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Five Unanswered Questions After Sleepy Hollow Winter Finale

We enjoyed the Sleepy Hollow mid-season finale so much that more than a week later we're still thinking about it. And we've got questions. Five to be precise. Spoilers. Obviously.

1. Is Abbie really gone?

Miss Abbie sacrificed herself into the tree of death at the end of the episode, taking the incendiary device known as the shard with her. It promptly exploded when the trunk closed behind her. The powers at be aren't saying, but showrunner Clifton Campbell told TVLine that observant viewers might figure out what really happens to a person when they enter the tree. That doesn't sound very much like a death. So there's hope.

2. What will Ichabod do? 

We've lost count the number of important people Ichabod has lost in the last few months. His wife, son, and now the love of his life (or at least we presume her to be). Hopefully Joe and Jenny can keep him from going off the rails and into the arms of say Miss Corinth. We don't need a Days Of Our Lives scenario where Ichabod believes Abbie to be dead and is about to marry Zoe only to have Abbie show up at the wedding very much alive. Or maybe we do. That sounds fantastic!

3. Are Pandora and her evil husband gone?

After the explosion rips through Pandora's lair the only people left inside are Ichabod, Joe, and Jenny. Abbie, of course, is gone and so are Pandora and He Who Shall Not Be Named (did he have a name?). We can't believe after all the time Pandora spent nurturing her death tree she'd abandon it. Maybe she's just trapped under some rubble in the other room, one hand sticking out, the fingers slowly moving horror movie style to indicate she isn't really dead.

4. What will the aftershocks be for Jenny and Joe?

Joe and Jenny had finally found their way romantically to each other when the shard almost took Jenny away for good. Now she's saved, but has lost her sister. This kind of trauma is hard on a couple that's been together for years. Will Joe and Jenny be there for each other or will this tear them apart? We hope they team up to pull Ichabod out of his misery and save Abbie.

5. Agent Reynolds. What in the world is he up to?

When last we saw Agent Reynolds, Abbie had rejected him and the FBI, opting to work with Crane instead. Reynolds immediately placed a call and told someone that the asset he had been cultivating had been lost. He obviously meant Abbie so what was he cultivating her for? Secret Service detail to get President Fitz in line? This one's a mystery.

Let us know what you think? Is Abbie really gone? And will our big bad still be Pandora for the second half of the season or is she locked up tight back in her box? February can't get here soon enough!
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