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Orphan Black Recap: Episode 8 "Ruthless in Purpose, Insidious in Method"

Looking good Rachel

Oh! what a tangled web we weave 
When first we practise to deceive! 
A Clone too!–no wonder why 
I felt rebuked beneath her eye;
might have known there was but one 
Whose look could quell Lord Nealon. 

Previously on House of Cards Clone Club, Alison survived her political caucus, Jason kissed Cosima thinking she was Alison, Donnie survived Reservoir Dogs, Perestroika was achieved with Helena and the Sarah Manning Family, and Number Two confided to Scott Evil the code to break open Professor Duncan's book. Phew. I could sure use a manicure. 

And that's where we start the episode with Delphine popping the cork on Clone Cristal aka Krystal Goderitch.  Krystal is a beautician of sorts, platinum blonde, and an oversharer. She is telling Delphine all about the creepy hot guy with a scar she tried to hook up with (Rudy *cough* Rudy). 

It was all great til she found another creepy guy in the room who was tots identical! Identical twins creep out Krystal anyway especially when it looked like she was headed to an early grave. Hotel security saved her but not Hector, her boyfriend aka monitor. But Krystal is resilient, and tells Delphine she can't be crushed.

Down in Ol Mexico our friendly neighborhood cantina bartender has a run in with chain smoking scarface Dr Coady. (Is this the Cheers of Mexico? Everyone has to go here?) Like mother like son - both Rudy and the doc now have marked up faces. Coady is there to meet with Blue Blazer aka David who betrayed Paul. David reveals he has a source inside Leda. But that's all he's saying. 

You know who thinks she's in charge? Delphine. She's done meeting with Krystal and has pretty red nails to show for it. Delphine meets Dr. Nealon outside Krystal's salon and tells him Krystal seems to be doing well. They're convinced she's very naive. Not one to look too deep into things. Delphine wants to concentrate on bigger problems: Rachel. Dr. Nealon believes Rachel still has value but Delphine believes she is a liability. 

Meanwhile, Cosima and Sarah are catching up via Skype. Sarah's concerned about the obscene amount of blood Cosima was leaking into the bathtub last we saw her. But Cosima brushes it off as a minor blip in an otherwise awful disease. Sarah wants Cosima to use her as a treatment for Cosima's relapse but Cosima claims it is not a relapse. It's not a tumor! She's fine. We're all fine here now. Thank you. Cosima is also not telling anything about her relationship with Shay other than that it's good. 
Sarah tells Cosima that she wants to find a way forward to put an end to this Castor nonsense. Cosima tells Sarah to call Scott. That they've been holding something really big back. 

Donnie is not holding anything back when it comes to his feelings about Helena living with him and his family. He thought he was safe off in subplot land but now the clones are coming home to roost. He thinks taking in the "Amish" girl is good enough (Gracie - the Prolethean) but Felix says it is their turn to host Helena. 

In fact, if Donnie and Alison don't take in Helena, Felix is going to tell everyone they're dealing drugs and in bed with the Portuguese mob. Alison quietly chastises Felix and tells him there is no need for blackmail as Helena decides to make an appearance. She is decked out in Alison's finest pink gear and looks even crazier than she did in her own clothes. "See, she fits right in," says Felix. Like a Castor Clone at a Leda dance party.

Away from the craziness, Shay is trying to walk Cosima through some sort of new age healing technique. Cosima doesn't look like the most comfortable patient, so she asks Shay what she thinks happens when you have a near death experience. Shay says, "I have a theory that before we leave this life, we see what we love, I mean like pit of the soul can't live without it love. And if it's strong enough, sometimes we find our way back." Hmmm.... To be fair, Cosima didn't know Shay when she had her near death experience so maybe she wouldn't have seen Delphine and instead would've seen Shay. Nah.....

Scott and Sarah are moving on to talk about the book Professor Duncan used to hide his genetic sequencing in. Scott tells Sarah that Rachel has figured out the code, but won't reveal the code to anyone but Sarah. Sarah tells him they can't trust Rachel. And Scott reveals that not even Delphine knows about it. Sarah agrees to talk to Rachel.

