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Sleepy Hollow Recap: Whispers in the Dark, Episode 2

Tonight's Sleepy Hollow is brought to you by Gilbert & Sullivan, makers of Real HousePatriots of Sleepy Hollow. We find Mr. Crane singing an American idyl while happily going about household chores in the perfect Americana home. Hold up there Ichabod! His laundry duties have brought him some dainties: Abbie's unmentionables. Just as Crane inspects one of Abbie's sexy time tops, Abbie walks in. Ichabod drops it like it's Katrina, clinging on a season too long. Abbie decides this is a good time to introduce some boundaries into their relationship. Did she say ship? Yes! Because, hello Sleepy Hollow fans, IchAbbie has accelerated to being roommates! Meh. Well, it's a start. She says good fences make good neighbors. "If we found a way to put the breaks on the Apocalypse," she says, "we can make this work." Duly noted Leftenant.

Speaking of the Apocalypse, Pandora is chanting with her box again. She spends a lot of time with her box. Just saying. Something creepy this way comes out of it, following her into the forest. Pandora and her death eaters are making their way to mischief, but not before she can do another quick change into a sexy librarian costume.

Pandora quickly finds a panicky man at the Tarrytown train station who is clearly hiding something having a heated, whispered conversation on his cell phone. As he hangs up, Pandora insists he tell her his secret.... to getting good cell reception. AT&T or Sprint? She gets a quiet, "Are you serious?" look. The man immediately calls the FBI and asks to speak to an agent. That's some first impression you made Pandy. She sicks the death eaters on him who promptly make him remember the terrible thing he doesn't want anybody to know about. We see it in confusing flashbacks. The end result is that Paul Everette is dead.

Not dead? The dinner conversation between Abbie and Crane as they talk about who will replace Abbie's former boss, Granger (C. Thomas Howell!) who only last week was killed by the Darth Maul demon. "Only in Sleepy Hollow does your boss get eaten by a demon," says Abbie. Just as Abbie is shutting the door on Crane's dream of them continuing on as roomies and witnesses and maybe more? The phone rings.  Federal jurisdiction is once again pulling Abbie into another suspicious death.

Abbie and Crane arrive at the train station where we learn that the victim was an accountant at the comptroller's office. Abbie gets to help work the case because he foolishly called the FBI. Preliminary results indicate he died of a heart attack. Also about to have a heart attack? Abbie. As her new boss shows up and it's none other than Agent Reynolds. Who? Who is apparently causing Abbie to have all kind of heart palpitations. She was under the impression that he was in Chicago and safely away from her and Crane! Or maybe that was us. But alas, he is back. And looking hot. Turns out Abbie and Agent Reynolds were at the academy "together."

This appears to be eyebrow raising news to Crane who is getting whiplash looking back and forth between his Leftenant and Agent Hottie. You're not the only one with a Betsy in his pocket Crane. Crane interrupts the sexual tension by asserting his territorial rights to Abbie by revealing they were at home together enjoying dinner when they were interrupted to come out and check out the latest corpse. This causes Agent Reynolds' eyebrows to go up. Nice try, Crane, but Abbie is putting the sock on the doorknob making sure the handsome Agent Reynolds knows she and Crane are just roommates. Abbie sends Ichabod home. With one last eyebrow raise and piercing would freeze Franklin stare, Crane leaves.

"Danny" says he's glad to see "Abs" and touches her arm as he leaves. That would've sent Crane into eyebrow shock had he seen it. As it is, Abbie seems to be bothered by this development as well. And not necessarily in a good way.

Crane doesn't even make it home before he spots a glimpse of the death eaters on the building across the way. Pandy shows up in time to distract him before he can figure out what he just saw. It's also long enough to allow Abbie to catch up to him. Ran away from Agent Reynolds pretty fast there Abs.  She's got marching orders to find out why our corpse called the FBI.

Crane's already way ahead of her on figuring out the newest threat. He's deduced there's another monster. And it may just be a shadow monster (your distraction didn't work Pandy). Back at the archives Ichabod is tracking down information that can help them while Abbie is still hung up on the fact that her former classmate is her new boss. He's the reason she got through Quantico so fast. Crane tries to get details out of Abbie saying he could tell they weren't just colleagues. But Abbie reminds him to stay on his side of the fence. She's not saying anything.

As an aside, Crane has plans to save the condemned archives. He's appalled they want to put another apothecary on the site (Walgreens?). There is one on every corner. Back to the present problem, Abbie has gotten a copy of the call our corpse made to the FBI as he was being killed. Lurking in the background are whispers, which turn out to be our death eater. Only it sounds a lot more like the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets: it whispers, "Secrets. Kill for secrets. I will kill." Hint hint Abbie. Tear down those fences and spill the beans about Agent Goodbody.

