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Sleepy Hollow Recap:The Art of War

Before the recap, we want to point out our new medical term in the photo above. There are several of those in this episode!

And now, on to the show. We're up close and personal with Crane as Sleepy Hollow gets underway, which is right where we want to be. What's even better, Abbie's right there with us. She and Crane are matching wits at chess and Crane is throwing Sun Tzu quotes her way. Oh, she knows, Crane. That's what you call, "checkmate." Game over. Abbie wins.

Abbie would gloat, but she's worried about more than just kicking Crane's ass at chess. She tells him he's been off his game lately. Ichabod admits that things have been crap: he's dealing with the hellish bureaucracy of ICE, the archives are still in danger, and his magic book of knowledge hasn't given him any clues to Pandora's plans. Oh, and your day is about to get worse, Crane: Agent Reynolds is here to pay a house call. Ichabod quickly excuses himself leaving Abbie and "Danny" alone. Why Crane why??

But good news, Agent Reynolds is leaving town for a few days. And there was much rejoicing. As Crane looks on morosely, Reynolds tells Abbie he wants her in charge while he's gone. He hands her the bat phone and says she's earned it. Abbie's not so sure, but she accepts the phone and promises to do her best. Ichabod finds this all to be eyebrow raising news. 

In another part of town, our non-Pandora resident bad guy, Nevins, is tossing antiques like he just don't care, making a mess of wherever he is. Sophie, his sidekick, wants to know what's up? Seems Nevins only has 12 hours to find the Shard of Anubis and get it to the man who hired him. If he doesn't, there will be hell to pay. Nevins frantically copies down Norse poetry but doesn't tell Sophie what he's going to use it for. 

He hightails it to a not so nice looking temple in the middle of the woods somewhere: Pandora's lair. With a few lines of Norse poetry he manages to raise Pandora's box and tries to summon some Lord of the Rings guys into the world: berserkers. Spirits are flying out of the box and I'm wondering if we're in for some face melting, but it looks like Pandy's box has dried up. Nothing happens. Only something has: three berserkers are there, growling and snarling behind Nevins. He opens the case that used to contain the shard and tells them to, "fetch!" And they're off! People say pit bulls get a bad rap, but berserkers really aren't a family kind of dog. 

Safely tucked away in a boxing ring, Jenny is showing off some mad kickboxing skills sparing with Joe. He's holding his own as the two discuss whether they should go after the money the late Sheriff Corbin hid away in secret bank accounts. Jenny's all for cashing out and handing out: give the money to charity. Joe's not so sure, as it's blood money. It's all giggles and kicks until Jenny extremises out, her body glowing red like an ember. She takes Joe down and then zones out, her eyes going white, as she flashes back to some scene with a hooded man. Joe finally snaps her out of the trance and gets her straight to Abbie and Crane.

Under Abbie's 20 questions, which turn angry when she finds out Joe and Jenny went and saw Nevins after she told them not to, they deduce that whatever is happening to Jenny has to be because of the shard. Abbie is livid they went to Nevins and gives Jenny a piece of her mind. Crane interrupts Abbie's rant (a first - usually Abbie has to stop Crane) and asks for more details about how the shard was handled. Ichabod figures out it is a binding stone, one which Miss Jenny absorbed into her body when she touched it with her bare hand. And it gets worse: the shard is going to kill her. 

Meanwhile, the berserkers are doing their best Jurassic World raptor impression, hunting in a pack as the group continues to discuss Jenny's problem. Joe and Abbie are going at it because he wants to go to Nevins for help and Abbie won't allow it. Jenny says, "Shut up already!" The berserkers are here. Luckily Crane, Abbie, Joe, and Jenny are always armed to the teeth. They start firing away at the incoming crazies. When gunshots fail to do any damage (they have magical healing powers) Jenny kicks in her extremis and starts going after the monsters with a knife. In hand to hand combat. As the rest of the gang goes into shock watching her. 

While the knife fight was dazzling, it did little to stop the berserkers. Run away! Time to head to the bunker and go underground. The gang lock themselves down in their shelter and try to regroup. Abbie observes that the berserkers seemed to be feeding off their attacks, growing stronger. It's also obvious that the crazies were after Jenny since she's now the shard. One final clue falls into place when Crane figures out that Nevins must be working with Pandora as only she usually summons these kinds of hellish creatures. Just then, Jenny starts to fade, nearly passing out. Time to get back to the archives.

Abbie is shouldering the blame for Jenny's infection, saying she's let her professional and spiritual worlds collide. Eh. Jenny's not so concerned. She loves the supernatural and doesn't mind if it kills her. On the other side of the room, Joe is looking pretty love struck as he looks at Jenny. Crane encourages him to talk to her. But first, Joe wants to know what's up with Crane. Why so glum chum? Ichabod is still upset about bureaucrats, developers and..... Yes??? He looks at Abbie, but can't say the words. Wait, is Crane a closet Ichabbie shipper? Please say yes, please say yes. Joe says, go talk to her man! 

He would, but Crane has just had an aha! moment about the berserkers. Some other time then. Don't think we'll forget! Ichabod pulls the book with all the answers off the shelf. Seems the crazies feed off the fight, and only one thing can defeat them: mistletoe. Joe tells Abbie and Crane to kiss. Or at least that's what he said in my head. Joe remembers that Jenny has some crossbows that can help, but she can't tell him where they are right now because she's turned into a Christmas tree. She's gone into her extremis trance again, and is speaking in a spooky voice: the traveler is coming! 

