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Sleepy Hollow Dragon Con Panel Recap

Dragon Con hosted a Sleepy Hollow panel this past Saturday featuring Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie. We may have gotten one or two spoilers courtesy of Tom Mison! Videos are below. Some highlights from the panel:

-There is a "time leap" according to Tom between the Season Two finale and the start of Season Three. (Nicole ahemed him to be quiet at this admission). Tom sheepishly realized he'd said too much.

-One other possible spoiler: Tom puts air quotes around the idea that Ichabod "killed" his wife, Katrina. And says he may or may not have killed her. However, it "hangs over" Ichabod he says. Ichabod has to deal with the necessity of killing her while acknowledging that he did lover her.

-Tom's shorter haircut is for the character and is meant to indicate to the audience that something has changed about Ichabod, that this is a different man.

-Nicole "really wants to do some mermaid acting" and would love if Abbie had to transform into some sort of merperson to take on an evil water monster.

-Tom and Nicole have both read fan fiction about Abbie and Ichabod

-Tom loves that there isn't anything romantic between Abbie and Ichabod, thinks it makes the relationship much more interesting. Nicole thinks that the question says a lot about fans "dirty little minds."

-They are about to shoot the "Bones" "Sleepy Hollow" crossover show.

-If Nicole could pick any other crossover it would be with "No Reservations." Abbie and Crane could travel all over the world trying food. Tom was good with that, but then Nicole thought maybe they should go be on "Empire" since they're on FOX and be a singing duo.

-Tom wanted Yolanda from OnStar to be a recurring character like Ziggy in Quantum Leap. Ziggy!

-Tom says the actors and crew tend to hang out a lot but he and Nicole don't necessarily have a lot of free time as they're kept fairly busy.

Does anyone else think that there's very little difference between Ichabod and Tom? Such a fun panel.

Tom Mison and John Noble also took part in another panel on Sunday. You can read the live tweets from that panel over at On Wednesdays.



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