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Video from Brianna Auditions Underway for Outlander (UPDATED)


UPDATE 12.02.15

Diana Gabaldon has confirmed that Roger and Brianna will both appear in Season 2 of Outlander, but she did not reveal any details as to how they would appear. She confirmed this in response to a fan on Facebook:

And their start date could be very soon. According to a casting call sheet released earlier this year for Brianna, the show wanted a start date of December 2015.

With the release of the new Season Two trailer by Starz just yesterday, we're hoping news of Brianna and Roger's casting is just around the corner.


Updated below with new videos of actresses auditioning for the part of Brianna. They are all using the scene from Drums of Autumn between Claire and Brianna where they discuss something life altering that has happened to Bree. Who would you choose?


Actresses are sending in their audition tapes for the role of Brianna in Outlander, the daughter of Jamie and Claire Fraser. Luckily for us, some of them are sharing the news via social media! Actress Katy Carpio from Denver even shared this short video revealing at least one line from the audition sides, the set of lines an actor must learn for the audition:
Others are posting about their preparation leading up to the audition, and all that they're doing to get ready:
One actress posted that she was auditioning for Outlander, but it's not clear if it was for the part of Brianna:
Other actresses are just hoping to get an audition and are actively campaigning to Starz and Executive Producers Ron D. Moore and Maril Davis:
And then there are the fans who have their favorites already picked out to play the part:

We will have to wait and see if and when Starz finally finds someone for the role! You can see the casting call they put out as well as the possible timeline alteration to Brianna's story in our previous article.

Outlander Audition - Brianna from Samantha Sergeant on Vimeo.

Outlander- Brianna- Paige Herschell from Paige Herschell on Vimeo.

Chiara, Brianna/Outlander Self Taping from Chiara Forestieri on Vimeo.

Shannon McLemore - "Outlander" Brianna audition from Leah David on Vimeo.

Outlander- Brianna and Claire from matilda moran on Vimeo.

Chelsea Morgensen for Brianna for Outlander from Chelsea Morgensen on Vimeo.

Lovelace- Outlander-Brianna from Alexandra Lovelace on Vimeo.

Jordan Birkland, Outlander, Brianna from AuditionTape, Inc. on Vimeo.

Molly Ritter reading for BRIANNA from Mike Coppedge on Vimeo.

Brianna Barnes - Brianna (Outlander) from Brianna Barnes on Vimeo
Deborah Thompson | Managing Editor
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  1. Where can I find the exact script of this scene? Which pages of the book are??

    1. The exact script is not publicly available but they are using a script lifted almost straight from the book "Drums of Autumn", Chapter 45 entitled "Fifty-Fifty". It should be around page 630.

  2. Molly Ritter, Natalie Oliver, or Lindsey Chambers. They get the emotions and body language right.

    1. I agree with you. Really like Lindsey Chambers, she's got the fire.

  3. Maybe Chelsea Morgensen or Brianna Barnes... The rest are kind of stiff... Hope they'll find someone even better though! Have to see another scene where Brianna's being feisty!

  4. Where's the BOSTON ACCENT??? None of these gals - though Lindsey C comes close - fits my vision of Brianna. These are interesting to watch. I feel for the producers.

  5. Chiara is the one.

    1. Matilda is great too.

    2. Chiara, right. If I'm the casting director she's the only one of this group I might call in. She's physically right, doesn't look like she'd blow away in a stiff wind, which is like Brianna, her face is angular enough...needs some tweaking, but maybe. The problem with all these girls is they're too 21st C., Bree grew up 50's-60's. The line towards the end is the one that's bad in every clip -Claire would have been drawing pictures on a chalk board and when Bree says they look different in 3D, I want to get the sense she's thinking about dimensions, not sitting in a theater with silly glasses on! The actress who lands the role should be able to get that across. Chiara maybe, the rest, no, not terrible, but definitely not Brianna.

  6. More were posted.

  7. Three contenders, Paige, Molly and Lindsay. To be sure you'd have to see the test with the "Roger" Richard Rankin, otherwise soldier on, looking forward to the Spring.


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