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How To Get Away With Murder Recap: Anna Mae

As tonight's HTGAWM season finale kicks off, the gang is all wondering where the hell Annalise has disappeared to as Laurel wanders in with a serious case of hangover hair. As everyone blames Wes (as usual) for what's gone wrong, Laurel's haze clears and she realizes she better clue Frank in on the monster secret she dropped on Annalise the night before, that he killed Lila! Of course, Laurel's synapses are still misfiring on this as she mistakenly believes Frank was acting under Annalise's orders. Laurel's confession to Frank triggers a sexyback.

Frank recalls that time he hooked up with a random stranger during the Mahoney trial, before his boss was lying in a hospital room. (I'm pretty sure Frank knows every point in his life based on when and where he had sex.) Before Frank and the mystery woman could get too far, she calls a halt to the proceedings and offers him a bag full of cash to do something to Annalise.

Bonnie, being the bucket of cold water that she is, interrupts this sexyback to bring us some very exciting news: Annalise has been found. The Mississippi delta was shining for her: she's gone home to her mom in Memphis. And she's not answering any calls from anyone. Instead, Annalise is moping in her old childhood bedroom staring at her '80's pop music collage featuring Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, the only two people whose life might actually look worse than Miss Keating's at the moment. And she's not alone. Her sister Celestine has crawled into bed with her while she slept. Despite being totally freaked to find out she's not alone, Annalise seems glad to see her. (She actually laughs!)

Annalise's momma, Ophelia, comes in to tell her to get the hell out of bed, they're having a party. It's not exactly "sweets to the sweet." Anna Mae (the name everyone knows Annalise as down there) is getting a party whether she wants one or not. And I think she would vote not, as she does not look thrilled once the party starts. (Unlike Viola Davis who loves a good party so much she just threw her third wedding - to her same husband!) Annalise also realizes her mother has given Sam's suits to some of her friends. Momma Ophelia isn't sure why Annalise is there, and barely believes her when she says it's just because she misses her mom. Just as Annalise looks like she might relax, she's stopped on her way to get some butter by the sight of her father. To say she's not pleased to see him would be an understatement. Annalise doesn't say a word, but just walks away.

Meanwhile, 10 years ago, Frank has thought about that nice stranger's offer and goes in to talk to Annalise. When she insults him, as usual, he leaves, but not before planting a listening device on the wall of her hotel room. Back in present day, Nate is at the office to deliver some bad news to Frank and Bonnie: the DA's getting an arrest warrant for Annalise. Michaela overhears the conversation and fills in the rest of the gang, asking Oliver to hack into the police computers to get a copy of the warrant. Cold Bucket Bonnie comes in to douse that idea, telling them no way.

In Memphis, Annalise can't believe the news: her mother and father are dating and have been since she was shot. Anna Mae can't believe her mother would want to be with him after he left her before. Ophelia blames old age and last chances on hooking up with him. She also confiscates Annalise's phone when Nate tries to call, handing it off to some sweet child and telling her to hide it. My kids just do that without having to be asked. Poppa Annalise tries to talk to her one more time, but she's still not having it.

Wes meanwhile decides to fill Laurel in on what Annalise told him: that his real father is Wallace Mahoney, the man whose son Annalise was defending when Wes' mother killed herself. Wes is ready to dash off, as always, to check out if this is true, flying to New York. Laurel talks him out of it as the sexual tension between them builds. They are just talking about his horrific childhood, right? Frank inconveniently walks in on them just when it looks like Wes might get the golden snitch.

Once alone, Laurel finds herself confessing to Frank that she and Wes did kiss once, but she swears it's never going to happen again. (Not that it's any of his business, right?) When Laurel tells Frank she and Wes were just talking about their crappy fathers, his antennas perk up, more than the other stuff that usually does on Frank. Laurel tells him (she is just spilling all to all lately) Wes' father is Wallace Mahoney and Frank is shocked. Maybe?

The next morning, Annalise is looking for her mother who has gone AWOL, but not before trying to set fire to the house by leaving a burner on. Ophelia is nowhere to be seen, but Celestine is around and she's ready to confront Anna Mae about walking out on her own party. Celestine wants to believe their father is going to stick around this time. Annalise is convinced he will not. Just as it looks like the sisters are about to escalate things, Nate shows up. Yay! Momma and Celestine are impressed with Nate. So are we, ladies. So are we!

Nate tells Annalise that she needs to come home and deal with the not yet released warrant. Annalise wants to stay claiming it will look bad if she leaves right away. Momma Ophelia can't take it a moment longer and comes running in to invite Nate to stay for lunch. And she's not taking no for an answer. Thank goodness for pushy mothers.