Scott sets up another Agricola game with Rachel so they can have an excuse to hang and then Skype Sarah. Delphine is there and informs Rachel she's sad to see Rachel is improving. Rachel knows Delphine thinks she's a liability and wants to be rid of her.

Delphine finally leaves and Scott Skypes in Sarah. Scott tells Sarah that Rachel is afraid Delphine is going to eliminate her. Rachel will translate the book for Sarah IF Sarah will get her out of Dyad. (As an aside, I'd love to see Scott and Rachel team up for a game of pictionary).

Rachel has written out her demands terrorist style and is making Scott read them to Sarah. They include: a quiet life in Taiwan. But Sarah points out Rachel is already dead. Dead women don't pass customs. This dead woman isn't telling no tales unless Sarah steals an identity for Rachel so she can pass customs as another woman: Krystal Goderich, our trusting manicurist. Sarah knows the name and knows Krystal is the one Castor was after. Rachel has translated part of a page to get Sarah's attention: "In London town we all fell down and Castor woke from slumber."

Sarah's in. She knows they have no choice but to find out what's in the book, and that means jail breaking Rachel and ID stealing from Krystal. Scott and Cosima are going to get Rachel out and Felix and Sarah are going to get the ID.

Mrs. S has seen the sign of three and isn't having it: (1) Duncan was crazy; (2) this course of action will put them on Delphine's badside; and (3) The Castor boys are Mayflys. They'll all be dead soon anyway. Gracie takes exception to this last assessment being still in love with Mark. Mrs. S disposes of her while Felix and Sarah head out to "go road trippin to steal some poor clones identity."

Back at the lab Cosima is introducing Scott to Shay saying, "He loves Lesbians." Cue cute Scott rambling and blushing. Shay has a look around and just happens to find Duncan's book. Of all things. Cosima quickly snatches it away as Delphine makes another Single White Female appearance. 

Shay is ushered out while Delphine and Cosima start to work. But not before Delphine reminds Cosima that her security concerns are not born out of jealousy. She is after all French or something. She also has bad news for Cosima. Dun dun dun. 

We don't get to find out just yet about the bad news. Instead, it's back to Donnieland where he's teaching Helena the art of seduction making soap at Bubbles. "It can get pretty thick, so you really gotta put your back into it." That's what she said! Helena seems to be thinking along the same lines as us as she tells Donnie that Seestra Alison has good taste in men. Donnie is strong like baby ox. 

See this ----------------------------------------------->
Donnie rendered speechless. 
He tries to keep going saying, "It's usually not this thick when Alison does it."
Oh come on Donnie!

Helena sees no problem with this. "So maybe we need two baby ox," Donnie repeats this line back to Helena trying out his Russian accent. It sends Helena into a huge laughing fit. And I think Donnie is maybe a whole lot flattered! He quickly leaves the room to go find his wife. And picks a fight. About that time Jason Kellerman kissed her. Only not her, Cosima pretending to be Alison.

Alison doesn't exactly emphatically deny that she would NOT have kissed Jason Kellerman back when confronted. Donnie's on a little bit of hypocritcal turf here what with the locked box and all from Season 1, but he's still going after Alison. She promises she will clear up any misconceptions Mr. Kellerman might have.

Gracie arrives for her first day of work at Bubbles and reunites with Helena. Gracie tells Helena the bad news, that she lost the baby. Helena offers her version of comfort: awkward talk, a stiff hug, and a chaste peck on the cheek. Probably more maternal warmth than Gracie got in her entire lifetime with the Proletheans.

Somewhere else in the world, Sarah and Felix have tracked down Krystal and are staking out her place of work. Felix teases Sarah that if she had finished high school she too could be as accomplished as Krystal.

Felix is going in to hustle Krystal and is putting on his first fake persona of the season: a straight American. And he's kind of hot.

Krystal is suitably impressed. Felix knows how to charm her. And I'm a little weirded out seeing Felix hit on one of his seestras. 

You know who else is weirding me out? Rudy. And he's standing in the window holding a human head! He's standing in the window holding a human head!

