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Sleepy Hollow Recap: Blood and Fear, Episode 3

Welcome back Sleepyheads! Just like Jack, you awake this episode to a giant beanstalk having grown while you were away. Pandora's "tree" has left no bloom behind, growing to enormous size and breaking through her underground layer into the world above. Pandora calls on some innocent souls with her death poetry and asks for something that will reveal the witnesses fear. This ugly sonnet causes her box to open and offer up a very devilish looking knife.

Back in Sleepy Hollow, Abbie and Crane are in a hell of their own making: the line to the state historic preservation office. Judging by the line, getting buildings declared for historical preservation is as popular as renewing your car tags. Ichabod is in full revolutionary jacket mode, decrying the behemoth that is the state and federal government. The archive worker is not impressed and denies his extension request for his application to save the archives because he's not an American. You gotta be legit yo to get shit done. Abbie volunteers to fill out the application for him, saving us all another speech. After that, I black out. All my shipper heart remembers is Abbie said, "We're in this together... See you at home" and Crane said, "but I am here to consummate." Was there anything else important that happened? Oh yeah. Abbie still hasn't gone to see her father. Nor has she told Jenny. And Crane is for sure going to apply for American Citizenship. If he thought the paperwork was cumbersome at the state historical preservation department just wait til he deals with Homeland Security.

On his way out the door, Ichabod is detained, no doubt unwillingly, by "Ms. Corinth." She liked his speech to the historical department and tries to bond with him over her efforts to save a church for the historical society. Sadly, Crane likes that she finds him funny. So much so he's quoting himself to her. Sigh.

In a non-descript office building in another part of town, a beautiful blonde has drawn the attention of her creepy stalkerish co-worker. As he drowns his sorrows over the fact that she's just not that into him, she hooks up with another co-worker at the bar. Pandora swoops in and takes our creepy stalker for a spin on the dance floor and then some. He wakes up the next morning, fully dressed, in bed. Pandora is gone, and the nasty looking knife she summoned is there by his bedside. That's quite a morning after present. He, of course, grabs the knife.

Later that morning, the co-worker we saw hitting on the blonde is bragging about how he got her number and is totally going to hit that tonight. Little does he know, lurking behind him in the elevator is our dreary pal with his new friend, the knife, and some Tom Cruise Risky Business sunglasses. We almost don't care what he's going to do as the other guy is obviously an ass.

Meanwhile, Abbie and Jenny are discussing the Shard of Anubis, the rock Jenny had been dotting on that was stolen from her last week. Jenny tells Abbie she's bringing Joe Corbin into the fold, the son of our late Sheriff Corbin. Jenny wants Abbie to help her trace the car of the guy who stole the Shard. Abbie agrees, and says she';s okay with letting Joe into the Monster Hunter's Club. You know who's not getting in the club? Special Agent Danny Reynolds. He interrupts the sisters' conversation. Abbie introduces him to Jenny who gives her an "mmm-hmmm" look. Agent Reynolds sends Abbie off on another homicide. The FBI is getting called in because it was a stabbing, but there's no blood.

Crane meets Abbie at the scene, where the corpse of our boorish co-worker has been found. As Ichabod looks at him, he has a flashback to another corpse that had the same strange appearance: sunken and weathered. Abbie observes that there are lots of deep slash wounds, like someone was in a rage. Crane recognizes this MO. He has seen it before in London, a terror from his childhood. It's a monster that's gone by many names over the centuries. The name we know? Jack the Ripper. Not a name you want to hear. When you're watching alone. Writing a recap. Wondering why you didn't invite people over for a viewing party!

Back at the Archives, Abbie wants to know how it could've been Jack the Ripper that Crane saw in 1763. Those murders didn't happen until 100 years later. Ichabod explains that it happened while he was in school. It was a dark time at Hogwarts for the young Crane. On his way to class he saw a flash of lightning and an evil looking man. Just then, one of his classmates informed him that the Ripper had struck again. Crane finds Bertie, his closest friend, dead, looking the same as our modern day corpse. The Gryffindors decide to rally and invite Crane back to the commons to hunt down whoever is responsible. But before Crane can join them, a man from his family arrives to take him home. Ichabod would return eventually, but would always be afraid while he was there because the Ripper had never been caught.

Crane finally heard of Jack the Ripper during his current stay in modern history and began to put things together: the same killer has been operating for nearly 900 years. Abbie and Crane know that Pandy is responsible for this latest iteration of the Ripper. Abbie also realizes that Pandy must know an awful lot about Crane to be able to bring about this terror. But what Abbie really wants to know, is how that body was exsanguinated (a fancy term for having all the blood drained out of your body).

