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Orphan Black Recap: Episode 6 "Certain Agony of the Battlefield"

O Paul, Paul! Wherefore art thou Paul? Deny thy Dr. Coady and refuse thy Castor Brothers. Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I'll no longer be a Dyad. Paul and Sarah never had a chance, did they?

We have not one, but two shocking deaths this week: Paul and Pupok (the scorpion). We also get lots of answers and then even more questions! And Delphine! And Rachel! Let's get to it.

At the end of last week's episode, Helena scampered off into the desert, Pupok in tow, leaving Sarah behind. It hasn't' been a good 24 hours since Helena disappeared for Sarah. Remember that time she dreamed that creepy men were running tests on her while she slept in Beth's old apartment? She woke up to find out that it wasn't a dream. Well, same thing, different dream.

In her dream, Sarah is following Kira through Camp Clone, desperately trying to get to her daughter. But Kira runs into her Sixth Sense tent again. And that's when Sarah gets a run in with resident Psycho Clone, Rudy. Thanks to Mrs. Bates aka Dr. Coady, Sarah and Norman Bates Rudy are joined at the blood line: blood is literally running down a tube, from Rudy to Sarah. As if that isn't bad enough, Rudy licks Sarah. He actually licks her! Sarah wakes up and promptly throws up. Totally warranted. Throw up again. Sarah quickly realizes something terrible has happened to her.

Paul is meanwhile meeting with Deep Throat, otherwise known as unknown Fed in blue trenchcoat. Paul has brought him information about Dr. Coady's illegal, unauthorized, no way she should be doing this, experiment on civilians. Blue Trenchcoat is appalled. He sends Paul back to get some "real" evidence. And what is Blue Trenchcoat going to do? Sit in the Director's office until he agrees to speak to him. Or so he says.

Back at Mrs. S's house, Kira is FaceTiming with Felix and Mrs. S. She's seen an iceberg during her time with her father in Greenland. Kira wants to know why she hasn't seen or heard from her mother, Sarah. Felix and Mrs. S manage to put her off, but as they hang up with Kira, it's clear that Felix is no longer willing to wait on the sidelines while Mrs. S's "people" try and track down Sarah. Mrs. S has gone from Woman of Power to Impotent Drip this season. Speaking of impotence, Gracie is anxious to find out what is making her sick. Felix says Cosima is working on it.

Or is she? What she appears to be working on is a nice lie-in at Shay's uber hip apartment. Cosima finally rouses herself enough to find out from a scantily clad Shay that her phone's been ringing off the hook.

Shay has some questions: Like who is Sarah and why are you saying her name in your sleep? Uh-oh. Cosima doesn't exactly reassure her much by saying Sarah's a friend who is "like her sister." Yeah, uh-huh. Sure.

Meanwhile, Team Hendrix is completely outside of any of this drama, holding a Twerk-athon in their bedroom. They're celebrating all the money they've made selling drugs by throwing it in the air like they just don't care. I haven't seen this much glitter and money since Dynasty.

The celebration is prematurely interrupted by their daughter, who has some problem the parents quickly forget as they dive right back into their drug business. Allison is meeting Jason later to talk about setting up a long term business, and Donnie wants to be there. Allison gives him the "we'll see" look. She then totally stuffs a dollar bill down his pants. Did you see that?

Remember how Cosima's phone kept ringing and she didn't want to answer it? Well, it was Scott with some crucial information: Delphine is back. And waiting for Cos in her lab. And she's got the "I just found out you're cheating on me" look on her face. Cosima gets the snotty, "Yeah, what are you going to do about it?" look on her face. The two trade barbs over who has been helping find Sarah the least before Delphine puts Cosima in her place by revealing that she knows all. Such as: Cosima and Scott have been testing a Castor brain and that Gracie is sick. Delphine then really slams the door on Cosima, pointing out that she's missed the same protein in both Castor clones and Gracie. Delphine, "That to me, warrants a followup. Don't you agree?" Drops mic.

Over at Camp Clone, Paul is back just in time to discover that Sarah is seriously ill. She begs him to get her out of there, but Paul balks, asking Sarah to trust him. Because she's soooooo good at that. Sarah snipes, "Just get me a car and a gun and I'll take my chances."

Sarah tells Paul she doesn't know what to believe, that she can't tell whose side he is on. Before things can get too heated, Dr. Coady comes in and lies, lies, lies. Paul believes none of what she has to say, demanding to know what they've done to Sarah. Sarah tries to take Paul's hand, but he jerks it away, leaving Sarah but not before Dr. Coady tells her that Helena did get away. But Rudy's on the case and Coady's confident he'll bring her back. Gotta say, even dehydrated and delirious I'd still put my money on Helena.

