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The Outlander - Game of Thrones Crossover We Want

The connection between Outlander and Game of Thrones keeps increasing. This time, news surrounding the highly anticipated role of Brianna Randall has led us back to the seven kingdoms. The role of Brianna has yet to be filled on Outlander despite of, or perhaps because of, the character's importance to both fans and Season 2. We've covered what has been done to find the right actress in an earlier post.

To fill the time, fans have bandied about names of famous actors who could step into the role including Doctor Who's Karen Gillan and Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner. Turner finally addressed the rumors about whether she would be joining Outlander and was fairly dismissive. Speaking to EW, Turner had this to say:

"Somebody mentioned [the role] to me when I was on a red carpet somewhere, that I'd make a great Brianna, and I think the guy Sam [Heughan] retweeted it or something...So people started talking like I was in it. I've never seen the show. I'm sure it's great, but I'm loyal to my one true love!"

When told that he had been blamed for starting the casting rumor, Heughan responded on Twitter:

In the meantime, at least one Game of Thrones alumn will be joining Outlander. Clive Russell will play Jamie Fraser's grandfather, Lord Lovat. Russell has played Ser Brynden Tully on GOT. Ironically, Brynden is uncle to Edmure Tully, famously played by Outlander's Tobias Menzies.

Tobias Menzies on Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones author, George R.R. Martin, who is also a friend of Outlander author Diana Gabaldon's, said he hoped they could have Menzies back on GOT if the story ever returned to Riverrun. Edmure was taken prisoner there by Lord Frey during the Red Wedding.

Heughan also auditioned for Game of Thrones but was never cast, much to the relief of Outlander fans. Heughan told Vulture that he auditioned seven times including for the role of Renly Baratheon, a fairly major character.

That got us thinking. If we could just get a GOT - Outlander crossover we would be in heaven. Jamie and Claire could accidentally get transported through some stones to the seven kingdoms. They would of course land in Riverrun where they would be captured by Lord Walder Frey. He would throw them in the dungeon where they would find Edmure Tully. It would be a shock to Jamie to come face to face once again with Black Jack, like Claire running into BJR when she first crosses through and thinks he's Frank. Once Edmure started talking, they would realize he was no Black Jack Randall. Tyrion Lannister, having been sent to Lord Frey on behalf of the would be queen Daenerys Targaryen to secure his allegiance, would free Jamie, Claire, and Edmure in exchange for money and loyalty from Daenerys. Jamie and Claire would rush back to the stones they fell through, with Edmure and Tyrion in tow. Once there, they would say their goodbyes. But as they tried to leave Edmure would accidentally fall into Jamie and Claire knocking over Tyrion in the process so that all four are sent back to Scotland. Tyrion would go on to save the day in some fantastic way before heading back to his realm. Edmure would get lost somewhere along the way, stumbling into another set of stones, ending up in the 20th century with Brianna....

We could go on all day.
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