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Outlander: The Roger Tapes


We told you last week about the search for the character of Brianna on Outlander and gave you a peek at some of the actresses vying for the part. We now have some news to share about the search for Roger as well! The actors above are just some of the ones fans are hoping to see cast as Roger Mac, but it could very well be an unknown who gets the role.

Young Roger MacKenzie
Roger MacKenzie is the adopted son of the Reverend Wakefield. We saw him very briefly as a young toddler in Episode 8 in Season One as the Reverend tried to help Frank find Claire. Adult Roger takes on a much more important role in Season Two as he helps Claire and Brianna, her daughter.
Of course, as book fans know (AVERT YOUR EYES TV ONLY WATCHERS) Roger and Brianna fall in love. Roger is a major major part of the Outlander story moving forward.

Not much has been said about the search for Roger, with the odd audition video popping up here and there. But now it looks like the search is heating up. In just the last couple of weeks, audition tapes have appeared from actors apparently using the same script. We don't know if this is the official script from Starz or not, but it's obviously a rather large coincidence if not. Here are some of the actors who have publicly posted their audition videos:

Mark Davis 'Roger' OUTLANDER from Mark Davis on Vimeo.

Tom Gabriel audition self tape from Tom Gabriel on Vimeo.
This video was found by Twitter user Charlie.

Outlander: Roger and Claire from Tom Campion on Vimeo.

Christien Reid, Outlander Audition - Roger from C. Reid on Vimeo.

Danen Engelenberg - Outlander - Roger from Danen Engelenberg on Vimeo.

The script they are using comes from the third book in the Outlander series, "Voyager." The scene is in chapter 17 "Monsters Rising", pages 199 - 200.
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  1. Replies
    1. if i had to choose only among the 5 above i'd choose #1 BUT i'd love LOVE love to see Matthew goode in the role HOTTIE!!!

    2. How did you watch it without a password?

    3. It was not password protected until today. The actor has decided apparently not to allow the video to be public.

    4. Too bad, I was interested.....

  2. None of the above come anywhere close to my vision of Roger.

  3. Tom Gabriel was my pick from the auditions above. He's dark, intense and handsome. Plus he's fairly unknown. (to me at least)

  4. oh dear God save us!!! NO NO NO NO!

  5. Actually, the side (audition script) comes from Drums of Autumn, and no, it won't be from this season. Remember that they are looking for people to fill two pivotal and long-term roles. They want actors with the chops to pull off Roger and Bree during their most intense interactions, not just the light ones from Dragonfly in Amber.

  6. The side for Brianna is taken from Drums of Autmn but the actors above are all using a scene between Roger and Claire taken from Voyager. You're right though, they definitely needs actors who can handle incredibly intense scenes. Let's hope we get to see all those seasons!


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