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Outlander Fashion Recap

Photo by Terry Dresbach : @draiochta14
While the agony of waiting for a new Outlander season continues unabated, we thought it would be a good time to take a look back at the costumes of season 1 and a look ahead to season 2. Thanks to Outlander costume designer Terry Dresbach, we have some new looks at those fabulous costumes, old and new!

Ms. Dresbach has been kind enough to share several looks at the costumes and the process that goes into making those clothes on her Twitter feed. We've compiled our favorite looks all in one place for your viewing pleasure.

The costume to the left is from Episode 1 of season 1 of Outlander. Claire wore it when she arrived in Inverness with Frank. The only slight alteration in the transition to the screen appears to be the hat which was not white but a dark blue.

As Episode 1 opens, we see a flashback of Claire gazing at a vase, wearing the same outfit pictured above (with the exception of the hat). After the credits, when Claire arrives with Frank, she has taken off the gloves, and is carrying them. She is also sporting a pair of dark pumps rather than the ones to the left. After Claire and Frank "get settled," they travel to Castle Leoch for a field trip. Claire has now changed into the brown shoes, much more sensible for traipsing through the ruins of a castle.

Ms. Dresbach also shared an inside look at the hallway of her costume department in the Outlander studio. It is filled with sketches that she made for the costumes, blown up and pasted on the walls.
In the sketches above you can see Claire in the outfit she wore when she went through the stones in Episode 1 of Season 1 as well as a British army jacket and another woman in 18th century garb. The face looks a lot like Nell Hudson who plays Laoghaire, but could just be a coincidence. Either way, the sketches are fantastic.

Ms. Dresbach has also shared quite a few looks at the fabric and materials she is using for season 2. Just looking at them puts you in the French court, where Jamie and Claire will spend a bulk of next season.

There are many more amazing bits of costumes to view from Ms. Dresbach. Head over to Twitter and check them out. Let us know what costume you're most looking forward to in season 2!
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