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Sleepy Hollow Recap: This Red Lady from Caribee (Episode 6)

Okay so I've missed the first 20 minutes - anything going on? Wait what? Agent Reynolds is tied up in the Headless Containment Cell? And the gang is all here? Rewind!

Sleepy Hollow's back and Crane is already under fire literally and figuratively: he's on a date with Zoe. The awesome twosome are at a Japanese steak house, a date more suited for prom night than impress the ladies night. Zoe is trying to make small talk but Crane is being a know it all and failing at small talk. Walk out Zoe, walk out! She discovers he's using dating cue cards, the same kind she's using. Between that, the cheeky chef, and the flames on the side of their faces, it's not going well. Yippee!

Things are also a wee bit tense between Abbie and Agent Reynolds. Last week he asked her to help with an investigation which has caught Jenny and Joe in its net. Abbie assures Reynolds she's not going to let family get in the way of fbi-mily. She get's it. This will make his career and she and we are all about advancing him and bouncing him out of town. (Not that he isn't insanely hot).

And in a cave across town, our resident cat lady and tree of death grower, Pandora, is checking on the blooms. She's needing that red bloom to open up so we can all move past this plot point. And she needs help to do it: The Red Lady from Caribee, a creepy Jeff Goldblum looking fly person. Pandora calls on her to bring her the fear of fear itself. Once she does that the FDR bloom will open up. Fly Gal gets right to work, targeting a judge, pestering him until he is consumed by what looks like hundreds of red flies.

The next morning, Abbie and Crane are at the courthouse to see a judge about Ichabod's little immigration problem. He's in luck, the judge hearing his case loves history. Crane's also out of luck as things didn't go so great with Zoe on their date. Woot woot. We know this because Abbie asks for details. Way to go! Abbie also reaffirms that Agent Reynolds is not hers. Oh you two. As Abbie and Crane get closer to the judge's courtroom, Ichabod's attorney goes running by and says the judge has gone crazy.

Abbie and Crane rush in and find our stung judge presiding over court worse than Harry T. Stone. Roz tries to get him to take a break but he won't have it and he bites off Miss Sullivan's head when she tries to ask if he's okay. (Too much?) Abbie immediately realizes something is seriously wrong and tells Crane they need to get everyone out of the courtroom. While people are evacuating, the judge decides to order the bailiff to shoot the prosecutor. Crane steps in and tries to stop the madness but is distracted when fly lady appears momentarily. Meanwhile, the judge dies, succumbing to his hysteria. Crane fills Abbie in on what he saw, and says the red fly gal is going to be as annoying as any house fly you've ever encountered.

Abbie decides to leave that hornets nest behind and heads to the bar to talk to Jenny about the FBI investigation she's now become a part of. Abbie tells Jenny the bureau is going after Atticus Nevins, the man she and Joe were trying to track down last week because of his connection to Sheriff Corbin. So stand down, Jenny! Jenny promises to stay away from Nevins and to get Joe to do the same.

Back at the Archives, Crane has caught one of the Red Lady's bugs. Turns out it's a... rewind... closed captioning... it's a Captain Jack Sparrow wasp from the Caribbean. (It's possible I read that wrong). You can tell by its distinctive black mascara laced antenna. According to Crane's Monster Book, when the wasps all join together they make a Trinidadian evil lady: a Soucouyant. One sting from a Jack Sparrow wasp causes several unnecessary sequels and extreme paranoia eventually resulting in death. Abbie rushes to Grace Dixon's journal to find a passage about a paranoid Washington at Valley Forge. Oh, it's gonna be a Rossback. Grace and Bets knew each other. Ichabod is delighted. I die a little inside.

Once upon a time, Grace went to Revolutionary War Camp, where Betsy had failed to stop the Jack Sparrow wasps causing General Washington to be stung. Grace examines a dying George and tells Betsy his death from the sting is certain within ten hours. Betsy looks suitably sad. But never fear, Grace has some nectar near to slow the paranoia. She's brought a herbal remedy, for medicinal purposes, for George, who was totally okay with that. Did you ever look at a dollar bill, man? Betsy says General Howe must be responsible for this mess. Guy gets blamed for everything. The only known cure, says Grace, is to kill the creature that infected the men. That's all you had to say, Grace! Betsy is out the door loaded for bear.

And scene.

