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Head Scratching Outlander Casting News

Second Update: Starz confirms below.

Updated below with comments from Outlander author, Diana Gabaldon.

A casting call for a major Outlander character has been issued and it has book enthusiasts scratching their heads trying to figure out what is going on. Needless to say, major spoilers follow.

Seriously. Major book and TV show and life spoilers follow. Right here. Now. SPOILERS!

TVLine has exclusively obtained the casting call sheet for Bree, the daughter of Jamie and Claire Fraser. Long time fans have anxiously been awaiting this news as Bree is a major character throughout the Outlander books. However, the casting call for Bree is somewhat confusing.

In the book, Dragonfly in Amber, on which the second season of the show is based, we discover Claire Fraser has gone back to her own time. It is now 20 years later, and she has been in a marriage with Frank Randall this entire time. She has also raised her and Jamie's daughter, Brianna. After Frank dies, Claire takes Bree back to Scotland and reveals all to her and family friend Roger MacKenzie. Claire believes Jamie is dead, but Roger soon discovers he is not and reveals this to Claire at the end of Dragonfly in Amber. But the Bree casting notice, which is posted below, states:
Brianna has secretly followed her mother back in time to find the father she never met and the family she never knew.
This would represent a major time jump for the show which varies a great deal from the books. Over the course of the third book, Claire makes the decision to go back in time to Jamie. She leaves Brianna behind with Roger. The two form something of a relationship, and Claire and Jamie move on with their lives. At the start of the FOURTH book, Bree leaves Roger behind and travels back in time to find her mother and meet Jamie, the father she never knew. If the show were to have Bree going back in time in either the second or third season it would represent a major alteration to the book timelines.

Starz has not commented on this news (nor will they most likely). All we can do is speculate. So what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Update: Outlander author, Diana Gabaldon, was asked if she had any comment about the casting report. This was her response:

From TV Week:
Outlander officials have released a statement confirming the search is under way. “STARZ and Sony Pictures Television can confirm that we are casting for the role of Brianna in Outlander,” a spokesperson said. “Fans of the books will know that she first appears in the second book, Dragonfly In Amber, which corresponds to the season we are currently filming, but continues on to have several major storylines as noted in the casting search.”

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  1. Im 5'11 not a red head but willing to be one... im a wee bit older than Bree in the books but makeup will fix that (and maybe cgi)... I would do it for free!!!!

  2. After S1 , nothing will surprise me. Not after changing the hero?(not sure who that was in S1) into a immature love sick puppy and the heroine into a shrew except when having sex, and the real hero? ( still not sure who it is ) into a 007 secret agent, street fighter, and who the heroine clearly loves more than the puppy at her heels. So now for S2. Hopefully, we will not have to watch any of the 20 years of Jamie hiding in a cave, feeding his family, turning himself in for the reward money to keep his family and tenants alive,and the 7 years in prison. What a bore !! Keeping my fingers crossed we will get to see those 20 years with Frank and Claire rebuilding their marriage,and Frank being the perfect father to Bree. We do need to spend time in France first? (not sure) so we can see more time on characters either made up or greatly expanded, Why? So we don't have to see poor broken puppy Jamie as little as possible. This will give us a new and improved version of Bree looking for her real father (what a disappointment when she finds him, if he's still broken and not the strong man who persevered all those years) Somewhere we have to fit in that battle scene , where Claire FINALLY can return to her real soul mate. The upcoming battle and all of Dougal's men and Murtagh dying ( or maybe not Murtagh) would just take up time for more important scenes So, when S2 of Outlander/DIA/V/DOA/ arrives we get 3 books in one, or rather a new and improved show version that is based so loosely on Diana's books, we will forget why we thought they were so great to begin with .PHEW, I can only hope the powers that be make this version a reality. This is, just in case the show never has a S3 ( who could imagine that happening)we will get 3 books in one with a new .and much needed , improved storyline. One can only dream

  3. After S1 nothing will surprise me, The hero (not sure who that is now) went from a mature,educated,young man, able to run his home, and tenants who respected him as laird, to a love sick puppy, a brat who needs his wife to scold him, and tries to commit suicide instead of fighting for his life and never going against his strong belief that suicide would condemn him. And the heroine goes from finding her true soul mate that she clearly cannot be complete apart from him, to one who smiles contently at her first husband, clearly showing he is her true soul mate, Then we have Frank the first husband, who goes from a boring professor interested in only researching his ancestors and is embarrassed by his wife's language and strong character, to a 007 secret agent from WW11, able to take on alley thugs with a single punch, an awesome lover taking his wife downtown to ecstasy, who overcomes his PTSD(really?) and becomes our new hero (I think that was the new version's intent) But onto S2 where we will hopefully be spared the boring 20 years of Jamie without Claire, Who wants to see a man surviving in a cave, while trying to hunt and feed his family, who turns himself in so the reward will keep his family and clan alive, and spends 7 years in prison as the leader of all the prisoners . What a bore. Hopefully, half the season will show Claire and Frank rebuilding their marriage, since they are the real soul mates. Within this half we will see Frank as the perfect loving father to Bree(and I do mean a loving father in all seriousness) When Frank dies (maybe?) then Claire feels guilty about Bree not knowing who her real father was , that she confesses she had a fling with a 1700's Highlander. Bree readily accepts this revelation and sends her mother off to this ex lover and secretly follows. I'm still confused how they find out Jamie never died at Culloden, since it seems Roger has yet to arrive (or if he will arrive)or why Claire returns to her broken love sick puppy. Major guilt is all I can come up with. Besides, the battle of Culloden was a lost cause ,and there again, why sit through Jamie saving Claire from Dougal, all of Dougal's men killed ,(maybe) and the gut wretching scene of Murtagh's death( there again a maybe)We should just forget the stone scene, of Jamie unselfishly sending Claire back, to save her and yet to be born Bree. We did without the extended stone scene in S1 and were delighted to see the real lovers, Frank and Claire, running to each other in slow motion and dramatic music in the background. We do, however, have to put in some of the time spent in France (the decision to show this first or last has been keep secret so we tingle with excitement waiting) Since Jamie will still be the broken, poor, lovesick puppy, we will, hopefully, not be subjected to view this very often. Besides, we were perfectly content to see him in 1.5 hours out of the first 8 in S1. We will then be able to see characters from the book, given more depth and info into their lives, just like all the extended info on Frank during Claire's absence The time Jamie and Claire spend in Scotland ,before the battle, is going to be tricky. We know Ian and Jenny will be returning to S2, but how much time will be left is a true puzzle. One more detail I hope is not forgotten, is the introduction of young Lord John Grey. Your guess is as good as mine on that subject. The makers of the new and improved Outlander may be nervous about S3 even happening ,so have turned DIA into a more complicated show, because they want to combine as many books as possible in one season. That way the series can go out in a blaze of glory by doing the impossible - - - giving us, the viewers ,DIA/V/DOA/ all in one season. One can only dream the impossible dream - - - Three for the price of one

  4. Nobody is forcing you to watch it, attendance is not mandatory

  5. Jamie fan in disguise: Did you read the books? All your expectations and takes on what's happened and what's to come seem thoroughly skewed as the show follows both intent and script almost flawlessly. Where in any of the books did the idea that Frank is Claire's soul mate catch hold for you? I believe you must have read the doppelganger version of the books and thus explains your surely singular ideologies on, well, most everything you commented.


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