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Orphan Black Recap: Newer Elements of Our Defense

I spy with my little eye, something that starts with C. Corn. Crazy Prolethean Head Momma, Bonnie Johanssen. Castor Clone Mark shot in the corn. And Sarah. If only it had been Cosima! When last we left the Orphan Black Universe Bonnie had just arrived at Willard's farm to take care of Mark. She did. Shooting him down in the corn field.

Sarah witnesses all of this and quickly hides as Bonnie comes a hunting for her. Sarah rushes to the cornfield to join Mark as Bonnie's reinforcements arrive. Sarah finds Mark still alive. Not sure how Momma Prolethean missed, but he's suffering from a couple of wounds: one to the side, and one to the leg. Mark immediately puts Sarah to work, having her tie a tourniquet around his leg so they can escape. Then he gets pissy. Mark to demands to know why Sarah is helping him. As Sarah hustles Mark out of there I swear he says, "This is your fault." Like brother and sister already.

Bonnie leaves the scene of her attempted murder to drag Gracie back to the Dollanganger house her new digs, another extremist religious compound. This time there's a blind man in charge, Mr. Appleyard. Not to be confused with Mr. Orangefarm. Being blind probably helps him to accept those whose squinchy angry faces he can't see. I'm looking at you Bonnie and Alexis. Mr. Appleyard feels Gracie and immediately discerns there is something wrong with the pregnancy, but doesn't alert Momma Bonnie to this fact. As an aside, how do they take a comforting hymn and make it creeptacular?

Also creepy? The pork chop or whatever it is that Helena is gnawing on back at Camp Clone. Unfortunately, not the grossest thing in this scene, or this episode, for that matter. Helena puts a tourniquet on her arm (two for two on tourniquet scenes!) and then throws her bucket of piss all over Clone Sergeant Miller. Do we know his first name yet? Helena yells, "My shit!" Because you know. Helena pretends to be knocked unconscious as Dr. Coady gives her a sedative.

While Helena is getting traumatized, Allison and Cosima are having a very gossipy session about Sarah and Helena. Allison wants Sarah to stand down when it comes to confronting Castor, but Cosima is intrigued by the science. Allison is vaguely listening to Cosima as she color codes her drugs. Cosima reassures Allison Kira's stem cells are working and she's much better. Allison has nothing to say to this. Nothing. At all. When Cosima asks about the upcoming election, Allison does not fill her in on the drug trade.

That's when Donnie comes bursting in. He's all worked up. Allison wants to know why he's "sweatier than usual." Donnie thinks the police are following him. Allison starts locking down the evidence. Donnie's all for this. He wants a storage locker!
Donnie: "Like on Breaking Bad."
Allison: "Sure, sure. Look, we'll label everything, we'll put it into tubs. And we'll be able to make it in time for swimming lessons."
Donnie: "Oh my God! Is everyone else's life this chaotic? Where are all the pills?"
While Allison and Donnie are sorting things out on Hysteria Lane, Mark and Sarah are still slogging away trying to get to safety. Mark is adamant that he does not want to go to a hospital. Sarah finds an empty farmhouse for them to hole up in while they dig the bullet out of Mark's leg.

We leave this happy sibling scene to go back to Camp Clone where Clone Sergeant Miller is working out while Helena is knocked out. Or is she? It's all a ruse as the talking scorpion points out. She wakes up Helena and tells her to get moving before the sedative sets in. Helena tells Scorpio, "To escape the first box you must know what next box holds." Scorpio agrees.

Helena sets off to find a way out. Instead, she finds Mother Doctor Coady doing some terrible things to what is apparently another Castor Clone. Helena is so distracted by the sight that she succumbs to the sedative momentarily. She makes it back to her room just in time to avoid being discovered.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Mark have finally made it inside the farmhouse where they are now arguing over whether or not Sarah will put her finger into Seth's leg to feel for the bullet. I gotta say I would side with Sarah on this one. But being the good sister she is, she agrees to help him.

Mark: Stick it in fast. It'll hurt less.
Sarah: That's what she said. God you must be one hell of a first date.

Sarah gets her finger in the leg, feels the bullet, gets the pliers and then gets the bullet out of Mark's leg. Because, you know. Mark doesn't pass out and Sarah doesn't throw up. Kuddos to them. Still not the grossest thing in this episode.

Donnie and Allison are busy loading up the soap/drugs when they find an uninvited guest sitting on one of their lawn chairs in the backyard. Allison chastises the man, who is eating a sandwich, "Uh, you can't just come in here and have your lunch." The man then shushes her, becoming the first person in history to shush Allison.

Turns out that the drugs Ramon gave Team Hendrix were not his to sell. The visitor tells them they're going to meet with his boss that night and straighten everything out. Donnie is not amused.