Rudy has once again broken into someone's apartment and taken their most beloved person/thing and insisted on putting it on his lap. First, Kira, now Scott's cat, Denise, who has feline asthma. Rudy admires Scott's extensive Sci-Fi collection (and I spy/admire that he has Portal 2 the video game!). Rudy asks to check out a book from Scott's library and Scott is willing so long as he puts down the damn cat! But Rudy knows the key to getting his Pizza Hut Book It coupon is reading The Island of Dr. Moreau. Rudy seems to be very well informed: he knows Cosima is sick again and he knows exactly which book to look for. Clone Club, we have a mole.

We interrupt "Nine Lives" the horror movie to get back to Clone Club's very own Paris Hilton, Krystal, and her new best friend Felix. Felix shouldn't get too big of a head about being BFFs with Krystal: pretty much anyone who sits in that chair seems to get her life story.

She's telling him the story she told Delphine about when Rudy tried to kidnap her. It suddenly dawns on her that perhaps her cute customer doesn't want to hear the story, but she continues to open up and show her vulnerability. And it's getting to Felix. He's seriously rethinking - wait - did he just make a "I'm good with my tools" joke? He did. But he gets back on game, getting Krystal to tell him the info he needs to know to steal her identity. But not before Krystal pulls him into her world, confiding that she senses things are off. 

Krystal's trying to figure out what's happening in her world and Felix desperately wants to tell her that she's a clone, but Sarah stops him. Felix excuses himself and makes his way back to steal Krystal's wallet. That's when Felix discovers that Krystal knows way more than she's letting on. She has a whole journal of notes on what's happening in her life.

Having accomplished their mission, Felix and Sarah are ready to make a quick getaway but not before Krystal gets to meet the real Felix. He drops the hetero facade and speaks to her in fluent British-gay. Krystal notices, but Felix passes it off as his "truth voice." Which she, like, totally buys. He tells her she is one of a kind, a survivor, and not alone. Felix and Sarah don't feel great about what they've had to do, but they get the hell out of there.

Meanwhile, Cosima and Delphine are trying to sort through what's happened to the other clones who got sick. Delphine is making the most of Cosima's vulnerability, reaching out to her and taking her hand. At that moment, Delphine's phone rings. It's a very panicked Scott. And Delphine's pissed! 

While those two former lovers are on the verge of a very big fight, two other formers, Alison and Jason, are tiptoeing their way around the non-kiss. Alison is making big doey eyes at him so Jason goes in for another kiss. She totally responds before pushing him away. Alison quickly sets the line telling Jason that they can only have a business relationship. Jason acquiesces but is pretty sure he can totally get with Alison whenever he wants. 

Back in the principal's office aka Scott's apartment, Delphine is even more pissed than she was two paragraphs ago. She's finally learned the truth, that Cosima and Scott have been holding out on her by keeping the book with Duncan's code a secret. 

Scott apologizes to Cosima for calling mom, but Cosima tells him it's okay because after all Rudy was throttling poor Denise. What's a geek to do? 

Delphine reassures Cosima that everything is "far from okay." She demands to know if they at least made a copy of the damn book. But Cosima says no. 

Delphine moves past this breathtakingly bad error in judgment and demands to know who else knew about the book because Castor obviously knew exactly where to look.
*cough* Shay *cough* But Scott tells Delphine that Rachel can read the book. 

And. Delphine. Just. About. Passes. Out. 

"You went to Rachel with this?!" 

Oh boy.

Also not believing his ears? Donnie. His belief of Alison's statement that all is well with Jason is about as strong as Delphine's disbelief. He promptly takes Alison's phone on the sly and texts Jason to meet him at Bubbles. That's going to go well.

Not going well is Krystal's day - starting with identity theft it's now ending with a visit from Dr. Nealon. That seems more than slightly ominous. 

Sarah and Felix have meanwhile made it back home and are coffee talk speculating about everything that's happening. Linda Richman wants to know what kind of a monster threatens a man's cat? And Mrs. S. wants to know who spilled about the book? A game maker friend of Scott's shows up with a delivery for Sarah and Felix. It's a copy of Duncan's book. Of course they made a copy! Cosima is pushing ahead with the plan to jailbreak Rachel and have her interpret the book. She's going to keep Delphine busy while Scott and his Mission Impossible Wanna-Be Friends are ready to free Rachel!

