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Sleepy Hollow Recap: "One Life"

Not since Rhett Butler disappeared into the swirling mist leaving behind a heartbroken Scarlett O'Hara have I been so anxious to find out what happens to one of my favorite couples. Thankfully, tonight, we should get some answers to where is Abbie and what is Ichabod going to do about it! (And could someone please write a sequel to GWTW that doesn't involve Ireland and horse racing? Thanks).

When last we saw the Sleepy Hollow crew, Abbie had been sucked into the Tree of Doom after having saved Jenny from certain death. Ichabod watched in agony as Abbie made her choice, Joe was unconscious through the whole thing (way to go, Joe), Pandora and her evil hubby had disappeared, the tesseract was carried into hell by Abbie, and FBI Super Agent Daniel Reynolds was up to something.

As Sleepy Hollow returns, we're on a new night and time as FOX tries out Friday nights for our favorite heroes, and just shoot me now. It's a Betsyback. I literally make a hissing sound. Where's Ichabod prostrate and crying over the loss of his Abbie? Sigh. Ichabod and Miss Ross are scouting a fancy dancy house that has Betsy green with envy. Inside is everything they need to find out everything about the British ever. Betsy's little fit is interrupted when she spies a spy (who is gorgeous). She rushes over to get his number chew him out for being obvious about his spying. She can't believe General Washington would be such an idiot as to send this ass along.

It's Nathan Hale! Ichabod explains in a much kinder, more patronizing way, to Hale that he needs to be careful as British spies are everywhere. After all, unlike cats, Hale has "but one life." Ha. I see what you did there. Very nice Ichabod.  Be careful, and don't be reckless! Says Crane.

Back to present day and is that Crane on a Captain America motorcycle breaking through the side of a barn being chased by bad guys in monster trucks with guns while holding onto a valuable artifact? What?? Nice call back to the Legend of Sleepy Hollow as Ichabod races across a wooden bridge like the one in the Washington Irving novel where Crane met his demise at the hands of the Headless Horseman. I really miss that guy!

Crane is chased to the edge of a lake which he promptly launches himself into, bike and all, Jason Bourne style. He doesn't surface immediately so the bad guys give up. Oldest trick in the book fellas. Crane is safe on land, hiding in the trees, looking sexy as all get out taking off his helmet, his bike the only casualty. He managed to keep the Rooster trophy and get it back to Headquarters where Joe and Jenny are wondering what exactly it is?

It's the Lydian Jug. You know, the one Orpheus used to find Eurydice when she was whisked off to Hades. Oh there's hope for Abbie you're saying? Ichabod clearly thinks so. He has a whole "Save Abbie" corkboard going with magazine cutouts and everything. Joe and Jenny are not on team Save Abbie, though, feeling like Crane's just grasping at straws. Everyone's upset. It's been over a month since Abbie's been gone.

Jenny and Joe tell Crane they have a lead on an artifact that will lead them to Pandora and hubby but when Ichabod offers to help they tell him to sit this one out. Makes total sense. With the game on the line, you'd ask LeBron to sit out the Fourth Quarter. Jenny and Joe feel Crane is getting burnt out and a little crazy. They're going after Pandora without him, then will call on him when he's rested. This looks like the worst idea in the world as a heartbroken Crane with time on his hands can't be a good thing. Don't you at least have an adult coloring book to give him?

Meanwhile, in an old abandoned mill, Pandora and hubs are on the outs. He wants a divorce because she didn't turn him back into a demigod. His powers are weakened. Doesn't he know that's very common and it happens to all guys? Never fear, Pandora still has part of her box, one side that wasn't destroyed in the explosion caused by Abbie. She activates it, creating a blue pulsating light which supposedly will restore husband's full power. The little blue pill always works...

Crane, too, is experiencing his own misfire, having taken the Rooster Trophy to the Tree of Death and failed to make it work. He's frustrated and anrgy and irritated to find out he's been followed by FBI Not So Super Agent Sophie Foster. Turns out Crane is a Person of Interest in Abbie's disappearance. Agent Foster has been tasked with keeping track of him. Crane's not giving her any answers, and they both stomp off in a huff, just in time to totally miss the Rooster Trophy come to life and turn one of the roots of the tree into a human face. Is that Abbie?

