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Outlander Recap: The Watch, Episode 113

Tonight's "watch" word on Outlander is "foreshadowing." The show starts after the titles on a locket fallen in the leaves and forgotten... What doom does this portend?

But first, we have a wee bit of business to take care of as we left Jamie staring down the barrel of a gun, and Claire staring in shock from the balcony up above. They're both still on their marks as we get ready get set go!

Jamie gives the gunman his best blue steel as Claire rushes down to intervene. It's Jenny, however, who stops the stramash, along with some help from Ian. Jenny explains to Claire and Jamie the visitors are the friendly, neighborhood Watch, and they've got the Murrays caught in their extortion web. Taran MacQuarrie is their leader, a new character to the Outlander universe as he does not appear in the books. Jenny then explains to the Watch that Jamie is her mild mannered cousin from Kansas, Jamie MacTavish, and his wife, Claire MacTavish.

Nothing to see here, move along. Jenny hurriedly promises to get dinner on the table for the Watch, and takes off for the kitchen. Jamie is quick to follow her and quick to criticize. He can't believe that Ian and Jenny would willingly let the Watch into their home. Claire is once again tagging along behind Jamie, trying to catch up to Jamie and his temper. Claire urges caution and patience. Jamie doesn't like it, but he promises to play it cool. 

Dinner is more strained than the one at Boddy Mansion as everyone tries to hide their true identities. MacQuarrie turns out to be pretty sharp, kinda likeable, and starts poking holes in Jamie's story. Claire tries to help by contributing that Jamie and Ian fought together in France. So did MacQuarrie! Sacrebleu! But it turns into a bonding experience, and the men salute each other with a French phrase, "Never be taken alive." The foreshadowing grows stronger with this one.  MacQuarrie starts to turn a keen eye towards Jamie, who is showing some bloodthirsty tendencies.

The next morning, Jamie goes to help the Watch with a lame horse. Jamie notices ScarFace, who looks like Ragetti from Pirate of the Caribbean on a bad day, smoking Ian's tobacco. Jamie insults him as he passes by. This irritates ScarFace enough that he decides to set an entire wagon of hay on fire. Jamie and the workers of Lallybroch rush to put out the fire. Once they've got it out, Jamie turns his ire on ScarFace, reaming all of them out. ScarFace pulls a gun and Jamie goes all Batman on the Watch, taking them down one by one. MacQuarrie shows up and puts a stop to it. Now he's really interested in Jamie. He invites Jamie to join the Watch, but Jamie declines, saying he's saddled settled with Claire now.

Just as we take a relaxing breath, a mysterious not so stranger turns up: Horrocks. He is not pleased to see Jamie, and Jamie is not happy to see him. When MacQuarrie asks if they know each other, both deny it, and settle into an uneasy alliance. Claire's not happy to hear this latest bit of news about Horrocks, but tells Jamie they'll handle it. Jamie then overhears Horrocks explaining an ambush he's planning for a rent party. Jamie chooses to walk away... foreshadowing.....

Outside wee Jamie is busy throwing water on Claire as she tries to do some laundry. She finds it endearing. Jenny, however, is fed up with it and sends wee Jamie off. Jenny and Claire talk about whether she's having a boy or a girl, as Jenny thinks it's a boy. Jenny fills Claire in on Jamie and Ian's friendship, how Ian is always there to guard Jamie's weakside. It's then that Jenny's water breaks: the new Murray has decided to arrive.

Claire is here to help Jenny through the birth as it turns out the midwife has gone and been called away to the East End of London with Sister Monica Joan. Claire tries to help get the baby into position after discovering it is breech. I don't believe that woman has ever been to medical school, but Claire is committed through the contractions and beyond.

While Claire's trying to turn the baby through some pressure on Jenny's stomach, Jenny asks if Claire has ever been with child. She hasn't. Jenny offers some Scottish advice as Claire realizes she can't get the baby to turn. Claire wants to tell Ian there's trouble but Jenny insists that Claire not tell him a thing.

While the baby drama is going on upstairs, the men are downstairs acting like babies. Jamie has a confrontation of sorts with Horrocks who assures Jamie he'll go away to America and stay quiet. For a price. Horrocks is turning out to be a real pain in the ass - and that prompts Ian to ask Jamie if he has something up his ass. (foreshadowing...) Zut alors! (too soon?) Ian defends the Watch and MacQuarrie. Ian likes them because they protect him and his family from the likes of Black Jack Randall. Jamie tells Ian everything, about Horrocks, and his threats, how he knows who Jamie is. Ian says Jamie can use the money he and Jenny have saved to pay him off.

