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Orphan Black Recap: Formalized, Complex, and Costly (Episode 3)

Okay, first off, this episode was really good. Sarah and Felix are up to their elbows in a Seth Situation. They decide they need a drink, and try distracting themselves by talking about S. I hate to tell them, but the problem ain't S but the dead clone in the bathroom.

And then Art’s there!! Ah, the gang’s all here. And Sarah and Felix are panicking. They do a piss poor job of covering up their non-crime as Art barges his way into the apartment. Art isn’t a detective for nothing. He immediately picks up on the fact that there’s blood on the floor and Felix is acting like a nervous nelly. When Art discovers the body, Sarah gets straight to the point, "Okay, first off, it wasn't us." Atta girl Sarah. 

Art, thankfully, agrees not to turn in our troubled twosome most likely due to Felix's logic: 

Art:  Do you understand the position this puts me in?
Felix: We do, Art. But can't you just, like, look away?
Art: It's a dead body, not a bag of weed.
Felix: Well, look away and it too will go up in smoke.
Sarah wisely steps in and brings the laptop over to Art so he can meet Cosima. She makes him an honorary member of Clone Club. Cosima also tells Art how much she misses Beth. Art clearly does, too.

Scott then joins the conference call so they can examine the body. Everyone decides what's called for in this situation is to open up the dead body and examine Seth's brain. And Art is out. But first he tells Sarah he has a lead on Mark, the Prolethean Clone holed up in a seedy motel with baby carrying Gracie.

Said Mark is asleep. He wakes up to find Gracie all Gone Girl and panics. Turns out she was just getting coffee. Chill, Mark. Gracie decides to push Mark to consummate their marriage. They are on their honeymoon after all. Gracie invites Mark to share his secrets. This girl sure wants a lot!

Mark says he will, but first he wants to seal the deal with her. In the afterglow, Mark tells all, starting out with the sexual history of the military. It's an odd place to start, but apparently not a long anthology. Gracie interrupts Mark as he gets to Hannibal's "conquests" to let Mark know she's figured out why they're there: to see her father's old friend Willard Finch. Mark then reveals all (almost) confessing that he is still an active member of the army who was assigned to recover valuable scientific material from Gracie's father Henrik hid with Willard. He's really not going to tell her he's a clone. Gracie does not take the news well, becoming indignant and upset that he lied. Just wait til she hears he's a clone.

In subplot suburbia, Allison and Donnie are out trying to steal seal the election by passing out voting literature for Allison with a side of drugs. The drugs manage to turn snooty constituents into bribable voters.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Art are back on stake out together, looking for the midwife, Alexis McGann, who helped knocked up Helena. Alexis freaks a bit seeing Sarah, but soon comes clean. She admits she doesn't know where Helena is, but lets them know Mark is with Gracie. Alexis then drops the bomb that Helena and Gracie are pregnant with King Prolethean's child. While Sarah is busy being shocked, Alexis is busy eavesdropping on Art as he confirms the location of Mark's truck.

Back at the Bates Motel Clone Hill Suites Gracie decides she's not that mad at Mark. She wants to go see Willard herself. Mark lets her go. Willard welcomes Gracie in, and looks her up and down in the creepiest way possible. Repeatedly. Gracie manages to talk Willard into giving her a box that he was keeping for her father.

Art and Sarah are heading for Mark and Gracie. Art admits to Sarah that he heard from Beth the night she killed herself. He's still wracked with guilt about it, and wants to do anything he can to help Beth's sisters.

The craziest sister, Helena, is still at Camp Clone. She's stuck inside a cell as Rudy Scarface Clone arrives and immediately gets the s*** slapped out of him by his mother, Doctor Coady. She's mad that Rudy killed Seth in the field. Luckily for Rudy, Paul is there to step in and save him from more abuse. (As an aside, typing Rudy and Paul in the same sentence always makes me want to type Paul Rudd). Dr. Coady admits that the clone's defect is getting worse. The tests on Helena haven't revealed any clues. Dr. Coady wants the original genetic material. She says it's the only way to save the clones.

Paul gets it, but he wants Rudy confined to the base. For the sake of all humanity. Dr. Coady pulls rank and says, no, Rudy is going back out in the field. She needs him to find Mark. Now. And Paul? He needs to head back stateside and get to Arlington. Dr. Coady needs Paul to buy more time with the director before they decide to shut them down.