We're not to know, as it's off to Jenny and Joe time. They're shaking down another pawn shop guy, this time looking for a demon tracking map. (It has an actual name but meh). Pawn shop guy doesn't have it, but he knows where to find it, for a price. Turns out the map is with Randall, the guy who tried to kill Joe last year. This should be fun.

Back at FBI headquarters, Agent Reynolds has his own corkboard. This one is dedicated to his obsession with Crane. Jealous doesn't look good on the FBI. Reynold's desperate to pin Abbie's disappearance on Crane but he doesn't have enough evidence. Agent Foster thinks he's too stressed out and suggests Reynolds take a break at his favorite cabin... that is chock full of Abbie memories, no? Good idea. Sounds like Reynolds may take her advice, though.

Crane is back at the home he shared with Abbie, trying to cook microwavable lasagna on the stove top. How has he managed to feed himself for an entire month? And could he be more depressed? Uh oh. Sounds like he's not home alone. There's some suspicious banging going on upstairs, and lingerie on the stairs. Ichabod calls out, "Abbie?" (Because of course sexy time underwear means his favorite gal). But when he gets upstairs all he finds is an empty bedroom and an open window. Oh, and a mirror that's self writing the words, "Help me Crane." An arm shoots out of the mirror, grabbing Ichabod by the arm. When it finally lets go, the arm has left a mark shaped like a key on Ichabod's arm.

While Crane is in the middle of examining the mirror he gets a call from an irate Agent Foster, accusing him of breaking into her apartment. Someone has scratched the message, "Help me Crane" on her hardwood floors. When Ichabod goes to investigate the two realize someone is trying to communicate with both of them. Both have marks on their arms, and when put together they light up bright red like a hot iron. It also produces a ghostly figure suspiciously shaped like Abbie. The figure runs through Ichabod, causing him to see images of Abbie who says, "Help me Crane." Ghost Abbie has also left Crane with this terrible knowledge: she's dying.

Across town Jenny and Joe have found Randall at a club. He invites the Dynamic Duo to have a drink with him. He's not ready to part with the map or help them at all. Randall's still pissed they left him chained to a bathtub last time they got together. Even Jenny's flirting can't change his mind. But little does Randall know, Jenny managed to pilch Randall's phone while rubbing his chest, which should lead them to the map. Win win for Jenny.

Ichabod has meanwhile deputized Agent Foster into the Sleepy Hollow gang and taken her back to the archives to Crane-splain the symbol on their arms which means "gateway." Crane's got a Macgyver plan to build said gateway but needs some paperclips and super glue first. Agent Foster points out that it needs to be made out of a mirror, which Ichabod just happens to have. While looking for the mirror Crane comes across a book about Nathan Hale which triggers a Betsyback.

Crane is back at the home he was scouting earlier with Betsy, but alone. He's just about to climb the iron fence to sneak in when Miss Ross shows up, pulling him down, warning him the sentries pattern is different. She got no such message to Hale and he is quickly captured. Betsy's out of there, leaving Hale and Crane in her dust. Ichabod reluctantly follows her leaving Hale, doomed to be hanged.

Back in present day, Crane and Agent Foster are down below the archives in the Masonic cell / Headless Containment room. Ichabod's got the mirror set up, a rope tied around himself, and Agent Foster holding onto the other end of the rope to anchor him. Crane casts the enchantment and a portal opens in the mirror. It's through the looking glass for Ichabod. Agent Foster manages to finally pull him back out and in his arms is so not Abbie! It's "The Ring" girl! Gah! Agent Foster is so not going to help Crane ever again.

Crane and Foster manage to get away from the creature long enough for it to run off. Later, over drinks, Agent Foster is reading Crane the riot act, accusing him of taking unnecessary risks (and scaring the crap out of her) in his desperation to find Abbie. Crane heads home to have imaginary conversations with Abbie. Pseudo Abbie Agent Foster shows up to enlist Crane's help on a murder she thinks is the work of their mirror monster.

Crane goes with Foster to the scene which is out of town. On the way, he fills her in on the demon, saying the monster is an onryo, a Japanese vengeance demon (thank you closed captioning). Sounds like these two could use that demon tracking map right about now, Jenny. This one feeds on desperation, which is Crane's current continual mood. Turns out Ringy was just faking being Abbie to get Crane to help. Because Foster was there when Crane cast the spell at the tree of death, she got roped into all this. Crane confesses how much he cares for Abbie and how she truly was his better half.

