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Sleepy Hollow Recap: Incident at Stone Manor

Praise Jesus! It's Abbie right off the bat. No exposition with Sophie, no Agent Reynolds lost in thought, no Betsyback. Just Abbie.

And we're getting her back story, finding Abbie waking up on the wrong side of the spirit world having just come through the tree of death.  And her first word? Crane!  Of course it is. Would we expect anything less from our favorite FBI agent?  Sadly for her and for us there is no response. Abbie throws in some calls for Joe and Jenny just to make sure she doesn't look like she's only focused on Crane.  When that fails, it's time to walk right into the light. What?!  Wait just a damn minute Abbie. We just got you back!  Don't go to heaven just yet.

Thankfully, Abbie is not going anywhere. She's stuck on the set of Lord of the Rings at Sauron's gate. Abbie wanders through the new land, but doesn't find any of the Fellowship, but rather discovers she is completely alone. Abbie does find Anduril aka a sword stuck in a stone. Pulling it out will make her Queen of the Realm and reunite Emma and Hook. Actually, once she's got it in her hand, it just makes her look bad ass. Eventually, Abbie maps the whole area and draws a nice version of it on her cave that is now her home. Welcome to Sleepy Hollow, the Lost years.

While Abbie whiles away, Pandora and her husband (The Hidden One - I looked it up) are poo-pooing the beautiful sunrise over Sleepy Hollow. Pandy is not impressed and would rather see death and destruction. This inspires her husband to use all his powers to.... build her a house out of rocks. Aww. So sweet.

Meanwhile, at a decrepit old church covered in darkness and fog, a bunch of construction guys are heading home when one remembers he left his cell phone at the top of the scaffolding. Just as he gets his phone, the Weeping Gargoyles attack, throwing the man off the top of the scaffolding to his death.

 In the light of day, the horror church turns out to be a school for rich kids. Definitely somewhere I'd send my children.  Agents Sophie and Reynolds are on the case. (We are actually going to get to see Crane this week, right?) The agents are there to investigate the murder of the guy pushed by the weeping gargoyle.  He fell to his death, so there are two possibilities says Reynolds: suicide or he was pushed. There's no accidental fall third option?  May explain why your cases are unsolved, Reynolds.  Sophie's new found supernatural powers tell her something is up.

Also up? A bewildered, nice-looking man who Joe has gotten out of bed early by ringing his doorbell. Joe pretends to be interested in some neighborhood housing program, but it's a cover to allow Jenny to sneak into the house and snoop around.  She finds a lighter with the name E. Mills on it. It's daddy Mills! Joe is surprised to find out the man is Jenny's father. As they get away from the house without letting Mr. Mills know what's up, Joe wonders why Jenny didn't just tell him this. Listen Joe, we're all new to loving relationships here in Sleepy Hollow so you'll have to be patient with us.

Then finally, it's Crane! Joe and Jenny arrive in the archives to find Crane doing handiwork. Jenny's given him a not-honey do list to build a spiritual wardrobe that will use syzygy to bring Abbie home. Syzygy is also the word Crane used to dominate Joe in Scrabble. " Haters gonna hate," says Crane. Oh Abbie, man does this guy ever need you to get home.  In order to make the wardrobe work, they need color coordinated clothes, and three items from Abbie's family. Which explains why Jenny was stealing the lighter from her father's house.  She has a journal from Grace Dixon, a necklace from Abbie, and the lighter.  Jenny tries to take Crane's place and go after Abbie, but he points out that, duh, it should be him. Crane enters the Find Abbie box and Jenny puts him into a trance. And he's off! If nothing else,  maybe Crane'll have a nice nap and dream about Abbie.

Joe and Jenny are left behind to pace nervously (Joe) and read quietly (Jenny). There is a candle burning in the wardrobe. When it burns out, Crane will return. Meanwhile, Sophie's here. She needs Crane. Get in line honey. Sophie drags a  reluctant Joe and Jenny to the horror school where the weeping gargoyles await, leaving Crane to fend for himself in his wardrobe.

Sophie says it's the curious case of the missing gargoyle. Thrilling. Much better than Crane and Abbie reunited at long last. I'm as thrilled as Crane knocked out in the wardrobe. After some jokes at Ichabbie's expense, the Sleepy Hollow gang decide to check out the cornerstone for some clues. Sophie goes all Crane-opedia and deduces the school used to be part of the Cathedral de Rouen. Joe's impressed. Jenny is not impressed by Joe's impressedness. Turns out the 17th century tower was relocated from Europe to the Hollow. Jenny votes to move to the cathedral's library to find out more.

In a land far far away Abbie is doing a one man show playing both Jacob and The Man in Black. Oh so cute! She's pretending to beat Crane at chess! The victory goes to her head as she starts hallucinating Crane's voice and seeing his image. Or so she thinks. But it really is him! And Crane needs Abbie to think about their bond. Very much. So much she wants to date him... Okay, that's just me. Abbie realizes Crane's spirit is really there. And he is playing it very cool, casually glad she looks so well. For god sake Crane, you've been desperate to find this woman! Act glad to see her. Crane tells Abbie they've been looking for her for weeks. Uh, it's been ten months you doofus! says Abbie.

From Abbie's tedium to the tediousness of Pandora and the Boring One. He's pouting again, tired because he did that one chore of recreating their home. What's he like when he has to do the dishes and mow the lawn, too? Pandy assures him his impotence will soon fade to omnipotence. He just wants Abbie back cause she took all his power. Pandy thinks she can make good use of Crane to get what she wants. It's an open marriage.