But she's down for the count, collapsing in the sand. Pupok finds this to be most upsetting and immediately sets in to tear down Helena. Pupok would not be my pick to coach me through a marathon. Helena tells herself Pupok to leave her alone. But Pupok is unrelenting: you suck, you're not trying hard enough, you're a sentimental sap. Perhaps Pupok is my inner subconscious as well... Anyways.... Pupok tells Helena she's not really tired, she just regrets leaving Sarah behind. Helena denies this, and then eats Pupok. Best move ever. Though the existential questions this raises are staggering... Perhaps Gregor's cockroach can clear it up for us.

Paul is meanwhile trying to get information about what happened to Sarah out of the camp doctor. The doctor surreptitiously tells Paul all about what the Castor clones have been up to while Paul was playing house with Beth. Turns out Rudy came back from a leave with a sick girl. After that, all clones were ordered to keep track of their sexual conquests. And take hair samples. Ick. The camp doctor gets to test those for genetic precursors, allegedly for security purposes, but camp doc believes Coady is trying to get baseline numbers, before pictures. He quickly tells Paul he knows nothing else, but oh by the way, you can find everything you need in Coady's quarters.

It's all awkwardness and double talk between Cosima and Delphine as they wait for Gracie to arrive. She finally does, accompanied by Felix in a Teletubby costume. Or something unbelievably big and red.

Felix veers off from the happy crew to corner Scott and demand that he take him to see Rachel. Scott isn't sure he wants to join Felix on this particular mission. But Felix talks him into it, "Now nut up, and lead me to the cyclops."

At Camp Clone, Mark is finally up and about. Just in time for Paul to find him and question him. They reminisce over their bar confrontation awhile back. Paul gets Mark to admit that he loves Gracie. This is enough to convince Paul that Mark is on his side, and will help him.

Meanwhile, Breaking Black continues with Allison and her old boyfriend, Jason. (It's really nice of them to include this spinoff series in the middle of Orphan Black.) Allison tells Jason she and Donnie want to take things to the next level. Just then - here comes Donnie! He's just dropped $10,000 in cash on a new car having missed Drug Dealing 101. Jason tells Donnie and Alison they're not ready to take things to the next level because they can't even like just like stay cool man!! "You two suck at peddling meth. Period." Okay, that was Saul's line, but Jason totally was going to say it. He tells the Dynamic Duo they need a legit front, and garage made soap isn't going to cut it. But never fear. Alison has a plan.

You know who also has a plan? Paul. He's talked Mark into getting the keys to Coady's office so he can get in and try and find the proof he needs for Blue Trenchcoat.

While Mark paces outside Dr. Coady's office, Gracie is undergoing an ultrasound with Cosima. Cosima tells her about the similar protein in her blood and in one of Mark's "brothers." Never fear, Cosima. Gracie knows he's a clone. She also knows Mark made her sick. Cosima and Delphine discover through the ultrasound that Gracie is now sterile.

Paul finds everything he needs and Mark comes busting in. He demands to know from Paul what's going on. Paul tells Mark that he's contagious, that Mark's defect can be sexually transmitted. Mark wants to know what it does to the women who catch it, fearing for Gracie's life. Paul has no answer, but is ready to go bust some heads.

Paul storms the sickbay where Dr. Coady is still studying Sarah's reaction to Rudy's blood. Paul places her under arrest and tells her that she is unfit to lead because.... she's sterilizing women! Yes, Virginia, there are consequences for your behavior. And you, too, Corporal Clone who I've never learned your name. Paul throws both of them in the stockade.

But things are getting worse for Sarah while all this is going down. She's so bad she's having an out of body experience, as a young version of the Clone girls shows up and asks her to follow her down a tunnel with a light at the end of it. And Sarah does it! As you do.

But the other side isn't pearly gates and angel choirs, it's Paul and Beth's home videos. And Beth in the, well, spirit flesh? You're damn right. She's hanging out in Mrs. S's kitchen, waiting for Sarah. Beth wants to talk about Paul and how much she loved him. And how it was all fake.

Beth is royally pissed. Not sure why she called the meeting, and neither is Beth. But she wants Sarah to keep going. She tells her, "Stop asking why. Start asking who. Sister" And then Beth kills herself. Again. This girl. The afterlife push is all Sarah needs to finally fight off Rudy's infection. She wants Paul. Now. Who doesn't, really?

Paul is busy telling Blue Trenchcoat everything he found. Blue seems appalled, and yet not. Paul wants to bring in Rudy, but Blue tells him to leave him out chasing Helena. Blue claims he's going to send an extraction team, and get Paul out of there.