While Crane and Abbie plan to track down the murder weapon, Joe and Jenny have located the car of the man who stole the Shard, Randall. They've tracked him down to a motel, but he's not in his room. They find a very scared woman instead who insists she's just a lost hitchhiker. She says Randall is out getting ice. Joe and Jenny turn to track him down, giving the chick a chance to flee in Randall's car. Turns out, she had Randall all tied up in the bathtub, and not for good reasons. Now she, whomever she is, has the Shard and has gotten away. Jenny recognizes her play acting, pretending to be a lost hitchhiker, as one of Sheriff Corbin's go to moves. In what setting, Jenny? Regardless, Jenny is ready to play. She's going to get the girl and the shard.

At home (yay!) Abbie and Crane are looking at a 3D model of the murder weapon put together by forensics off of information from the crime scene. Ichabod "I Have A Library In My Head" Crane recognizes the knife from the First Crusades. It is a Byzantine parang. Say what? "Or a long-bladed dagger," says Crane. Let's just start with that next time. Those who wield the dagger shed their virtue like they're Mary Queen of Scots with Francis (Reign!) and arecompletely taken over by a blood lust. The knife is the problem, and they've got to find it to stop the murderer.

Our ripper of the moment is hiding in his car in a parking garage all alone with his knife when Pandora shows up. He wants her gone and says she can take her stupid knife with her. But when he tries to throw it away, the knife sticks to his hand and begins to turn his entire body into what looks like some kind of metal.Pandora thoroughly enjoys his pain.

Meanwhile, Abbie has made her way to FBI headquarters. She gives Agent Reynolds (I will not call him Danny!) an update and asks him to keep her on the case. He agrees and oh by the way invites her to dinner. I think she's washing her hair tonight Mr. Agent Reynolds. At home. With Crane. Or not. She accepts his invitation. That's okay, Abbie. Crane has a visitor of his own. Ms. Corinth shows up unannounced at the archives just as Crane is leaving. Timing is everything.

Ms. Corinth (does she have a first name?) was very moved by Crane's desire to become a citizen. Her dad went through a long, expensive process to become a citizen as well. So she's volunteering her services to help Ichabod be an American. She's not going to suggest they get married, is she? Oh, good Lord, she's not. Her brother-in-law is a member of the Senate subcommittee on immigration. Making him a United States Senator one presumes. Crane is very pleased to accept her assistance and scoffs at the Washington mural he believes to be judging him. "As if Adams would've done any different," he quips.

While Abbie and Crane deal with their pending dates, Pandora is giving our new Ripper a pep talk at his apartment. She also has a cool Ripper jacket for him to wear. Pandy says he must abandon all doubt and hesitation and bring her the witnesses hearts on a silver platter. Said witnesses are fast approaching, Pandy, having figured out that our office loner is most likely our new Ripper. As Crane is bemoaning the fact that the second tribulation is harder than the first outside Ripper's door, a knife comes slashing through. Abbie does what all good witnesses should, and kicks in the door, charging in with her gun drawn. Don't worry. Crane is right behind you.

Ripper 12.0 is waiting for them inside with a brand new look. He's got the trench coat and instead of a hand, he has a knife attached to his body. Crane tries to get through to him like Luke talking to Vader in Empire, but it goes about as well as that conversation did. Only here, Ripper has already lost a hand. He rejects their offer to turn away from the dark side and charges Abbie. She unloads on him, sending him through a window onto a car three stories below riddled with bullets. That should do - nope. Not seriously. Yep. He's still alive. And has some creepy new red eyes to go with his knife hand. Apparently not a vegetarian Ripper.

Jenny, meanwhile, has tracked down our getaway gal at a diner. While Joe plays Vincent to Jenny's Jules, our getaway gal sits calmly by. She tries to claim she's already sold the Shard, but guess what? Jenny has it. She found it in our gal's car battery compartment. Another trick from Sheriff Corbin. Jenny tells her to inform her employer that she has the Shard and she's keeping it.