Foster shares that she too has lost someone important: her parents. They were archaeologists who disappeared on a dig at some Mayan ruins. The locals said demonic forces took them away. Foster has been looking for the supernatural her whole life and boy has she come to the right person. While sharing their experiences, Foster gets a call that the demon is moving even further away from town. She figures out it must be headed for Agent Reynolds who is also desperate to find Abbie. Yeah yeah. Even with Abbie gone we must suffer this infernal non-love triangle.

Time to head back to our happy couple, Pandora and the hubs. He's not getting his power back fast enough and suggests Pandy go after Abbie because she somehow will make him more powerful quicker. Pandora promises she will track her down while hubby threatens her some more. It's a bit of an abusive relationship you might say.

A much happier couple, kind of, is Jenny and Joe who are breaking into Randall's storage locker. Joe tries reminding Jenny that even if they don't find Abbie she'll be okay because she has him. Jenny doesn't exactly faint at this declaration, leaving a dejected Joe behind as she retrieves the map. But Randall is also there and his goons drag Joe off to beat him up. But Joe gets the better of them and pulls a gun on Randall. Time to chain him up again? Joe knocks him out and he and Jenny make a break for it.

At the cabin in the woods (you never want to be in a secluded cabin with a demon on the loose) Agent Reynolds is about to get taken by Ringy. Or is he? That's Ichabod! And he has a gun full of the glass from the mirror the demon came through. It sends the demon running from the room towards a very scared Agent Foster. But it turns out to be a reflection in a mirror, trapping the demon inside. Ichabod hands Foster an iron poker and she shatters the mirror. I like Foster and all, but where is Abbie?

That's what Jenny wants to know as she and Joe get back to her trailer in the woods. Rather than deal with her feelings about anything, Jenny becomes angry. She tells Joe that she was so scared when she thought he had been shot. She says she can't love anyone because nothing good has ever come from that. She's already lost Abbie, she can't lost someone else she loves. Joe just hears, "I love you." And takes Jenny into his arms for a passionate kiss. Yay!

At FBI headquarters, Agent Reynolds is chatting with Agent Foster. Turns out she called him away from the cabin with a false tip about Abbie. A bit cruel to get his hopes up, but good to save his life. She gently suggests to Reynolds that maybe it's time to take the focus off Crane and try another track to finding Abbie. Reynolds thinks she may be right.

Crane is back at the archives lost in thought, staring at his Save Abbie board. His mind wanders into a Betsyback and that time he watched Nathan Hale's hanging with Betsy. Ichabod wants to save Hale, but Miss Ross says it's better to make a martyr of him than expose their entire spy ring to the British. A cold but correct assessment. Hale finds Crane, and gives him a look to let him know that it's okay. Says Hale, "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country." Crane can't bare to watch as the execution is carried out. He can't believe they just let him die. Betsy says sometimes you can't save your partner, you just have to accept there aren't going to be any miracles. You just have to continue your mission. Oh no you don't, Betsy!

Dammit. It sounds like Crane is listening to her. He tells a newly arrived Agent Foster that he will continue to look for Abbie, but without the singular focus from before. Crane has decided to switch his focus to finding Pandora and continue to hope that Abbie just shows up by the end of this episode for god's sake because how can you have an entire episode without Agent Mills and Crane??? Or is that just me? Jenny and Joe are there, surprised to see the new Abbie, Agent Foster.

Joe and Jenny have brought the map. It doesn't exactly light up to let you track demons but it does show that every demon in the world is heading towards Sleepy Hollow. So that's handy. Crane is sure they're going to Pandora so it's time to kick some demon ass. The new and not improved Sleepy Hollow gang looks ready to roll.

Meantime, Abbie!!! She is waking up on the floor of some sort of bizarre cave. Let's go Mills!

And that's it for this week. What did you think Sleepyheads? The preview for next week looks like lots of Mills and Crane and Ichabod saying, "Haters going to hate." Can't wait!

Sleepy Hollow Recap: "One Life" Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 1:16 PM Rating: 5

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  1. Although this episode was OK, the poor show has lost its way. Abbie and Ichabod are the core, Jennie and now Joe are solid seconds (although I miss Orlando Jones terribly). Focus on them, they all have terrific chemistry and can have wonderful storylines. Stop digressing with uninteresting and unbelievable characters like Betsy Ross, who looks and sounds as though she wandered in from a local mall . What a waste in every way.


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