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Sleepy Hollow Recap: "Dark Mirror"

It's Friday night and that means it is time to head to the Hollow! Things are going full speed when tonight's episode kicks off with a role reversal: the white rabbit chasing Alice through the woods. Okay, it's actually a young couple enjoying some kind of bizarre calisthenics intensive first date. Suddenly they're attacked by the monster that is Michael Bolton. (I always knew there was a good reason for being overweight. That will never happen to me on a first date.) It's actually the Jersey devil who is just sitting down to his meal when the Hidden One comes a calling. H.O.'s there to give Bolton a lifetime Grammy. Or something like that.

Abbie is also partaking in some early morning running and it's not going well either as she keeps flashing back to her time in that place. (Seriously, is there a name for where she was?) Panicking, Abbie runs to the symbol she drew in the wooden shed. Touching it seems to calm her and make her feel safe. I guess it's okay if it's helpful, but too much symbol worship can't be good for our hero.

Abbie really should go inside where Ichabod is being a grump ass while making breakfast with Jenny and Joe. Crane's pissed at the eggs Benedict for being named after a traitor. Jenny isn't buying it. She knows Crane is upset about more than just that. It's obvious, Jenny, to any Ichabbie fan why he's cranky. Or is it? Sadly, it turns out to be an immigration problem. Crane missed his formal interview to save Abbie so the U.S. is kicking him out. No problem, Ichabod. Jenny is more than willing to throw Joe's money at the problem and Joe doesn't disagree. This is how you make a relationship work people.

Jenny goes out to the wood shed to grab some champagne for mimosas and nearly discovers Abbie's symbol worship corner. Abbie stops her just in time and joins her back in the house with the others for brunch. Ichabod and Jenny clear away the dishes and have a quiet pow wow to try to figure out how you solve a problem like Abbie. They both realize Abbie seems to be doing better but is clearly hiding something. Spying on her is out, says Crane. They'll just have to sneak around and watch what she's doing. Yeah, that's spying, says Jenny.

In the meantime, Abbie gets called in on the killing of two antique dealers. Abbie and Crane quickly deduce that it's a pretty nasty piece of work that took care of these two, which leads Crane to remember this story he heard one time at Revolutionary War camp. Abbie's heard it too. As Crane says, "the Jersey Devil has come to Sleepy Hollow."

Meanwhile Joe and Jenny head back to the trailer in the woods for some post-brunch sexy time only to discover the home filled with water. A malfunctioning pipe is clearly to blame so Joe decides it's time for an upgrade. Like a brand new house instead of a trailer? No! He's offering to renovate the trailer. Which I guess is good? Jenny seems pleased....

Back at the archives, Ichabod is Cranesplaining the Jersey Devil while Abbie researches all the recent "animal" attack locations including where our couple was killed at the beginning of the show. Their location of Atlantic County Park (where the actual Jersey Devil supposedly originated) triggers a memory for Crane of a mad monster creating scientist he once knew (not Ben Franklin). Seriously, living in Revolutionary America must have been fascinating. This leads to a Colonialback where Ichabod recalls meeting this scientist, Japeth Leeds (another reference to the origin story of the Jersey Devil whose father was supposedly Japeth Leeds). In this version, Leeds is an inventor rival of Franklin. Kind of like Gordon Ramsay versus Padma Lakshmi. If they actually hated each other. Maybe more Stark versus Frey.

Leeds was apparently in the business of trash talk and trying to use animal parts to make humans better. Early genetic mutation experiments. Leeds didn't like what Franklin had to say about him in his Almanac so Crane decides to see what was said (don't worry, Crane knows the volume, chapter, and page of the insult off hand). It's another Franklinbet message: Leeds was experimenting on himself and turned into the Hulk! Or rather the Jersey Devil. So not Michael Bolton after all. Abbie and Crane decide to go to Atlantic County Park and see if Leeds laboratory is still there as he's clearly still alive. An immortal Jersey Devil.

Wait. Jenny's calling with info. I don't understand it so I'm going to rewind. Yep, not much clearer. Apparently the two people killed were professors who had a Mayan prayer mask and a Celtic solid gold plate. The artifacts were vessels of the power of the gods. (Something that would appeal to H.O.). Abbie and Crane arrive at Leeds' old lab and it's a ruin. They find a secret entrance underground which Abbie has no hesitation making Crane go into first.