Scott and Cosima are up next and I wish I didn't need subtitles to understand everything they said. Or have to go Google it either. The gist of it is, they don't know how to crack Duncan's code to get at any answers. Felix comes breezing in and immediately figures out that Cosima is pining for Delphine.

Felix: Oh my God. It's hideous.
Cosima: What?
Felix: It's like you've been mounted by a lama.

Cosima: Oh this? I had a chill.
Felix: Oh you had a chill? Did you? Really? 
Cosima: Yes.
Felix: Expensive perfume. Pretentious French cigarettes, and, oh, yes, Eskimo Pie.
Cosima: Don't go there Felix.
Felix: Cosima, this jumper absolutely reeks of pining.
Cosima: I pine for no woman. I regret maybe ever having met her, but I am not pining. I'm anti-pine.

Felix drags Cosima out of the apartment to get her down to the bar. And out of that "yeti like sweater."

Back at New Prolethean Compound, Gracie is trying to assimilate to her new digs when she discovers she's beginning to bleed. Wisely, she tries to hide this from her mother, but Mother has keys and she's coming in. Gracie miscarries, and her mother immediately banishes her for good, leaving her daughter bloody and devastated. Still not the grossest thing in this episode.

Mark and Sarah are slightly bonding while talking about Gracie. Mark reveals that he found a bunch of junk of Johansens, but passes out before he can say what it is. Sarah decides to call an ambulance for Mark, even though he doesn't want one, and heads out to search Mark's hotel room. But she's not the only one on Mark's trail. Rudy is back stateside already, and on his way to the hotel.

At Camp Clone, Helena is fashioning what is either the world's most painful toothbrush or something else. When the guard comes by she plays possum and then continues working on the thing.

Team Hendrix is meanwhile anxiously awaiting the arrival of the local drug lord. Donnie pulls out a gun, sending Allison into panic.

Allison: Donnie! You brought a gun to a drug deal? What are you crazy?
Donnie: Of course, I did.
Allison: Put it back.
Donnie: No!
Allison: Do you remember what happened the last time you had a gun in a car? 

The drug dealers finally show up to save Team Hendrix from themselves. Allison is invited into the drug lord's car. Donnie is not. And the drug lord? It's totally Jesse Pinkman, bitch! Only it's not... Or is it? Nope. It's Jason Kellerman, Allison's high school boyfriend!

Allison and Jason have a moment, but before it can go anywhere Allison recovers. Jason likes Allison, he likes her style, and her promises to deliver the goods. Team Hendrix is still in business!

Cosima is meanwhile drowning her sorrows with Felix who is busy setting her up on a dating app so she can find, "No, not love darling! I'm talking about a scratching post. Something to rub yourself up against." Sarah breaks up the girl talk to call and fill Felix and Cosima in on her findings about Mark. She's also discovered that Johanssen was Professor Duncan's lab assistant at Project Leda.

Sarah still can't find the original genetic materials, but sends some notes to Cosima who quickly figures out that Johanssen used the samples to try and make more clones. Cosima deduces that if he succeeded, then that child would have the exact same DNA as the Castor original clone. They need to find Johanssen's son by Momma Prolethean.

Mark finds Sarah at the hotel and is ready to take her out when she blurts out that Johanssen used the genetic material to make a son. And Mark knows where he is: a creepy graveyard. The baby died. And by the way, do people willingly live in this area? From the Bates like Motel to the Clutter type Farmhouse we're swimming in horror movie locations. There's only one thing for Mark and Sarah to do: dig up the body. Still not the grossest thing in this episode.

Back at Camp Clone Helena's terrifying toothbrush turns out to be a key she's fastening to open her cell door. She manages to break out of her cell and goes to find Parsons, the Castor Frankenstein clone she saw earlier. He's still hooked up to a chair with a blanket over his head.

Helena removes the blanket and finds that half his head has been cut away, exposing his brain. Wires are running into it. That is by far the grossest thing in this episode. Parsons begs Helena to kill him. She does. Dr. Coady comes rushing in.

Dr. Coady: You stupid girl.
Helena: You say you love boys, but you lie. You're a shit mother!

At the gravesite Sarah and Mark are discussing Helena and how she's not really a monster. Sarah is determined to save Helena. And Mark is passing out. Sarah implores him to stay awake and not leave her alone with the creepy dead body! But he does, just as Sarah finds the tiny coffin. And just as Rudy arrives.

Sarah tries to bargain with him. The box for Helena. He's not having it. Rudy goes to open the box. Sarah uses this opportunity to wack Rudy with her shovel and runs away, hiding in the barn. It doesn't work for long. Rudy tracks her down and is about to kill her when Mark steps in and stops him. They decide to take the box and Sarah back to Camp Clone. Helena and Scorpio will be so happy.
Orphan Black Recap: Newer Elements of Our Defense Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 2:52 PM Rating: 5

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