This Harry Potter reference jogs Ichabod's memory. He remembers reading about shadows that move as if alive with creepy whisper voices in Grace Dixon's journal, Abbie's colonial ancestor and "forces of evil" guru. In September 1776 Dixon knew of rumors that British General Howe was using a shadow demon to uncover colonial spies. Howe used a human host, Marcus Collins, to bring the shadow to life. Collins was sent out to kill souls with a secret worth dying for.

Colonial Flashback! Crane was sent by General Washington to save the spies from Howe's shadow demon, including Betsy Ross aka the Spymaster. (Can it really be that hard for a British general to figure out that a woman known for making the American flag might be spying on the British? Perhaps her embroidery skills weren't well known). Regardless, Betsy and Ichabod quickly exchange information and rush to get the American spies to safety before the shadow demon can get them.

Betsy goes to "handle" Howe while Crane warns the spies. They're supposed to meet in the stables in an hour. A short time later... Betsy shows up in the worst Cosplay costume: prancing around in Howe's jacket and her undergarments. Very subtle and suited for discretion. Unfortunately, Betsy discovers the spies dead in the barn just as the shadow demon makes an appearance. Betsy calls him out, but before Collins can reveal his hideous appearance, Betsy makes an escape by hoping on Crane's wagon to er ride with him (though she looks like she's about to go all Rosalie Hale on him.)

Abbie, having endured this tortured Betsy tale as payback for making eyes at Agent Reynolds, wonders if the shadow demon is doing the same thing in present day: trying to root out spies. Ichabod and Abbie go back to the recorded call and uncover one of the people who spoke with the corpse just before he died. They think he may be the shadow demon's next target, Williams.

Meanwhile, Jenny finally makes an appearance. And she's still examining the same rock she was admiring in the previous episode. She searches "Shard of Anubis" on her computer when Joe calls! Joe Corbin, the late Sheriff Corbin's son and former Marine. He was making a trailer call at Jenny's place when he noticed it had been ransacked. Encyclopedia Brown makes the observation that it looks like someone was searching for something. Joe wants Jenny to confide in him and he's bitter his father never did. Jenny's not sharing, though. These Mills sisters keep their fences tight. Joe leaves after Jenny assures him she'll tell him if anything is going on. By the looks of it, that will be sooner rather than later as a creepy person is watching the trailer from afar.

In another part of the county, Abbie and Crane are making their way up to the home of the next potential victim, Williams. Just like Joe, their house call is too late. The shadow demon is already there. Ichabod goes for the ole "Cease!" but the wraith isn't having it. Abbie tries the shoot 'em up defense, but that goes nowhere as well. Crane and Abbie find themselves on their knees, their deep dark secrets being dragged out of them. They're only saved from the wraith when Williams flees his home in his car, causing the demon to chase after him, forcing him to crash, killing him.

Abbie and Crane decide to divide and conquer: she's going to search Williams' home, Crane is going to find a way to stop the demon. The only thing Abbie finds is some secret hidden documents and her long lost love, Agent Reynolds. (It was just nine months that she was gone right?) Agent Reynolds brings up their past relationship and Abbie gives him her best side-eye. She's fine. Please. Agent Reynolds just doesn't want things to be weird. They won't be, she assures him.

What is weird is the strange guy with the strange rings and the painted skull on his dashboard who is waiting in a parking garage for Joe. The man pulls up alongside Joe, clocks him with his car door, and stuffs Joe in the trunk.

While Joe is in peril, Abbie is explaining to Crane what she found at the house. Everett and Williams had uncovered an embezzlement scheme at the comptroller's office. The comptroller himself was stealing money from employees pension plans. Crane goes all Julia Sugarbaker giving a rousing speech about how deplorable the whole situation is. Turns out he's just pissy because of the secret the demon made him remember.

Once upon a time, Crane was captured by the British. Howe offered him a full pardon if he revealed all of Washington's spies. Ichabod almost named names but after the moment of weakness he escaped. Abbie refuses to say if she had any secret resurrected by the demon, though we clearly know she did. Good fences, Abbie, not mile high brick walls. She's moving on to the next potential victim, Susan James. Bad news, though, Abbie. Since she and Ichabod have figured out the threesome's secret, they're sure to be the wraith's next target. We get a glimpse of crazy Pandy in her cave of wonders chanting about her shadow before we rejoin Ichabod and Abbie. They have brought Susan to a big light circle in an effort to keep her and themselves safe from the shadow.

