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Outlander Recap: Wentworth, Episode 15

Dead men tell no tales... I have never felt such sorrow at seeing a main character I know and love survive as I did when Jamie was spared the hangman's noose by the timely arrival of Black Jack Randall. I tried to will Jamie to throw himself off the gallows and hang himself. Alas nothing could save him from his fate. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. To the beginning...

Wentworth Prison Courtyard: It's Hanging Day aka Death By Redcoats day for the prisoners. Jamie and MacQuarrie are waiting their turn on the gallows, watching other prisoners die right before them. Jamie tries to convince MacQuarrie to take on the redcoats with him when it's their  turn. Jamie hopes to cause the redcoats to shoot them and die a better death.. But it is not to be. MacQuarrie declines and is taken up, dying a gruesome death when the hanging goes awry. Jamie is about to meet the same fate when Black Jack Randall comes bursting in (spoiler) to stop the proceedings. Black Jack orders Jamie to be taken down from the gallows and delivered to his own personal torture room in the Wentworth dungeon. And I swear he licks his lips.

And then other stuff happens. The End. No? Sigh.

Claire is inside Wentworth under the guise of being an English noblewoman who is a friend of Jamie's family. She is meeting with Sir Fletcher, the head of the prison, to try and finagle a visit with Jamie. Sir Fletcher takes pity on her, but doesn't allow her to go visit Jamie. Instead, he hands her Jamie's belongings, a small box containing his prized possessions: Sawny the snake and his crest. Claire manages to stumble out of the prison, falling into Murtagh's arms before throwing up, overcome with emotion. Murtagh carries her away.

A short time later, we find Claire despondent, sitting in a tavern with Willie and Murtagh. Rupert and Angus appear to be heartlessly playing a game of dice with some men, having a great time. If looks could kill, Claire and Murtagh would be joining Jaime on the gallows for murder. But all is not what it seems: Angus and Rupert reveal that the men they were playing dice with are prison guards. And those same guards have just given them valuable information about Sir Fletcher. Turns out, he likes to be an alonebody when he eats his meals. So if Claire can get in to Sir Fletcher's office, and find some keys to the cells, she'll have a whole hour to search for Jamie before anyone realizes what she's doing. This will be the only thing that goes right for quite awhile for everyone involved.

Meanwhile, Jamie is desperately trying to escape his shackles in the dungeon. He knows Black Jack is coming (spoiler!) and wants no part of it. It's useless, however, as Black Jack has arrived. He reveals to Jamie that he has the petition Jamie gave to the Duke of Sandringham alleging complaints against Black Jack. Randall has filched it from Sandringham after a night of drinking. He burns it right in front of Jamie.

Then it's over, the end. They all live happily ever after. Ugh. So not the end. Somebody save me from this recap!

Claire and Murtagh are back at the prison, bullying their way into Sir Fletcher's office. Once alone, the two begin searching everywhere for a map of the prison and for a set of keys. Haste good woman, haste!

In the torture chamber of horrors, Black Jack is trying to get Jamie to surrender to him, and give him use of his body. He's deploying psychological warfare to do so. If Jamie will surrender, Black Jack will allow Jamie to die an honorable death of his own choosing, rather than hanging. Black Jack says Jamie could have a Roman death, fall on his sword like Brutus (a nice reference to Tobias Menzies' role as Brutus on Rome).

Upstairs, Claire and Murtagh are having no luck finding a map or keys. My kingdom for a map! The guard comes back, finding them in flagrante delicto. Murtagh promptly knocks out the guard, taking his keys. He hands them to Claire and she goes off in search of Jamie. Murtaugh will wait for her outside of the prison when she can get Jaime out. Claire stealthily makes her way through the prison, dodging prison guards, and calling into each cell of prisoners for Jamie. She finally gets a response: someone says to look down below.

Down below, Jamie and Black Jack are having a staring contest. Jamie blinks first, and decides to give Black Jack an answer to his awful offer: No way in hell you fucking sadistic piece of shit "I won't surrender. To you, or any man."

 photo Phoebe-Outlander-Again_zpsifeyokpd.gif

Unfortunately, not the end. Black Jack asks to see Jamie's back, and Jamie agrees. Because he's got a plan! He knocks down Black Jack and puts up a valiant fight against the other guy, but he's chained to a wall. No real chance here. The henchman gets Jamie on the ground and is about to choke him to death when Randall knocks the henchman over, saving Jamie's life. He really should stop doing that and just let Jamie die for gawdsake!!