Our other dynamic duo, Abbie and Crane, have returned to FBI headquarters. They both want to know how the Ripper killings stopped in the past. The key to stopping the current Ripper is to figure out the answer to that question. Ichabod wants to know if Abbie has access to parish records from the 1700s for Eton and Berkshire, where the last killings took place. Of course she does, Crane! This is Abbie! They find out that after the Ripper killings ended at Eton, where Crane went to school, there was an outbreak of yellow fever that killed another 29 people. Abbie quickly figures out, using CDC data I'm sure, that an outbreak of disease follows every single set of Ripper killings. Why? Well, because the knife likes to drink the blood of its victims, and if it runs across someone infected with a disease it takes on that as well, killing it's host body. Guess the knife doesn't come with antibiotics.

Before Abbie and Crane can get their hands on some infected blood, they find out that our new Ripper was obsessed with our gal from the office, Emily (she who rejected him in the first few scenes). Unfortunately, it looks like they may be too late to help as Emily has chosen to take a walk all by herself in our psycho killer's favorite parking garage. But the local PD gets their in time to swoop her up out of harm's way. Or do they?

The detective who "saved" Emily texts Abbie and says he got her. Abbie tells Crane to text him back and ask if he noticed any trouble. And he does! Aww. Our 21st Century Crane is learning so much. Crane is loading up a rifle with infected blood bullets to shoot into our Ripper. While he's doing that, we still haven't heard back from the detective. Uh-oh. Abbie says to call him but it goes straight to voicemail. Something has gone wrong.

Abbie speeds back to the parking garage where we find our friendly neighborhood detective and his partner murdered in their car. Emily is nowhere to be seen. But she can be heard. Abbie tells Crane to get the rifle when they hear Emily scream. They find our Ripper with his knife to Emily's throat. Crane urges him to fight what the knife is doing to him. Ripper considers it for a moment giving Abbie enough time to kick him and knock him off Emily. Crane grabs Emily and runs away with her leaving Abbie to deal with Ripper on her own. Crane! Come back here this instant!

Ripper gets the upper hand on Abbie so she tries talking some sense into him while he's poised to run her through. Like all good villains, he pauses to get off a one-liner giving Ichabod time to fire a shot at him with the infected blood. About time Crane! However, and this I did not see coming, our Ripper has a full metal jacket protecting his skin from such things. Well that's irritating. It's Abbie's turn to go and try and protect "Miss Emily" as Crane turns to stop Ripper. But Ripper just knocks him down and takes off after the girls.

Abbie's gunshots are having no effect on him as the bullets just ricochet off. Crane rejoins the melee and desperately tries to reload his weapon with his last remaining infected blood bullet while simultaneously defending himself in a knife fight with Ripper. It's going as well as you would expect. Or perhaps worse, as Ripper sticks his knife into Crane's gut. No no no no! Ichabod's blood is leaving him causing Edward Cullen's eyes to go red.

Fortunately and unfortunately, Crane stuck himself with the infected blood just before he was knifed causing Ripper to collapse. It also causes Crane to falter as he is now infected with a disease. Abbie rushes to Crane, craddling him in her arms, assuring him the ambulance is on its way. Pandora chooses this moment to show herself to Abbie and taunt her. Pandy says Abbie is all alone in the world now, as Crane is dying. She wants to know how that feels for Abbie. Before Abbie can respond Pandy disappears.

Meanwhile, Jenny and Joe are still stumped as to what the deal is with everybody trying to steal the Shard. Jenny is convinced the woman who tried to steal it must have some connection to the late Sheriff Corbin. She thinks they've stumbled onto a big secret. Jenny wants to figure out who this woman is. Yeah yeah. Joe agrees. Blah blah. Is Crane alive or what?

Well I guess we'll never know as we find Abbie visiting Agent Reynolds to cancel their dinner plans. Oh, I know, Crane is fine. At least he better be since Abbie is taking the time to sit down and have a drink with Agent Reynolds. Abbie drains her drink and jets out of there pretty fast when Agent Reynolds suggests they work together more closely.

Back at home (yay!) Crane is crashed on the couch with an IV hooked up to him while Abbie sits by his side. She is not impressed with the fact that he injected himself with malaria. Abbie fills Crane in on her Pandora visit. They both deduce that what Pandy is really after is to raise fear in Sleepy Hollow. But to what end? They have no idea, but Crane is certain they will uncover her plot and gets Abbie to give him a fist bump aka a witness fist jab. He's blowin' up!

Crane tells Abbie he is glad they have found each other once again. This seems to cause some concern for Abbie as a pensive look crosses her face. This does not go unnoticed as Pandora looks on the scene from her looking glass water pond. Pandora seems as displeased as Abbie, until she realizes that whatever was going on with Abbie has caused her tree of doom to bloom, it's black rose petals finally opening.

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