even get out of the second whipping. 
Jamie confesses that he considered it, as the marks from the first flogging were still painful and fresh. However, he couldn’t do it knowing it would disappoint his father that he had given in to Black Jack. What Jamie couldn’t know, was turning down Black Jack would only make Black Jack even more vicious as he flogged Jamie. During the flogging, Jamie loses consciousness. Everyone, including his father, thinks he is dead. Jamie’s father collapses and has a stroke. He never recovers and dies. Jamie never got to see his father again, couldn’t attend the funeral, and has never even seen his grave.
Claire tells Jamie that what happened to his father was not his fault. Even had he chosen to be with Black Jack, the man was pure evil and would have flogged him anyway. Jenny comes by to be snarky again, telling them dinner is on.
Dinner proves to be an awkward affair as does Quarter Day  at Lallybroch the next day, when the tenants come to Lallybroch to pay their rent. Claire increases her eye rolling as the day goes on, and Jamie prances around as “Laird.” Claire witnesses a father, Ronald McNab abusing his son Rabbie over trying to eat bannocks. Claire brings all her 20th century outrage to bear, and steps in to stop him. Mr. McNab sneers and swears and insults her. Still, Claire manages to get Rabbie away, showing his bruises and marks to Jenny. Jenny throws more shade at Claire and Jamie tsks tsks before skipping away to enjoy being Laird. Claire is shaking her head as we all are, wondering where sweet Jamie has gone. I could totally believe this Jamie would feel up Laoghaire. 
Jamie apparently makes the most of getting to be Laird for the day, getting drunk. Not drunk enough to fall down, but just drunk enough to punch Mr. McNab and abscond with his son. He stumbles into bed late, smashing Claire. Claire informs him he has less grace than an elephant. Jamie’s so drunk he responds in Gaelic. Then he remembers he wants to teach Claire Gaelic, shows off about being Laird again, and ask her about elephants: has she really seen one? Thankfully, Claire lands on the side of finding this endearing.
We find Jamie trying not to throw up at breakfast the next morning. He’s had just about enough of this Laird business. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and he’s already done with it. Especially after Jenny comes in for one more go around with him. It’s almost as if she lives to piss off her little brother. Jamie’s all of a sudden channeling his inner Tony Soprano, as he takes his frustration out first on Janice Jenny and then the cook, complaining about the grittiness of his bannock. (What is it about bannocks that sends grown men over the edge?) Claire wears a look of long suffering that only Carmela could appreciate. Jamie discovers the bannocks are banal because the mill is broken: the water wheel won’t turn. So Jamie heads out to set things straight, Claire in tow.
Just as Jamie goes under to work on the wheel, Jenny comes running up, seconds ahead of a detachment of Red Coats who just happen to have a water wheel expert as their commander. Jamie dives underwater, staying out of the way long enough to get the wheel working just as the Red Coat is about to dive in and join him in the swim. Jamie has to sacrifice his shirt in the deception, which gives us the chance to appreciate him fully. Well, almost fully. Jamie emerges from the water with nothing on as Jenny calls him a Muggle Muckle before freezing as she sees the damage to his back and the brutality of the injuries. She flees, overcome with emotion.
It’s that night, that we finally get book Jamie and book Claire back. And it’s all thanks to Ian. Claire has an enlightening late night conversation with Ian about the stubbornness of Frasers, and how best to handle them: kick them and then kick them again. Ian continues to shine, showing kindness and decency. Encouraged by Ian, Claire marches into their room and yanks Jamie out of bed, gets in his face, and gives him what for about his idiotic, childish, not at all like the real Jamie behavior asking him to please knock it off so we can all fall in love with Jamie again. Jamie has no response, for once. The Laird has left the building!
Jamie takes what Claire says to heart and goes to see his father’s grave. Jenny meets him there. Jamie tries to make things right, and Jenny graciously lets him. She also confesses that a part of her had always blamed Jamie for their father’s death, but seeing his scars the other day opened her eyes to how much Jamie had suffered. She then takes on the blame mantle, telling Jamie it was her fault Black Jack beat Jamie so badly, and thus her fault their father died. Jamie puts a stop to all of it, letting her know that it’s neither of their faults. The only one to blame is Black Jack and that’s about all there is to it. Jenny unable to resist tries to pick another fight but it’s just another sign all is right in Fraserland.
Jamie then puts things right with Claire later that night, saving the whole episode, and confesses that he loves her:
I knew ye belonged here, with me, almost since the first time I laid eyes on ye. That’s one of the reasons I agreed to marry ye. Though not the main one … Because I wanted you more than I ever wanted anything in my life. Right from that moment I fell off the horse and woke up in the dark looking up at your face. Then there was that long ride together, with that lovely round arse wedged tight between my thighs, and that rock-solid head thumping me in the chest … I wanted ye from the first moment I saw ye. But I loved ye when ye wept in my arms that first night at Leoch. But now I wake up every day and I find that I love you more than I did the day before. 
Claire tells him that she loves him, too. And in what may be an Outlander first we have a fade to black just as the sex begins. All is right again with the world. 
For a bit.
Until Claire wakes up the next morning. To an empty bed, and angry voices in the hall. She comes out of the bedroom to find Jamie being held at gunpoint as 12 angry men have invaded Lallybroch.
What the watch? Oh, we’re off the book reservation again. At least it’s entertaining. It will keep those of us in the know anxious to see what happens next as we’re in new territory here. 
Outlander Recap: Lallybroch, Episode 112 Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 7:22 PM Rating: 5

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