Black Jack has had enough, and takes a hammer to Jamie's hand, destroying it, smashing it into a pulp. Jamie is so overcome with pain that he is about to pass out. Black Jack revives him in order to use Jamie's good hand to jerk himself off. Black Jack stops before he can complete the transaction, and throws Jamie to the ground. Jamie promptly passes out.

Claire, having heard Jamie's screams, is waiting in the dungeon when Black Jack and the henchman leave the cell. Claire opens the door to the outside of the prison so she will have an escape route, disabling the lock. She then runs and finds Jamie, but before Claire can free him Black Jack is Back.

And the rest is just even uglier. Read at your own peril.

Claire is trying her level best to keep Randall talking, and it seems to work as two guards come running in searching for Claire as they believe she is trying to help a prisoner escape. Claire asks the men to help her, and take her to Sir Fletcher. The guards, fearing Randall, decline to help and leave. Randall then has his henchman sexually assault Claire, penetrating her with his fingers and promises to let the man do anything he wants to Claire.

But Claire is able to turn the tables, and throws Randall into the wall. Jamie is unable to do anything to help her as he is still passed out. Or is he? As Claire is choking Randall to death with a chain, Jamie jumps up and kills the henchman. But Randall is able to throw Claire off, who trips over Jamie. Randall goes straight for Claire, trying to choke her to death. Because of the chains, Claire is just out of Jamie's reach. He screams for Randall to stop. Black Jack has no intention of doing so. So Jaime offers in the only thing he can to make him stop, his body.

Jamie promises to not fight Black Jack and to let him do anything that he wants to him if he will let Claire go. Jamie gives his word he will not resist whatever Randall has planned for him. Black Jack asks him if he can test his intentions, and Jamie agrees. Randall releases Claire who screams for Jamie not to do this. But it's too late. Black Jack asks Jamie to sit down and spread his wounded hand out while he grabs a hammer and a nail. Claire clings to Jamie sobbing. Black Jack hammers the nail into Jamie's hand. Then he forces Jamie to kiss him, while Claire sobs hysterically. This apparently satisfies Black Jack, who grabs Claire to drag her out of the cell. But she breaks free long enough to tell Jaime goodbye. He tells her that he loves her, kisses her, and tells her to go, "mo nighean donn."

Black Jack takes Claire out of the cell and walks her out of the dungeon. He informs Claire that he's heard about her witch trial and that she's a witch. Claire turns around and fixes him with an evil eye, and says she is a witch. She tells him she's putting a curse on him by giving him the hour of his death.  Claire calls him by his full name, gives him the day he was born, and then whispers to him the day he will die. Black Jack totally freaks out and shoves Claire through a hole in the floor. Well, he totally freaked out for him. Which was to say he looked slightly more bemused than normal. Black Jack tosses Claire out said hole and goes back to the cell with Jamie.

Claire is outside the prison, in a pit full of dead bodies of the men hanged earlier in the day along with anyone else who has died in the prison. Claire scrambles her way out of the pit. Back in the cell, Black Jack begins his destruction of Jaime. He cuts open Jamie's shirt, and begins to fondle the scars on his back. Randall then starts kissing them. Jaime sits there frozen, quietly falling apart, crying.

Meanwhile, Claire has made it to the woods where a lone wolf howls (a nod to the book where Claire has to fight and kill a wolf who sets upon her outside of the prison). There are no wolves here, though, just Angus who is anxious that Claire keeps screaming for Murtaugh and the others, not caring if anyone hears her. Angus grabs her from behind and leads her to a safe house that they found.

At the safe house, Claire cannot convince the owner, MacRannoch, to help her rescue Jamie. He is unwilling to put his family's life on the line to help her. Claire tries bribing MacRannoch with the pearls Jamie gave her on their wedding night. MacRannoch is amazed, and recognizes the pearls. Turns out, he gave them to Ellen MacKenzie, Jamie's mother, as a wedding present, because he was in love with her. Ellen apparently inspired many men to fall in love with her, Murtagh included.

It's still not enough to persuade MacRannoch to help. While all hope is just about lost, they are interrupted by a servant returning home. MacRannoch is furious with him. The servant was supposed to bring back MacRannoch's whole herd of cows, but has only returned with half of them. This, however, inspires Murtagh. He turns to Claire, and says he knows how they're going to get Jamie out.

And that's where it ends! They're leaving us hanging, for two whole weeks, with Jamie in Black Jack's clutches.
Outlander Recap: Wentworth, Episode 15 Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 12:43 AM Rating: 5

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