Grace's journal ends there, with no clue of how to make the tonic that slows the paranoia or how Betsy was able to stop the Soucouyant. All she wrote was a Caribbean nursery rhyme. While Crane tries to puzzle it out, Abbie gets a call from Agent Reynolds. There's been another suspicious death: this time the President of the PTA. Abbie meets Reynolds at the scene. The PTA Prez was also going a bit nutty before she died, and has the same stings as the judge. Abbie plays dumb and asks if it could be a virus. Reynolds doesn't know, but wants Abbie to stay close. Sure he does.

Abbie calls Crane to fill him in and says the victim was the President of the PTA. "Don't acronym, Leftenant," says Crane. While Ichabod is being pissy, Abbie is having a revelation: the queen bee is going after other leaders. "Hey, look at me, profiling a bug," says Abbie. When she sees Reynolds approaching, Abbie hangs up quickly. Reynolds demands to know who she was talking to. Abbie admits that it was Crane, and Reynolds gets all possessive, telling her to not let her personal life get in the way of her job. Or him. Even though you should never let friends drive angry, Abbie gets in the car with Reynolds who is still pissed, and unbeknownst to Abbie, scratching a wasp bite. Get out get out!

Too late. They're on road rage highway, with Reynolds driving like a crazy man. This is turning into Agent Reynolds' Wild Ride, and not the kind a lady appreciates. He demands answers from Abbie, like who the hell is this Crane guy! After a lot of spitting, yelling, and neck scratching, Abbie finally notices the sting on Reynolds throat. At this point, he's gone off the rails and off the road. Reynolds stops the car in the middle of nowhere as Abbie frantically tries to call Crane. Reynolds attacks her, pulling her from the car. But Abbie gets the drop on him, taking him down and cuffing him. Now that she's got him where she wants him, what's she going to do with him?

To the archives dungeon! This is where I came in. Reynolds is tied up fifty shades of every which way when Crane bursts in announcing he's figured out the Grace Dixon riddle. It's not a rhyme, it's a double entendre list of ingredients for the herbal remedy. They're gonna need some special Trinidadian "spices" to make it and Jenny knows a guy. Of course she does! Joe and Jenny rush off to get the supply while Crane and Abbie stay behind.

Jenny and Joe arrive at a grow your own "spice" store. They ring the bell to summon the clerk, but he's apparently on island time and doesn't show right away. Joe uses the extra time to let Jenny know he understands why they can't pursue Nevins, but he sure would've liked to anyway. The owner of the store finally arrives and assumes Jenny and Joe are a couple, quickly handing Joe herbal Viagra. While Joe ponders that image, Jenny splutters that they need something off the red list: Chedon Beni. The clerk tries to haggle with Jenny over the price but Joe steps in to offer up cash. Looks like it's a done deal until our friendly neighborhood spice merchant turns all white eyeballs and demonic voice on us. Apparently he was doing Jenny a solid with the scary man impression: he's gotten a message about Jenny's fate. A shadow has fallen on her soul, and she's gonna need some protection. Joe?

Also in need of protection? Reynolds. He's coming around in the containment chamber throwing more paranoia at Abbie as well as some really beautiful things. Remember your time with Reynolds on the Outer Banks, Abbie? He does. And he's still stuck there thinking of that perfect moment with you. Before we start to really like Reynolds for this romantic speech, Crane bangs on the window and summons Abbie to get the cure. Good timing Ichabod.

In a cave down by the tree of death, Pandora is all gussied up in her best Greek outfit. Fly lady is there as well. The two horror sisters are getting ready for the dawn of a new day, which Pandy apparently believes is just right around the corner. Could be, who knows. there's something due any day, I will know, right away, soon as it shows...

Back at the bar, Joe is showing signs of strain as he looks at a picture of Sheriff Corbin and Nevins. He decides to make a call and tells someone that it's time to finish it. Back at the archives Abbie and Crane decide it's time to end the Fly Lady and that means burning down her house. Abbie triangulates the locations of the victims and they come up big: not only did they find the hive, they found Pandora's lair as well. It also looks just like the tree on the back of Crane's tablet, the one that tells about the witnesses. The tree has six blossoms and this is the sixth monster sent by Pandy. It's go time crew!