At Clone Club, Cosima and Scotty are dissecting a corpse. Blood. Guts. Gross. Ugh. To quote Felix, "Oh, my God! Well, I looked. I shouldn't have looked." I think Cosima says something about there being nothing outwardly wrong with Seth's brain but I'm not sure as I was busy throwing up.

You know who's not throwing up but is instead seeing stars? Rachel. But that's about all she can see correctly. Her brain is getting better, but she's still misfiring at times, unable to name simple objects such as a key. Dr. Nealon informs Rachel that everyone at Topside thinks she's dead. From a plane crash. Rachel's brain works well enough to fire together two pieces of information: Delphine and Bulls***. This revelation seems to focus Rachel: she nails "horse."

Rudy is meanwhile awaiting his punishment from Dr. Coady, entertaining himself by watching Helena being tortured. Dr. Coady, like all good moms, forgives him for killing her son... reducing Rudy to a thumb sucking, well, momma's boy.

Subplot Suburbia Check In:
Drugs: Still being sold
Marci: Still a bitch
Donnie: Still funny "We should've been drug dealers years ago!"
Allison: Still queen of putdowns. "Go sell a house, Marci." "Why not? They trusted a conniving, second rate relator."
This Desperate Clonewives show needs it's own timeslot!

Art and Sarah have finally made it to Backwoods, Somewhere. Interrogating Willard turns up the fact that Willard is a racist and a sexist. It does not lead to much info other than the fact that Gracie came to see him. He doesn't reveal he gave her the box. So Art and Sarah head to the local diner. Art finally confesses that he was in love with Beth. Sarah sends him away and assures him that she understands and knows how much he wants to help them.

Back at the Prolethean Ranch Alexis, the Midwife, has returned home. She secures her readmittance by revealing the location of Mark and Gracie to Momma Prolethean. Guess who's coming to the diner now?

We then join Geraldo in progress as he opens Al Capone's vault... to find nothing! Mark is extremely irate to discover "just a bunch of junk" in Willard's box (which is more than Geraldo found - let's look on the brightside, Mark). He decides he has to go back to Willard's himself.

While all this is going on, we've got a game of "your momma" going on at Camp Clone. Rudy thinks he's going to go in and insult Helena. Oh, Rudy.

Rudy: I thought you'd smell like Sarah.
Helena: Another one. You are the ugliest Mark yet.
Rudy: Tell me something. Sarah Manning, the gatherer of sisters, but when she sold you out, when she gave you to us, that must've been quite a blow.
Helena: You come inside, I tell you about it.
Rudy: Well, sweetheart, there is nothing more that I would love.

Yeah, no, Rudy, I wouldn't recommend it. Paul pulls the idiot away before he can get himself killed. It's hard work keeping these Castor Clones alive. Helena makes sure to go after Paul as well: "Dirty, Paul. He lies with my sisters. Even Rachel. Come inside. Have another." For some reason Paul passes, and tries to tell Helena that he's sorry. She has about the best reaction you could expect: "One day, I kill you all."

At the diner, Sarah spots Gracie just as she's leaving and sits down with her. They bond a bit over Helena's "nutty stories," new marriages, and the fact that their kids will be related. Then Sarah ruins their budding friendship by dropping the C bomb: Mark is a clone. And Gracie freaks. Immediately taking Sarah's word for it and giving her Mark's location. So much for "for better or worse." Gracie just heard, "in sickness and in health, till someone tells me you're a Card Carrying Clone." Gracie compounds the betrayal by telling her gun toting momma where Mark is. Sheesh, Gracie, overreact much?

Mark has meanwhile found Willard, tortured Willard, killed Willard, and turned up nothing. Sarah is about to confront him when Cosima calls. That girl has the wackest timing when it comes to giving people information. She and Scott are all keyed up because they've discovered from Seth's brain that he is their brother. The Leda gals and Castor guys aren't just clones together, they're family.

Sarah finds a dead Willard and an unrepentant Mark. She gives Mark the good news, that they're family, and he is pissed. It probably didn't help matters that Sarah first let Mark know she filled Gracie in on his clone secret. Mark tells Sarah he doesn't believe her, and leaves to go find Gracie. Only Momma Prolethean finds him first, and guns him down in the corn while Sarah watches. 
Orphan Black Recap: Formalized, Complex, and Costly (Episode 3) Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 1:57 PM Rating: 5

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