Also in need of an extraction team is Rachel. Felix has arrived, and it gets ugly fast. Rachel tries to motor away from him in her little automated chair. But Felix isn't having it. He's still bitter about that one time at Clone Camp when she jammed a needle in him. Felix tells Rachel he wants her to tell him everything she knows about Castor. She balks. So he paints. Her eye! She still refuses to help him. And Felix really loses it, grabbing her. He freezes as Rachel begs him to get her out of there. He storms out leaving us actually feeling, maybe, sorry for Rachel. As the kerfuffle subsides, Scott discovers strange markings in Rachel's paintings.

Back in side-story land, Donnie and Alison are waiting for Jason outside, "Bubbles." Alison's mother's store. Jason remembers the stock room fondly which causes Donnie consternation. It's very pink inside the store, with lots of soap. This is the business Alison wants to use as a front for their drug dealing. Jason is sold.

And... back to the main event: Cosima and Delphine. Delphine confesses that she  misses Cosima. Cosima's got nothing. No response to that ridiculous emotional blackmail. Can't have it both ways. Cosima deals with her pain by finding Shay and telling her, "I was coming here to tell you that I thought maybe we should slow things down. But now that I see you, I just kinda wanna make out for like 7 hours straight." Just as things are getting to the good part, Cosima gets a call from Scott. He's discovered that those weird symbols in Rachel's paintings are the key to cracking Professor Duncan's code.

Delphine drowns her sorrows by rewatching the surveillance footage of Cosima and Shay on their date. Mama said there'll be days like this...

Mama also said that Rudy needs to get his ass back to Camp Clone. We find him in the desert getting a call telling him to head back to camp. "There's a situation," he says. "We're needed," he says. And he's off.

Paul is filling Sarah in on what has been going on, but Sarah just wants to know if Paul loved Beth. Is this really the time for that Sarah? Paul dodges the question, telling Sarah he will carry what happened to Beth with him forever. Sarah demands to talk to Coady. Coady reveals that she knew Sarah would fight off the genetic defect because she is fertile. She's able to have children unlike the other clones.

Dr. Coady says she's infecting innocent women so she can try and understand the defect. But Paul's not buying it. He quickly realizes that Dr. Coady is trying to develop a weapon that she thinks will somehow end wars without spilling a drop of blood. Sarah demands to know who the weapon is for.

Annnnd.... cue Rudy. He's talked his driver into committing a little misdirection with the camp guards while he sneaks onto the base. And they buy it. Do they not know Rudy? Not the sharpest guards that have ever been on TV. Rudy quickly slits the throat of the guy guarding Corporal Clone. Next up? Paul and Sarah.

They're meeting with Mark who informs Paul that Psycho Rudy is probably on base, and that he got a call from Arlington. Blue Trenchcoat is not working for Paul, he's working against him. Paul confirms this by having a stilted phone call with Blue who is out driving around rather than sitting in the Director's office where he promised he would be. Mark urges Paul to, "make this right."

First step in putting things right? Killing Corporal Clone. Paul takes him down, snapping his neck, but not before Corporal Clone stabs Paul with a knife. Paul tried to get him to see reason and stop, but it wasn't working. So down goes Corporal. And apparently Paul.

Paul's wound is fatal.  He knows it, and Sarah knows it. What she doesn't know? Paul has that car she wanted earlier. He sends her through a grate and locks her out, telling her to leave him behind and get out. Sarah won't do it. She doesn't want to leave him. But Paul insists. And doesn't give her any choice. Just before leaving he turns to her and says, "It was never Beth I loved." And he's gone.

Paul makes his way back to Dr. Coady's office where he waits for Rudy and his mother. They show up and discover Paul sitting there, bleeding to death. Rudy is all for shooting Paul immediately with a sarcastic comment thrown in on the side. Paul begs Dr. Coady to cure the Castor Clones and drop the rest of her crazy scheme. She won't listen, despite Paul's tears, shooting him. But it's not fatal enough to stop Paul from dropping one last bomb: a grenade. The bomb destroys Paul and presumably all the science Dr. Coady had collected on the innocent women.

Sarah is knocked down by the blast, and this time the light at the end of the tunnel is an entrance for
Helena to come through. Eating Pupok gave her the energy kick she needed to come and rescue her seestra.

Rachel is also grieving for Paul, or more correctly, for her lost father, and everything she once loved. As she weeps she continues to paint the strange symbols that populate Professor Duncan's code.

Next time on Orphan Black: Helena vs. Mrs. S, Delphine vs. Shay (I'm not placing bets on either one), Felix as Alison's campaign manager, and Donnie finds himself at the mercy of Pouchy's paper cutter!
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