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Outlander's Laoghaire in Season Two

Fair Warning! Spoilers about Season Two of Outlander and the second (and maybe third, fourth, etc.) Outlander books follow.

Much speculation has been going on ever since a photo popped up picturing Nell Hudson in costume on the Outlander set this week. Hudson plays villainess (we can call her that, right?) Laoghaire MacKenzie. You may remember from season one, Laoghaire was interested in Jamie but he only had eyes for Claire. Laoghaire let her jealousy get the better of her when Jamie rejected her, tricking Claire into visiting Geillis so she would be rounded up as part of a witch hunt. Claire escaped the trial thanks to Jamie despite the fact Laoghaire testified against Claire. 

As many Outlander fans know, Laoghaire does not make an appearance in the sequel to Outlander, Dragonfly In Amber. Yet here she is in a photo from Monday on set in her costume:

Photo via Kate Wallace
So what part does Laoghaire play in Season two of Outlander? Hudson is remaining quiet about what she was doing there, acknowledging fans questions but not giving an answer on Twitter:

Outlander author Diana Gabaldon addressed the speculation as to Laoghaire's part in season two on her CompuServ community, confirming that it was a departure from the book that she didn't necessarily agree with:

So what could this scene be about? In the sequel, Claire and Jamie have returned to Scotland to fight in the Jacobite uprising when Colum comes to Claire. He is dying and wants her help him, but Claire is still mad at Colum because she believes he tried to have her burned as a witch. Colum tries to apologize, but it's not good enough for Claire. Colum wants to know how Claire was even involved in the witch trial as he did not set her up for it. This scene follows:

Colum is offering Claire vengeance: to punish Laoghaire for trying to have Claire burned as a witch. This may in fact be what is happening in Season two. The show may be re-writing this scene so that Laoghaire is present.

A fan, who we will not identify, let us know that when Caitriona Balfe was asked on set that day what Hudson was doing there, she said, "Laoghaire is getting her comeuppance." This is unconfirmed, and we can not say for sure if Balfe said this or not. However, it would fit with the idea that Colum offers vengeance to Claire.

As for how this affects the storyline down the road, should Outlander get a season three, we'll have to wait and see what the show actually does. It could be a major re-write, or it could be a minor blip that does not affect the telling of the story.

We'll keep you posted as to any other developments with Laoghaire as we hear them. Tell us what you think of her being included in Season Two in the comments below!
Outlander's Laoghaire in Season Two Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 12:59 PM Rating: 5


  1. Replies
    1. Well, I don't trust him.. I have read the books and was outraged by Jamie branding himself. Jamie would NOT have burned those initials into his chest!!BJR, the sadist bastard, did the branding and later brands young Ferges after raping the child. Betting Moore leaves this sorid part out as he has a deep affection for BJR.

    2. Well, to be perfectly honest, I don't trust him either. First of all, he already tried to diminish J. with that ridiculous scene with L, making it look like Jamie was attracted to her, and actually tempted to act on it. I mean, Jamie! Jamie who was not only deeply in love with Claire, but Jamie who was raised by his father, and on both very specific, and unusual (for that time) set of values, especially regarding women.
      Than, there was that situation where TV Jamie knows straight away that L. was behind the "ill wish under the bed" business. In book, however, he has no idea it was her malice.
      Now, I understand that books and TV shows are completely different medias, that this is an adaptation, and that material therefore must go through some changes, but there is only so much you can do without loosing the essence of the story.
      And I myself find it'll be difficult to understand and justify motivation and provide reasonable explanation for characters action later in the story (if there's S3). And I already find it hard to understand how they're planning on doing it with Jamie knowing about L. and the ill wish, but if they're actually planning to reveal both to viewers, and to Jamie that she's behind Claire's arrest and witch trial, than that big S3 plot involving J, C. & L. and their actions and motivations will be downright impossible to understand and justify.
      And that'll not only diminish one of the main characters, but also make him quite obnoxious if you ask me.