While the world is about to crash and burn, Joe is meeting with Nevins. Joe shows him the picture of Corbin and Nevins. Joe wants to know what numbers written on the back of the photo mean. Nevins confirms they are bank account numbers with a ton of money stored in them. He congratulates Joe on selling out his friends, causing Joe to angry grab him. Big men with guns dissuade Joe from going any further. In exchange for the information, Joe has to give Nevins the Shard of Anubis.

Nevins acts all big and bad putting on rubber gloves before opening a secret compartment on the Shard which reveals a glowing red stone. Joe is quickly ushered out of the restaurant presumably to be driven Adriana style out into the woods. But Jenny steps in to save the day, getting the drop on Nevins. She holds a gun on him and orders the goons to let Joe go. Jenny goes into Nevins jacket pocket to retrieve the Shard before stuffing Nevins and his men into a smokehouse. Jenny and Joe race to the car, and when Jenny goes to look at the Shard again, it dissolves into her skin. Not good...

Meanwhile, Abbie and Crane have found the hive and entered. Creepy fog comes out to greet them, as does the swarm! But it flies right by, leaving Abbie and Crane alone. Abbie has brought along some Raid which she will use to hold off the Jack Sparrow death swarm while Crane goes to find the hive. Pandora is waiting below making a death cake from the death tree. Into a bowl goes each bloom which stands for: Secrets, Chaos, Loneliness, Innocence Lost, Death and "Fear itself!" says know it all Crane. I was gonna say France!

Pandora looks more irritated than alarmed by the interruption. Rather than automatically just shooting her, Crane decides to dialogue for a bit. Ixnay on the Alkingtay Crane. While Abbie is battling the wasps, Crane finally decides to let an arrow fly at Pandora. But she easily swats it aside. Before Pandy can snap Crane's head off, she gets called back to her soup which is now boiling over. A watched pot never boils! As soon as you step away, it's always ready.

Ichabod rushes to tell Abbie that things have taken a very bad turn for them. Pandy's plan is coming together. Crane hands some prussic acid to Abbie and says, "Yeah, the hive's that way. Good luck." And I'm momentarily distracted by the music which sounds like Danny Elfman's score from Batman when the Joker falls into the acid at the beginning of the movie. Apropos. Abbie dives into the liquid hive while Crane does hand to hand combat with the Fly Lady. Pandora is no help at all, consumed in a Martha Stewart like devotion to her evil soup. Just as Crane is about to get a Fly Lady finger in the eye, Abbie gets the acid into the hive getting rid of the monster at last.

Everything's not turning up roses, though. Or rather it is, as Pandora asks Crane and Abbie to bear witness to the fruits of her labors. The evil tree opens up and Pandy walks right into it. Abbie and Crane rush to stop her but the tree closes behind her. I fail to see the problem here as it's good the tree ate her, right?

Guess we won't find out tonight as we are now in the hospital with Abbie and Reynolds. He wakes up, not remembering anything after the wasp stung him. Abbie tells him a bug bite took him down and that was it. Reynolds gives her the side eye and wants to know what she isn't telling him. But Abbie doesn't remind him of the love declarations he made towards her and instead leaves him to get some rest. Dang it. I'm starting to kind of like these two.

Meanwhile Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are trying their date again. (I am not liking these two). Crane and Miss Corinth are meeting at a quaint location each bearing flowers for each other. Awkward! Man, if these two get married I don't know how we'll ever get little CorinthBods out of them as they don't seem to know how to do anything together. Crane very sweetly invites Zoe to take a walk with him. Aww... blech.

Later at the archives, Crane tells Abbie it was a bit of paradise to be with Miss Corinth. Abbie says, check yourself Crane. Oh, and Agent Reynolds is fine, thanks for asking. Abbie wisely brings the conversation back to Pandora. Turns out trees are often associated with entrances to the underworld. Crane is convinced when Pandora returns it won't be good. Abbie says, "Bring it!" And there's the smoldering look between our two witnesses that is lacking from their interactions with any other male or female on the planet.

That would be all for Sleepy Hollow except for the matter of Jenny. She is asleep and turning into an Extremis right before our very eyes! Where's Iron Man when you need him? Luckily she wakes up just in time to realize something is terribly wrong. What is it? Well, you'll just have to wait until next week. Until then, let us know what you thought of this week's episode in the comments below! What was your favorite Ichabod or Abbie line? We want to know!
Sleepy Hollow Recap: This Red Lady from Caribee (Episode 6) Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 1:22 AM Rating: 5

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