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Outlander Reveals Season 2 Air Date, Major Book Revision

Major Outlander news today as Starz finally releases the air date for Season Two! The show will return on Saturday April 9. There are plenty of details in a new trailer as well, some major things missing in that trailer, and a huge revision to the book! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

Book Revision

The trailer picks up with a very revealing conversation between Claire and Murtagh. Murtagh is astounded to learn that Claire is from the future and that she knows what will happen to the Scots, that they are ultimately defeated by the British. This is quite a departure from the book as Murtagh never learns of Claire's time traveling status, and certainly never has a conversation with her about it if he does know. It's an interesting choice and one that may indicate the show plans to keep Murtagh beyond Season Two.

Starz has not yet announced that Outlander will return for a season three. If the show does, and follows the books, Murtagh would not be a part of it as he lost his life in the Battle of Culloden. A campaign on twitter was started by fans of the show to #SaveMurtagh as he proved to be so popular. The actor, Duncan LaCroix, even took part, holding up a Save Murtagh sign at RingCon in Germany late last year.

There are certainly characters Murtagh could replace in subsequent books that would allow for his character to continue on the show if more seasons are coming. We'll have to wait and find out once Starz announces its plans for the show.

New Details

The biggest reveal in the trailer comes as no surprise to book fans, but may be very surprising to others: Claire returns to the future. At the very end we get to see Frank rushing into the hospital to find a disheveled Claire who tells him, "I'm back." And Frank says, "He's so grateful." We also see other scenes of Claire from the future, but it's unclear if those are memories she has from before she traveled back in time or if they are future events.

We also see more of Fergus, the adopted son of Jamie and Claire, in France. There are also scenes with Bonnie Prince Charlie, the leader of the revolt in Scotland against the British. The season looks chock full of dramatic moments both on and off the battlefield.

What Was Missing

Brianna and Roger! The show has finally cast these two important roles, and they began filming this week. However, they were not included in the trailer. Sophie Skelton will play Brianna and Rik Rankin has been cast as Roger. The two have already begun interacting with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe on Twitter to great hilarity. Hopefully the Twitter chemistry carries over to the show.
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