Joe has gotten out of the darkness of the trunk and is sitting tied up to a tree in the forest. He's figured out that his captor must want something from Jenny, but Joe is adamant that she's not going to give the captor what he wants. In fact, he says, you don't know Jenny like I know Jenny. But that apparently was just wishful thinking as Jenny shows up and clearly knows "Randall" from back in the day. He wants the shard of anubis. Jenny wants to know why it's so important now. She's had it for years.

Randall says she should know. After all, Sheriff Corbin sent her after it, and now she's hanging around with Corbin Junior. It obviously must mean something. (We can only hope!). Randall tells Jenny she and Junior can walk if she gives him the shard. So Jenny kicks him in the leg, the head, and everywhere else. But Randall gets the drop on her. He's about to spear Junior when Jenny stops him by promising to give him what he wants. It's a deal. Joe goes free but Jenny still won't tell him any more about the shard or what was going on.

While Jenny is keeping Joe in the dark, Crane and Abbie are trying to stay in the light and figure out how to stop the whispering, shadow demon, wraith, secret killer. Ms. Susan James is showing about as much patience with the duo as IchAbbie shippers. She wants to tell her secret and go home. Abbie says she can identify, keeping secrets is hard. So is keeping the lights on apparently as things suddenly start to go bump in the night: the lights begin to flicker as the shadow approaches.

Crane sets out on his own to investigate the fuse box with about as much intelligence as a big busted blonde in a horror movie. The shadow tries to infiltrate its way into the lights and then attacks Crane. Abbie comes rushing in with some flash bangs and succeeds in driving the shadow into a high corner so she and Ichabod can confer. Abbie knows the death eater wants secrets, like the ones the spies were carrying. Why then did it leave Betsy alone to live to fight another day? Why didn't it just kill Betsy, too? Oh, Abbie, we want to know the same thing.

Crane searches his memory of that day and recalls that when Betsy yelled at the shadow, and called him by his real name, Marcus Collins, he totally backed off. Crane thinks saying the demon's name is its weakness. Before Abbie can stop him, Crane is out to confront this Marcus Collins, the traitorous wretch who became a turncoat and gave the British the names of all the spies. This succeeds in turning the floating demon into a walking demon who can lunge and tackle Crane. Never fear, Agent Mills is here. Abbie manages to knock the demon off giving Ichabod time to grab a pole and run the demon through The demon evaporates. And where was Susan during all this? Happily sitting on her ass? Abbie and Crane go off to extract her secret.

It all goes well, apparently, because Crane and Abbie are back at home basking in domestic bliss again. Sort of. Crane is still hung up on the fact that he could've easily given in to the darkside and become Darth Vader. Abbie reminds him that he is human and that he ultimately did the right thing. Crane thanks her, and extols the awesomeness that is confessing all your secrets. Hint hint nudge nudge Abbie abbie!

With only a tiny eye roll, Abbie finally opens up. She tells Crane that in the months that she and Crane were apart she decided to search the FBI database and track down the father that left her when she was 6. She found him living in Saratoga. She suddenly was regularly dropping by, hiding, taking photos of him with a long lens. Abbie hasn't been able to bring herself to talk to him, or to tell Jenny that she found their father. Crane congratulates her on sharing her secret. He says that is enough for now.

Abbie goes to meet with Agent Reynolds. He says she did a great job solving the case, and he wants to know what the hell she's doing in a small town bunking with Crane? Agent Reynolds slides onto the front of the desk to be closer to her. Just hold it right there, buddy. Abbie isn't biting. She plays coy, and says they'll just have to wait and see where things go.

Joe is also trying to get closer to Jenny, sitting down with her for a beer. He wants in, and wants to know what she and Abbie are up to. Joe wants her to team up with him ala IchAbbie and help him go after the shard. He wants to know what that side of his father's life was like. Jenny hesitantly agrees? Or at least gives him a smile that seems to indicate she's willing to go along with the plan.

Back at the Tarrytown train station, the state historical woman is willing to go along with Ichabod's plan to save the archives, but she says she can't help him because he is a British citizen. This irritates Crane until he gets distracted by the fact that the coffee shop that was there when Mr. Everette was attacked has disappeared. He and Abbie go through surveillance video from the station and Crane recognizes Pandora as the coffee shop woman who spoke with him. Luckily, Abbie is a very sharp cookie and remembers that she too met Linda Richman last week at the bar. Abbie remembers she said her name was Pandora.

The duo quickly realize that this totally has to be the mythical Pandora (I mean it is Sleepy Hollow) who had that box with all the evils in the world. She's here and throwing monsters at them. Crane wonders what she has in store for them next as Pandora continues to water her tree of death, which is now sprouting purple flowers and suddenly growing huge. Evil has bloomed in Sleepy Hollow.

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