Back in the past, floppy haired Frank heads back to the nasty stranger's room and tells her he planted the bug. As a reward, Frank gets a bag full of money. He takes the cash and runs. 10 years later, greasy haired Frank sits on the floor in front of a bag full of money. Looks like he never turned that money into anything, sitting on it, never spending a dime.

While Frank ponders his unspent fortune, Michaela is wondering why she and Asher have conveniently found themselves alone together in a bedroom upstairs. When Asher tries to talk about the hot crazy drunk sex they had in that club bathroom, Michaela pleads amnesia and reminds him her boyfriend might be dead. She's really using that more for emotional impact and not actually taking time to find him. Asher just wants her to know that man did he really really really like what they did. And that's enough to spark Michaela and they're all of a sudden going at it again. Definitely my new favorite couple - except it's over already. Michaela puts a stop to the hot sex leaving Asher hanging.

Meanwhile in Memphis, what I thought was a light lunch for the girls and Nate has grown into a huge family dinner. Everyone wants to know the details of Annalise's relationship with Nate. When Nate tries to duck the questions, Ophelia really turns the screws trying to get as much info as she can. Luckily Nate is a very charming, good looking person so he's able to win over the family. They probably like him a lot more than they do Annalise.

While Annalise is not enjoying her family meal, the Keating Five (plus Oliver) have managed to get a look at the warrant and find that it's redacted. Michaela thinks it's because there could be an informant giving the police info on Annalise. "Not I!" yells everyone at once, all denying they could be the informant. Or rather they don't, as no one says a word and instead goes for the staring suspiciously at each other route.

We bounce back to Memphis just in time to hear Ophelia complain about not having any grandchildren. Did she not know about the horrific scene we had to see at the end of the last episode where Annalise lost her baby? When Poppa Anna Mae says raising kids is a full time job, Annalise can't believe it, and calls him out. He admits that he never figured it out. More like never tried, says Annalise. And it just got really awkward up in here. Celestine jumps in and declares it's time for a party, because nothing says party like dysfunctional family drama.

Annalise finds herself alone at the table with her mother and father. When she refuses to talk to her father, Ophelia starts in on how this must be the reason why she never had any babies, because she's acting like a baby herself. Oh, please make her stop. Luckily Annalise's brother, who shall remain nameless until I can figure it out, calls her over to party. Is she really going to let her mother get away with saying all those terrible things?

We interrupt this incredibly interesting family drama to watch Frank and Bonnie throw a drunken pity party for themselves down in the basement. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming: Annalise is telling her mother she had a baby! She reveals that the baby died, and in a heartbreaking moment, her young nieces and nephews come racing in to emphasize that she is not a mother and what she has lost. For once, Ophelia is speechless.

Having gotten that off her chest, Annalise is in a much better mood when she walks Nate to his car to say goodbye. They share a sweet kiss goodbye. After this brief respite, Annalise has to go back inside to deal with her mother who has found her voice again. She can't believe Annalise never told her about the child, but she realizes that's why things have been so hard for her. Ophelia tells Annalise it's because she's been "dragging that baby's shadow" around. Annalise doesn't want to hear it, and she still doesn't want anybody's help.

Back in Philadelphia, Frank is glaring at Wes as he sort of flashes back to that one time he wasn't around when that woman was listening in to Annalise and Eve. Annalise tells Eve that if she doesn't have the cojones to rat out the Mahoneys she will do it herself. The strange woman calls Wallace Mahoney and tells him what she overheard. He orders her to take care of it, and we see a red pickup truck slam into Annalise's car.

Then it's back to present day, and Frank who is still shooting daggers, or something at Wes. He doesn't notice because Oliver has managed to hack into police surveillance footage to see if they can find out who the informant is. (And Connor is seriously considering putting Oliver into rehab for hacking once they move the hell to California). Laurel spots the ADA and he's meeting..... who? Who dammit?

Oh my god they're not going to tell us. It's back to Memphis and Anna Mae and her mother issues. Seriously? We're going to do this now? Her mother is waking Annalise up in the middle of the night and dragging her out of bed and into the backyard. Momma's got a bucket full of spades and some pencil and paper for Annalise to write a letter to her baby for his "homegoing." Did this have to be done in the middle of the night? Annalise refuses at first, but then starts writing a letter. She weeps as she writes. When she finally finishes her mother has her dig a hole in the ground to bury the letter. As she covers the hole, the tears flow freely and she reveals the baby's name was Sam. The two cling to each other as she continues to cry.

As morning breaks, it's Annalise's father's turn to pay a visit to her room. And he comes bearing gifts: her cell phone. He's also there to apologize for hurting Annalise. She wants to know why he's come back, and it's pretty simple. He says he lost himself out there, running away, and it's only Ophelia who can remind him of who he is. He seems to think Annalise should understand this for some very obvious reason. It's going to take a lot more than that to break Annalise's shell and she asks him to leave.