While the world is ending in Sleepy Hollow, Agent Reynolds is paying a visit to a home outside of Washington DC. He's there to give an update on the Nevins case to a superior. Reynolds thinks it will only be another couple of weeks, say until the mid-season finale, until he cracks the case. The man says, good, because we're watching you. Oh, and we're watching Mills too, he says. 

Said Mills is currently watching her sister. Jenny has been transported to the Headless Containment Cell (HCC) for safekeeping. She doesn't remember anything about what happened, just the feeling of being someone powerful. Abbie tells Jenny Crane and Joe are out checking out a way to track the berserkers. She and Jenny are just going to hang for a bit as Abbie watches over her.

Crane and Joe arrive at a junk yard, a place berserkers will be drawn to because they like cheap cars, glowing women, and metal. Joe and Crane load up their crossbows with the mistletoe arrows and head out looking for the berserkers. Crane astutely deduces they're on the right track when they find a dead body. It turns into the bow fight at the Sleepy Hollow coral as the crazies attack. Crane and Joe insist on wasting perfectly good mistletoe by firing their weapons into the shelves providing cover to the berserkers. Perhaps time to read up on the Art of War again Crane. 

When the crazies finally leave their cover and charge ala Picket, Crane and Joe are able to hit them with their arrows. Bad news though. The arrows don't do a damn thing. Time to run again! The berserkers are going crazy chasing after Crane and Joe, but the duo manages to get to their car and get away.

Back at the archives, Abbie demands to know why the mistletoe arrows didn't work. Crane isn't sure but thinks if he can see the spell Nevins used he can get some answers. Problem, though, this would mean searching Nevins place and Abbie only has one thing to say when it comes to Nevins: N to the O. No! Ichabod understands, but points out there really is no other way. Abbie relents and gives Crane her lock picking kit with the instructions: BE CAREFUL. 

Crane pulls up outside of Nevins' place and calls Abbie to tell her he's there. She tells him to sit tight while she compromises her career by distracting the agents who are casing the place. Abbie sends them off on a wild goose chase, disobeying Reynolds orders, so Crane can get in undetected. Once inside, Crane finds traces of the note Nevins made to summon the berserkers. Just as he's about to get away, he is accosted by Sophie, who mistakes him for the bass player of a British rock band. Indeed. They exchange several volleys of insults (Dr. Strange!) before Crane is finally able to leave having convinced her he's merely a bait patron.

Crane arrives back at the archives where Abbie is clearly nursing a headache. Ichabod shows her the note he stole from Nevins office. It seems most berserker summoners invoke the power of Odin (Thor!) but Nevins invoked the power of Pandora. The mistletoe won't work, but maybe something else will: a Rossback! Or not. This colonialback features Daniel Boone. He once managed to get Hessian soldiers and British soldiers to fight against each other instead of together, even though they were on the same side. The key to defeating the berserkers is to get them to turn on themselves.

In the HCC Joe is drawing blood from Jenny as part of the plan to stop the crazies. Joe makes some small talk before finally letting Jenny know how he feels about her. The two kiss! Now who's on fire? If only every relationship on this show could be this rewarding. Hint hint. 

Joe, Crane, and Abbie head back into the woods in search of the Blair Witch berserkers armed with vials of Jenny's blood, weapons, and mountain climbing gear. Say what? Crane is worried as he's never climbed a mountain before, but Abbie's there to show him the way. They suit up and lay their trap, smashing one of the vials of blood on the ground to draw in the crazies with its scent.

The berserkers finally show up, and when they do, the crew is waiting up above them in the trees. While the unsuspecting crazies are distracted, Crane, Abbie, and Joe drop in behind them and smash vials of Jenny's blood all over them. This causes the berserkers to turn on each other, fighting to the death. Crane finishes off the last one with his sword and they disappear into the air.

It's props all around for Abbie and Crane as they celebrate defeating another enemy. Crane decides to seize this moment to talk to Abbie. He wants to be a part of the 21st century, but it's bringing him down with its bureaucracy and its stealing away of Abbie via some stupid FBI promotion. Crane thinks the modern world is the unbeatable enemy. But Abbie reassures him she is not going anywhere. It's a beautiful moment. For a second.

Until Nevins and Sophie show up, guns out, to stop the group. Agh! We were so close. Way to ruin the moment Numnuts. Nevins demands to know where Jenny is. When they won't give up the info, Nevins puts a gun to Joe's head. They're gonna tell him where Jenny is in the next five seconds or he's going to shoot Joe. Just as Nevins is about to blow away Joe, Sophie turns her gun on Nevins, and reveals herself to be an FBI agent. Sophie orders Nevins to drop his weapon. Nevins decides to turn on her instead and when he does, Sophie shoots him. 

Sophie says she's been working the case for six months, and Abbie had no idea. Crane says of Reynolds, "He didn't tell you." Was there a bit of delight in that Crane? Reynolds didn't trust Abbie enough to include her in the inside loop. Sophie warns the gang that Jenny is in big time trouble, the worst of the worst is sure to be coming after her.

The crew rushes back to the containment cell only to find Jenny gone. Joe swears he locked her in, but it looks like the lock was broken from the inside. Not only that, she's been drawing on the walls with unerasable crayons. Bad Jenny! The drawings seem to match the visions Jenny has been having. Crane realizes Jenny's condition is getting worse. So where is she?

Paying a little visit to Pandora's cave is where. Jenny turns it into a hot springs lair when she sticks her extremis arms into the water, causing it to boil. This in turn causes steam to release and brings Pandora back through her tree of death. And she has a friend with her: the man from Jenny's visions. Who turns out to be the grim reaper?! Yikes. 

Only one more show left before the winter break! News this week: when Sleepy Hollow returns to FOX in February it will move to Fridays. But until then, catch it next Thursday. I know I will!

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