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Agent Carter Season Two Preview

A brand new season of Agent Carter starts tonight on ABC! We're taking a look back at last season to get everyone caught up and ready for the brand new episodes. Here's your Agent Carter primer:

Who is Peggy Carter?

This question is best be answered by saying who she's not: Peggy is not Steve Rogers aka Captain America's girlfriend. She is not Howard Stark's girlfriend. She is not Jarvis' love interest. Peggy Carter is a fully formed, one of a kind woman, who knows how to kick ass and take names.

We met Peggy onscreen, played by Hayley Atwell, for the first time in 2011's "Captain America." She was a British soldier working for the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) during World War II. Peggy and Steve Rogers fall in love during the course of the movie. But it's not meant to be: at the end of the movie Captain America crashes his ship into the frozen tundra, leaving Peggy devastated and heart broken.

Agent Carter picks up a year later, with Peggy working full time as an agent for SSR, trying to get over losing Captain America.

Season One Recap

It's 1946 in New York City. Peggy has been working hard at SSR but the all male workforce doesn't want to give her anything tougher to do than make coffee and file things. When Peggy's friend Howard Stark (as in Iron Man's dad) comes to her for help, she takes matters into her own hands. Stark is accused of selling his military technology to enemies of the United States.

Stark sends his butler, Jarvis, to help Peggy clear his name. Peggy and Jarvis uncover a major plot to destroy everyone in New York. By the end of the season, everyone at SSR knows Peggy is a force to be reckoned with. Oh, and yeah, she totally saves the day. Here's a brief look at last season:

Season Two Preview

It's goodbye New York, hello Los Angeles as Peggy relocates to the west coast to solve a murder mystery. Not much is known about the plot of the new season except that there's an evil energy corporation doing bad things. We also know that Agent Carter will continue to break new ground. The first season showed how hard it was/is for women in a male dominated workforce. This season, they're exploring racism as well.

Atwell told the Hollywood Reporter that Peggy Carter had the first interracial kiss in comic books. That relationship is going to play out this season with Jason Wilkes, an African-American scientist who Peggy falls for. Here's what Atwell told THR:

Are we going to see any other big issues explored in a similar way?This season also touches upon race as another issue because her love interest in African-American, Jason Wilkes (Reggie Austin). I have been told that Peggy Carter had the first interracial kiss in the comic books, therefore their interracial relationship is taken directly from the comic books. It shows that what Peggy is attracted to, with Sousa who is disabled, Captain America who went through adversity to get to where he is, and Jason Wilkes who is a minority who has to fight so much, she is attracted to strength of character and the underdog.

Here's the promo ABC released for the new season:

Returning Favorites

Edwin Jarvis | Butler

Yes, that Jarvis. Mr. Jarvis is butler to Howard Stark, father of Iron Man aka Tony Stark. Jarvis assists Peggy during season one in trying to track down the person responsible for framing Howard Stark.

Howard Stark | Billionaire Playboy
Howard is a long time friend of Peggy's going back to their days at the SSR during World War II. Howard helped to create Captain America and considered him a friend.

Daniel Sousa | Fellow SSR Agent
Agent Sousa bonded during Season one as both were overlooked at SSR: she because she was a woman and Sousa for having a disability. There is a constant spark of something more than friendship, but nothing ever came of it as life kept getting in the way of their planned dates.

Brand New Characters

Jason Wilkes | Scientist/Charmer
Peggy officially "got over" Captain America by the end of last season. For awhile it looked like she might have a connection with Agent Sousa. Now, it looks like scientist Jason Wilkes is stepping in to charm her.

Ana Jarvis | Perfect Spouse
All last season we heard about Jarvis' wife, Ana, but we never got to see her. He asserted early on how devoted he was to her and how much he loved her, shutting down any speculation he and Peggy might be an item. We'll find out just how amazing Ana is in season two.

Watch a one hour Captain America special airing before the season premiere of Agent Carter. Captain America 75 Heroic Years starts at 8|7c on ABC.

Then, at 9|8c Season Two of Agent Carter launches with a two hour episode entitled: The Lady in the Lake. It's all happened Tuesday January 19 on ABC.
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