Annalise makes her way through all her voicemails, including the one from the ADA telling her to turn herself in by 5pm that night or he's sending the police after her. While she takes in this news, Michaela calls Annalise. She actually picks up the phone and Michaela quickly tells Annalise that Caleb is the informant. He's not missing, he's just an asshole! Annalise tells Michaela to chill and quickly calls Nate to get his help.

Annalise says her goodbyes to her mother and heads back to Philadelphia where the ADA thinks he's got her dead to rights. He's going to charge her with all the stuff she's actually done but Annalise tells him he's depending on the word of a sociopathic liar. Annalise tells the ADA that Caleb is actually a serial killer. Annalise flashes back to when Philip attacked her in Wes' apartment. As she got away he yelled at her, "Caleb killed my mother! Helena Hapstall." Say what?

Philip has proof Caleb killed her, giving Annalise a USB drive. It contains the data from Caleb's fitness tracker that he conveniently wore on his way to commit murder, perfectly tracking his path. The ADA doesn't think that's enough. Well, that's okay Mister, because Nate has provided Annalise with Catherine's confession. Nate had Catherine call Philip who told her to confess all. Catherine tells Nate that she and Caleb were cuddle/kiss buddies and did so every night. Except the night their adopted parents were killed. For some reason she couldn't find him that night. He was out, torturing and murdering the parents.

Annalise tells the ADA that Caleb killed the parents, planted Philip's DNA at the scene, and planted the gun in Catherine's room so that he could get rid of everyone and be the sole heir of his parents' money. When the ADA still won't bite, (seriously??), Annalise reveals that Philip is here at the police station and can answer any other questions the police might have.

At Annalise's the gang watch news coverage of Philip's arrest and Caleb's naming as the prime suspect in the Hapstall murders. Connor wonders if they're actually supposed to believe any of this. At this point, I don't remember which ones are the cover stories and which ones are the real stories. This sure sounds good, though. Bonnie doesn't want to hear it and tells everyone to leave because there's no way Annalise will want to see any of them when she gets home. Or because she has a death wish and wants to confront Annalise on her own to deal with Lila's murder, even kicking Frank out.
Someone else beat her to the death wish idea, though as the camera switches to a hotel room to show Caleb soaking in a bathtub full of his own blood. That is a lot of blood, and conveniently dark in all the right places.

Back at Connor and Oliver's what the what? Oliver has turned devious as he places a call to Stanford posing as Connor. Connover tells Stanford he's changed his mind, doesn't want to go to law school there, and they should take him off their email list. Good luck with that. You know you'll have to go to the unsubscribe link Connover. He hangs up just in time as the real Connor wanders in fresh out of the shower. Connor's ready to have sex, and says whoever is satisfied fist gets to decide what they'll do about moving to Stanford. Do you think Oliver's guilt will hinder him?

Meanwhile, Bonnie is there to greet Annalise as she finally makes it home. Bonnie says, "Frank was just doing what he was told." This causes Annalise to flashback to that time she wasn't there when Frank found Sam in the hall of the hospital after Annalise lost her baby. (Why do I feel like Frank is about to admit to driving a red pickup truck?) Sam tells a heartbroken Frank that Annalise lost the baby. From Eve to Frank, everyone is a lot more emotional about this than Sam. Yep. Frank is confessing to Sam that he was the one who put the bug in the room that lead the old lady to hear about Annalise's plans to turn in the Mahoneys. Frank thought they just wanted a mistrial, but turns out they wanted murder.

And there's Sam's emotion. He slams Frank into the wall and tells him that they are never going to tell Annalise. Frank wants to tell her, but Sam has other ideas. He's afraid if she finds out he'll lose Annalise. Flashforward to Sam telling Frank, "you owe me," asking him to kill Lila. In present day, Bonnie finishes telling Annalise all of this, how Sam held the information over Frank. Bonnie can't convince a tearful Annalise to go easy on Frank. She tells Bonnie, "He needs to go."

At Frank's apartment, Laurel is there, trying to get a response outside his door. When she realizes the door is open, she heads inside. Frank and the suitcase of money are nowhere to be found. In NYC, Wes has found Wallace Mahoney, and approaches him to tell him that he thinks Wallace is his father. But before Wes can explain why he believes that to be true, Wallace is shot and killed right in front of him.

And that's it! Wes has officially lost all of his parents. Not as big of a cliffhanger as I expected, but it will have to do. What did you think? Were you satisfied with the finale? Excited about a season three? Let us know in the comments below!

How To Get Away With Murder Recap: Anna Mae Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 1:19 AM Rating: 5

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