But first, Rachel and Delphine are having a showdown. Delphine's sure that Rachel is the one who tipped off Castor. Scott's weak "she doesn't even have internet" does not put a dent in Delphine's anger towards Rachel (who might think about looking a little less smug if she wants to escape intact more or less). 

Delphine gets a timely text from Cosima requesting she come talk, and Rachel smartly asks Scott to stay and
play Agricola with her. Delphine leaves them to it and marches off to find out what Cosima wants. 

And we're off! The great escape! Just like this! Scott and Rachel are fleeing Dyad before anyone can catch them! Or maybe more like this. Scott can. not. believe. how. slow. Rachel's. chair. is. "This is top speed," she snarks in what is almost the best
moment of a season full of great moments. Scott also wins for best facial expressions this episode.

Rachel and Scott finally make it down a short hall only to stand around and wait for an elevator. 

Time to cue Cosima and her Delphine drama. She hands Delphine a resignation letter, effective immediately.

Donnie is ready to immediately effectively remove Jason from his wife life. Jason doesn't think so. So Donnie "girl slaps" Jason who does not take kindly to baby ox pushing him around. Jason clocks Donnie, knocking him out cold in Bubbles storage locker.

Back at Dyad, Cosima looks like she could knock out Delphine when Delphine says Shay could be a threat. Cosima is not convinced and more than a little pissed. 

Cosima demands that if Delphine isn't going to be with her, then she should let her go. 

While those two are making us all scream, "Just get back together already!" Scott is delivering Rachel to Felix and Sarah. Sarah tells Rachel that she's going to decode the whole book or else they're going to deliver her right back to Delphine. 

In order to underline her point, Sarah gives Rachel a pencil to use for the
translation. Rachel sets about translating with about as much speed as she made her way down the hall to escape. At this rate, it will be season 5 before we know the key to understanding Castor and Leda.

At Dyad, Cosima is making a non-deathbed confession of sorts to Delphine. Cosima reveals that when Delphine left for Frankfurt Cosima
almost died, that she had a near death experience. That she could've slipped away, but a vision of Delphine stopped her. She tearfully confesses that she came back for Delphine. Delphine is overwhelmed and moved. She can't believe Cosima didn't tell her.  

Delphine pulls Cosima into a kiss. For a brief moment they reconnect before Cosima pulls away and Delphine pulls her walls back up telling Cosima she should have trusted Delphine. 

Rachel has translated a significant part of the book revealing a clue that leads to London just as Dr. Nealon breaks into Mrs. S's home with armed gunmen. They're there to reclaim Rachel and the copy of the book. Rachel, apparently overcome by stress collapses and goes into a seizure.

Turns out, Delphine was on to everything the whole time. She confronts Dr. Nealon as he brings in an unconscious Rachel. Delphine reveals she let Rachel go so that she would translate the book and then they could get it back. But it all may be for naught as Rachel is apparently now out of commission. Only she's not, opening her one good eye to stare at Dr. Nealon just out of Delphine's sight. He sees this, and doesn't react, apparently expecting it.

Later that day? night? Scott and Cosima are back in the principal's office waiting for Delphine. They can't believe they didn't make TWO copies of the book. Delphine comes in with Dr. Nealon in tow. He reveals the terrible news that Rachel may never recover. 

Delphine is not having a good night. She is furious with Cosima and blames her (and Scott and Sarah and Felix and Mrs. S and all those lousy damn fools!) for everything that has gone wrong. Delphine accepts Cosima's resignation and Scott's non-submitted resignation (it's called being fired Scott) and throws them out. But not before tossing the dossier she's compiled on Shay at Cosima. Cosima actually takes it and leaves. 

Back at Mrs. S's Felix is puzzling over the bit of the book Rachel translated for them: "In London town we all fell down, and Castor woke from slumber." The next move is obvious to Mrs. S: they need to go home to London.

They're not the only ones traveling. Turns out, Rachel? Not comatose. She's gone abroad to get a new eye. The clone who is comatose? Krystal. And no one is the wiser. 
Orphan Black Recap: Episode 8 "Ruthless in Purpose, Insidious in Method" Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 12:45 AM Rating: 5

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