Meanwhile, Claire is trying to distract Jenny by asking her to tell her what it's like to be pregnant. Jenny's description clearly gets to Claire as she's grappling with some strong emotions, but isn't saying anything to Jenny about what it is.

It's then Claire speaks to Jamie. Jamie is apologizing to Claire. He feels terrible they're going to have to use the money to pay off Horrocks instead of using it for their sons and daughters. Jamie wanted to fill Lallybroch with their children, hand down the good Fraser name. Claire totally loses it breaking down. She confesses to Jamie that she may never be able to have children. She tried with Frank and never could get pregnant. Jamie is shocked, but quickly hides it, and tells Claire it is for the best. He says he couldn't bear to see her go through the pain of childbirth, to maybe lose her to it. "I can bear pain myself, but I couldna bear yours. That would take more strength than I have," he says. The shadow of the fore grows ever longer over the House of Fraser. Claire is soothed if not comforted and leaves to help Jenny. The true impact of her words, however, registers on Jamie's face, who meant what he said, but is obviously saddened to hear the news.

Jamie goes out to once and for all take care of Horrocks, giving him his money. But like all good blackmailers, Horrocks isn't satisfied. He wants to build an entire chain outlet mall when he gets to America so he's going to need some more coin from Jamie given the cost of living in Boston. Ian solves the problem for Jamie by running Horrocks through with a sword. Jamie is grateful, but Ian is overcome with PTSD. Jamie notices the trouble, and calms Ian down with talk of sex and hell.

Jamie and Ian get Horrocks buried and head back in only to face 20 questions and a math lesson from MacQuarrie the next morning. Where is Horrocks? Why is there an extra horse if Horrocks is gone? Why don't they just admit they killed him? Jamie takes the blame, confessing all, and says he killed Horrocks. MacQuarrie is thrilled, but wants to exact his own price for the dastardly deed: Jamie has to ride with him, taking Horrocks' place on the raid of the rent party. Jamie's left with no choice, and Ian insists on coming along.

Jenny is still in labor going late into the night. She gives Claire her wedding ring to put in her jewelry box. While doing so, Claire discovers a small wooden snake, made by Willie, Jamie's dead older brother. It has the name "Sawny" carved on the bottom, Willie's nickname for Jamie. Jenny then tells Claire that her mother died in childbirth, adding an even more ominous note to the proceedings.

The NEXT MORNING Jenny's still in labor as Jamie and Ian get to come in to see her. They're leaving on the raid, so Claire and Jamie have a quiet, passionate moment alone in the hall. She's clearly worried about him leaving, and urges him to come home safely, giving him the wooden snake. Jamie is touched and promises to return to her. As Jamie leaves, thunder rumbles in the distance.

Jamie, Ian and the Watch are on their way and MacQuarrie chooses once again to try and get Jamie to join him. Jamie turns him down, again asking MacQuarrie if he'll turn him in. MacQuarrie says no, he wouldn't wish jail on a dog, that he's seen the inside of a jail, the infamous Tolbooth Prison. He says he'd shoot Jamie first before turning him over. The cloud of foreshadowing doom has now firmly planted itself about our hero's head. This doesn't look promising.

As the gang arrives at the location Horrocks chose for the ambush it dawns on all of them that they are sitting ducks, and that the Redcoats are coming for them. Even though Horrocks is dead, his plan still comes to fruition, as the Redcoats start firing on the Watch.

Back at Lallybroch it's the labor that never ends. It goes on and my friends! Jenny starts swearing at Claire and screaming, but it seems to be just what she needs as the baby finally arrives. And it's a girl!

Three days later little Margaret "Maggie" Murray is fitting in remarkably well with Claire's voice over, but the men are still not home. Claire is outside fretting over Jamie, but Jenny tells her not to worry, that Jamie always comes home. She then gives Claire a gift of two boars tusk bracelets. Jenny tells Claire they belonged to her mother, Ellen. Ellen got them from someone as a wedding gift, but she would never say from who. Claire is flattered and accepts the gift, giving Jenny a kiss.

It's then we finally see Ian and another man hobbling down the road toward Lallybroch, but it's not Jamie that's with him. Claire demands to know where Jamie is. Ian haltingly tells her, MacQuarrie was hurt, and Jamie wouldn't leave him behind. The penny finally drops as Ian says Jamie isn't hurt, but the Redcoats have him.  
Outlander Recap: The Watch, Episode 113 Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 1:39 AM Rating: 5

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