Back on the Island Jack and Kate Crane and Abbie are catching up. Abbie explains how time works in this bizarro world, that she hasn't had to eat or drink the entire time she's been there and here's the useless map she's drawn on the wall. Abbie pours her heart out to Crane. Well, at least for a Mills she does, telling him how she's been thinking about Ichabod the entire time she's been trapped there, talking to him and playing chess with him. Crane takes it all in stride, and sets about examining Sumerian writings he's found on the wall.

At the school/cathedral/gargoyle palace the gang is examining Lafayette's papers when Jenny notices for a French guy, Lafayette's French sucked. Sophie offers to help, displeasing Jenny and puzzling Joe. It's because Jenny is jealous Joe... Jenny translates the code hidden in the papers leading to a Betsyback. And I fall asleep... Betsy's playing with swords. Ahem. Betsy and Laffy were supposed to seal the deal... for the Americans and the French. An alliance to win the revolution. But the British sent a gargoyle to stop them. Because the only way to secure an alliance is with some sexual swordplay. Anyway, that's all there is because Laffy didn't fill in the rest. Jenny and Sophie have another spat and Joe is again feeling like he should step a few inches away from Jenny to avoid her wrath.

Abbie and Crane are getting along much better. They've figured out that the Eye of Providence that Abbie used to get herself into this mess can also get her out. But then she'd be bringing the Eye back which is exactly what the Annoying One wants. That's when Crane notices that sword Abbie pulled out of the rock. Oh crap, that's Betsy's sword. Well good thing Abbie has it now because it's all about her and Crane now, right? We're not bringing Betsy back to the future. She can stay in the past.

Then Pandora's there. In spirit form. And she wants to play let's make a deal: if Abbie brings her the eye, she can go back home. She leaves out the part about how Pandy and her husband will promptly destroy said home and everything else in the world. When Abbie refuses, Pandy cuts Crane's spirit loose, dooming him to roam for all eternity. If Abbie wants him back, she's gotta deal.

The gargoyle has come out to play back at the horror school attacking our threesome. Sophie tries shooting it, but that does nothing. Jenny thinks being inside the church/school might help. Once inside she wants to make a holy hand grenade and take out the creature that way. Sophie wants to use a cement mixer outside to trap the creature. Might take a while to set... Joe gets whiplash from being in the middle of these two strong, opinionated women. Joe finally tells Jenny to hear Sophie out, and lives to talk about it.

Abbie and Pandy are still having it out. Pandora wants Abbie to use the Eye but Abbie would rather risk going mad than give Pandora a victory. Abbie smashes the Eye to pieces. Pandy does not take it well, storming off in a huff.

Back in the Hollow, Jenny has given in to Sophie's plan. While Agent Foster goes to get things moving, Jenny decides it's the right time to make out with Joe. She begs him not to give up on her despite her pushing him away. He's all, yeah, like that would ever happen. Armed with holy water and a crowbar, they make their way out of the school. Sophie gets the cement mixer going while Jenny and Joe get the gargoyle to chase them. The gargoyle jumps into a pit after Jenny who promptly shoots him with her holy water. Sophie pulls Jenny out while Joe dumps a bunch of cement into the pit, sealing the gargoyle's fate. A pretty heinous way for any creature to go. Jenny and Sophie congratulate each other.

While the trio rejoices in their capture, Abbie despairs at her situation. She has moved from "enjoying" the idyll to being pissed. She hears Crane's voice, prompting Abbie to talk about how ever since she met him, he's been a part of her. She knows exactly what he would say right now, and it causes her to remember that she has Betsy's cutlass. If that got left here, then Betsy must have found a way out. Abbie rushes back to the stone where she found the sword and puts it back in, giving up her title as Queen of this realm.

Abbie figures out that Betsy used the sword to hold a rope in place so she could go down into a nearby well. Abbie calls out to Crane, who feebly calls back. Abbie wants Crane to use her, to join her, to get out of this place. Sounds like the start of a beautiful relationship to me. Abbie lowers herself into the well and comes out the lady in the lake... rising up through a lake in our world. We know it's our world because an Ajira Airways plane flies by overhead. But did Crane make it out with her?

Joe and Jenny find Crane still under a trance in the wardrobe, his candle blown out. Jenny is trying to puzzle it out when Abbie walks in, explaining his tether was cut. Jenny rushes to her sister, happy to have her home. It's a short hug for Jennie before Abbie is rushing over to Ichabod, grabbing his hand, telling him he was supposed to follow her out. That they were going to be together. So get back here right now! Finally his spirit returns to his body. Abbie is overcome with emotion, and Crane is flabbergasted that he was able to follow her voice to return to his body. Just hug already!! Instead, Crane refuses to let go of Abbie's hand, and pretends to be about to tell her something very important, but ends up making fun of her chess moves instead. My little Ichabbie heart can't take it much longer you two.

Pandora arrives back home with the bad news of the Eye's destruction. I'm not quite sure what's going on but grumpy pants is grumpy as usual. He wants some solutions to his powerlessness. Pandy offers to give all her power to the Hidden One and he accepts, hesitating about as long as a Dementor setting upon a victim. He drains Pandy of all her power, leaving her crying with a bloody eye. There is a message about domestic violence in there somewhere.

And that's all for this week. Next week Abbie and Crane are back in action, together, in a non-spirit world. Can't wait!
Sleepy Hollow Recap: Incident at Stone Manor Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 7:26 PM Rating: 5

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