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Outlander's Lord John Grey Casting Update (VIDEO)


Starz has confirmed via Twitter that Oscar Kennedy is indeed playing the role of Lord John Grey.


According to IMDB, Oscar Kennedy has been cast as "William Grey" for episode 9 of Season 2. Lord John Grey's full name is, of course, Lord John William Grey. The appearance in episode 9 would also coincide with the timeline for Lord John's appearance in Dragonfly in Amber, the second book in the Outlander series. 

If we receive official confirmation of the casting, we will let you know. As of right now, it is just speculation.


Warning - a few minor book and show spoilers follow

To fans of the Outlander books, one of the most beloved characters is Lord John Grey. We first meet him in "Dragonfly in Amber", the second book in the Outlander series and the basis for the second season of the hit Starz TV show. Season Two is currently in production and is likely to wrap before the end of the year. Fans are anxiously waiting casting news on three major fronts: Brianna Randall, Roger Mackenzie and Lord John Grey. We've shown you some of the audition tapes for Brianna and Roger, but there has been very little information leaked or made available about the casting of Lord John Grey. Here's what we do know:

Ronald D. Moore, Outlander showrunner, confirmed back in March to Digital Spy that Lord John would be included in season two. However, while Grey plays a very important part in subsequent books, his appearance in book two is fleeting but powerful. Lord John is in fact very young as well, only 16 at the time we first meet him. It is not clear if Starz plans to cast two actors: one to play the young Lord John and the other to take on the elder in following seasons.

Filming is also currently underway for the episodes which contain the critical scene in which Lord John makes his first appearance as seen by these fan photos on location.

However, there has been no casting announcement forthcoming from Starz nor was there any news on location about a new addition. It's hard to imagine they would go through the process of shooting these scenes without Lord John's character, but that may have done so. Otherwise, Starz has kept a very tight lid on the casting.

Despite searching through many different  venues, we were only able to come across one video of a possible audition for Lord John Grey. The point in showing the video is not to say whether this thoughtful young man who bravely put his video out there is right for the part of Lord John, but rather to give fans a glimpse at what may be the audition script being used for the part. You'll also notice the actor is fairly young, so if this is an official audition, they may be looking for someone temporary with an eye towards casting a different Lord John in Season Three (which we are hoping Starz will announce shortly!). We ask that comments are not left regarding his performance, though we do like it quite a bit, especially towards the end.

Season Two of Outlander is expected to begin airing sometime in April of 2016, next year.
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  1. I love it!! I'm so excited for season 2, I can hardly contain myself. I like that they are keeping the castings secret! It gives us something to look forward to!

  2. That is certainly true! Can't wait to see how they handle all these complex scenes and characters.


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