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Five Things We Learned from the New Outlander Trailer

It's here! Starz has officially released the new trailer for Season Two of Outlander. And it's chock full of goodies just in time for the holidays! Here are the biggest reveals (and what was missing!) that we spotted. Spoilers!

Tragedy awaits Jamie and Claire in Paris

We find Jamie and Claire crouching over a grave in the new trailer. Fans of the book know what's coming and it is heartbreaking. The good news is our couple is handling it together.

Murtagh! And Jamie fights Murtagh?


Murtagh travels with the Frasers to Paris and is with them through their journey this season. But it also looked suspiciously like Murtagh fighting Jamie in at least one part of the trailer. This is not a scenario that is in the book. So here are our thoughts: One, it's not Murtagh he's fighting. Two, it is Murtagh and he and Jamie are "training." Three, it is Murtagh and he and Jamie are fighting. Why? Well, we'll just have to wait and see.

Rupert and Angus fight the redcoats

Rupert and Angus are on the battlefield in this frame from the new trailer, going head to head with the redcoats. We know from what show runner Ron Moore has said that they are not filming Culloden this season so we can only guess that this is the Battle of Prestonpans, a conflict between the Jacobites and the British leading up to Culloden.

Comte St. Germain looks pretty dashing. For a jerk.

The Comte is the villain of the season and a pretty good looking one at that. From what we know from the book, he makes an immediate enemy of Claire Fraser, and consequently Jamie. If this season pans out like the book, it's going to be a wild ride.

What we didn't see

Noticeably missing from the trailer were any signs of Dougal MacKenzie, Collum MacKenzie, Lord John Grey, Roger MacKenzie, and Brianna Randall. We know Lord John Grey has now been cast, but no word yet on Roger or Brianna. Dougal plays a large role in Paris and towards the end so we expect to see him and Collum as well.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Gah! You're right! He is missing from this trailer as well.

  2. In the book, Claire mentions that Murtagh and Jamie train every two days as to not get rusty. It probably is just that.

    1. Very true. That makes as much sense as anything else.

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