    3. I totally agree. L shouldn't be brought back at all in the season unless she gets what's due to her. Burning her at the stake. Nobody wants her in the show but that's RDM's great bull crap mind working. Anything to hurt the book fans. All he does is to try to destroy Jamie & Claire's love story. TRUST HIM, HA, NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Why? He's really given you no reason to thus far. At least with regard to Jamie's portrayal as a child vs. a man

  2. It may be that Leery is going to be punished by her husband and blames Claire for it. That would go well with Leery marrying Jamie later. Trying to get back at Claire for the punishment, and Leery's behavior at the witch trial. Then when Claire comes back and Leery is made aware of it, Leery has a good (better?)reason for shooting Jamie. Since Jamie stays with Claire and has his marriage to Leery annulled.

  3. I don't trust Ron either! I totally get that the TV show is an adaptation of the book but I don't understand why bits of DG's story have to be omitted and totally new bits are put in. I think that if we get future seasons they will move further and further away from the books. I see Ron as very arrogant and I'm afraid I see DG as just going along with it for the most part - possibly so she can continue to have even a small say in how the books are adapted. A part of me wishes I could divorce myself from the show! But I'm just an Outlander addict!!!!

    1. You're spot on. And I think there is writer ego in there too, a need to point to a piece they invented rather than adapted. Otherwise they'd more accurately be screen editors than screen writers. I don't think it bodes well for Season 2 and future seasons. Also Ron said he can't wait to "CGI the ship stuff," said that was right up his alley from BSG, won't need actual ships. Not good.

  4. Probably more time-wasting made up crap. Trust Ron? He does not understand the truth of the story...even though he frequently claims that no matter the changes, they always get back to the truth of the story. He means his "truth" not the story's.

  5. Trust Ron? Are you kidding me?

  6. I'm beginning to think that by the cast crew & production tweets, that Season 2 includes DIA & Voyager which would explain Leghair's presence could be wrong but I'd rather have that thought than TPTB completely screwing with the storyline

  7. just watch the show but always keep in your heart the TRUE story of Jamie and Claire

  8. An important part of DIA is Roger and thinking they will be our in at the end..eTher that the beginning??

  9. Maybe Leery and her husband are there when Claire and Colum have their "talk." Remember Claire does not ask for vengeance. Maybe , for the TV version, seeing a miserable-in-marriage Leery is enough for Claire and she declines vengeance because she knows Leery has a life sentence of misery before her....if she and her husband survive Culloden.

  10. I am glad to read comments that reflect honest assessnents of the mess Ron calls Outlander. How any book reader can blindly follow Ron's version is beyond my understanding. And it can only get worse. Now that he has his 3 GG noms.....and for the only actors he acknowleges.....he will continue to mutilate the books and Jamie's character. The love triangle proves he has no intention of giving us the essense of the story. There is no love triangle!!!! Claire's story is Jamie !!! Not this show Claire that makes me wonder why in the world she stayed in the past in the first pplac...since Fraaank is her true soulmate.d The "on your feet soldier" and out of time "I'm pregnant" said with as much zest as a flat cola, was the ultimate slap in the face to true book fans. Which comes as no surprise, since Ron has said he just loves to upset the fans ???? What kind of person doesn't care what the fans think? An arrogant one, and one who apparently lothes Jamie's character and apparently Sam himself. Ron made more positive comments about Sam in the 2 days after the GG snub than the whole two years put together. Not just positive comments, but comments on Sam period. His podcasts prove this. Fans should listen to all of them and take their fingers out of their ears so they can actually hear the truth.
    As for the Leery mess.....there is no way out to justify the real Jamie marrying her without making him look like a man who never believed Claire was his soulmate, and that Leery would be just as good to get his sex fix.
    Unfortunately, the sheep fans will gush over whatever Ron dishes out. But they are going to have trouble using the same ole statement..."If Diana is happy with it, then that's good enough for me". Diana has stopped dropping subtle hints about things she doesn't like....even if said very PC, she is letting it be known....she is not happy with alot of Ron's version.

    1. I just finished the Ron Moore podcasts, he never mentions Sam. Very irritating, he is obviously jealous.

  11. yeah, book fans are already losing interest in the show at a growing rate, I'm noticing, because if the path Ron's taking with changing the complete storyline...All he care's about is taking away from the Claire & Jamie story...I just don't get it, I thought he & Terry have such a great love story he was all for the Jamie & Clair saga...or that's what he said in the beginning...What happened RON??? Ego happen???


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