They soon find themselves in Leeds' functioning lab but as Abbie says, "Lots of details but no devil." Clever. The devil's always in the details, Abbie! You know he'll pop out at you at any  moment. Crane is fascinated by a music box of sorts that he finds, switching it on. As music fills the chamber Crane is impressed. Abbie meanwhile has found fanart of the Hidden One drawn by Leeds. Crane realizes Leeds has come to serve H.O. He tells Abbie this, but she's distracted because there is that damn symbol on a chain laid out on a nearby table and Abbie is drawn to it like a necklace on display at Tiffany's. When Crane finally sees the symbol, he doesn't make me feel the least bit better saying the symbol can only mean evil. Oh, Abbie doesn't like that! Yikes! What kind of a look was that she just gave the love of her life?

Across town Jenny is arriving home to find her home gone, replaced by some silver modern trailer monstrosity. Surprise! Joe is very pleased with himself. Jenny, not so much. "You can't just replace a person's house without asking!" she yells at him. Was it technically a house, Jenny? I mean, come on... Jenny just wanted a new garbage disposal! Let's aim higher Miss Mills! She shouldn't worry, Joe has thoughtfully moved all her stuff to the Headless Containment Cell. Including the book Jenny needs to help Abbie. She and Joe race to go retrieve it.

Crane is still making his way through Leeds' lab like a kid in a candy store. Abbie, on the other hand, is still transfixed on the symbol. Crane look up from your damn book and notice our girl needs help! Abbie snaps out of it and shows Crane the cylinder the symbol is attached to. It goes to a Steam Punk movie device that Ichabod is astounded to discover plays a movie made in 1794. Well that is impressive. 'Cept the movie is about the H.O. That would never have made any money.

Pandora is the star of the movie. In this role, she is a poor servant girl who is called out on a copier repair for the Hidden One who was living in the Catacombs of the Dead. (Thank you! Finally, the name of the place where Abbie was). Bow chicka wow wow. No wonder the Quakers kicked the Jersey Devil and his family out. Pandora had to take a drink to H.O. every day along with a pitiful flower. H.O. shows her the box! It's his job to guard it.

In the sequel to The Servant Girl of the Catacombs, Pandora goes to the Hunger Games in Pan Am and releases all the evil in the box upon the world. Just as she's about to have a sweet reunion with Peta the Hidden One, humanity, those foul creatures, casts him away. Locking him away forever. Out of all this, Ichabod and Abbie figure out that Leeds and H.O. are trying to rebuild an hourglass which is crucial to his rise to power. They must have experience viewing art house films because I did not get that at all.

The Jersey Devil shows up just as they put it all together. He immediately recognizes Ichabod and the two begin to exchange insults over who is the more pathetic creature. Leeds grows tired of the exchange and attacks, stinging Crane with his tail, knocking him down. Leeds charges Abbie, who discovers bullets do nothing to slow him down. Crane manages to stab him with a thing but it doesn't work. Instead, Abbie gets thrown to the side and Crane collapses, the venom from the sting beginning to take over. Leeds takes off leaving Crane to his fate, locking him in the lab with Abbie.

Abbie rushes frantically around the lab trying to find ingredients for an antidote before Crane can die. Crane is able to tell her what to mix but as she rushes to administer the medicine she spills it and panics... until she sees the symbol then suddenly it's stare into space time. Rather than saving Crane, Abbie goes into a trance. A desperate Crane calls out, "Abbie!" What a time for him to call her by her first name. Abbie's little daydream may have just cost her Crane as he falls silent.

Abbie finally snaps out of it and pours the antidote down Crane's throat but there is no response. Well, there's really only one thing left to do, grab the symbol and pray. She then kisses Ichabod and he wakes up! Well, okay, she just desperately pressed her lips to the top of his head and he coincidentally woke up. (It wasn't the damn symbol, it was you Abbie!) Crane looks like he's okay and Abbie immediately apologizes for being distracted by the symbol.

Abbie reveals to Crane that she has needed the symbol for months now. It was while she was in the catacombs, when she thought she was going to lose it, that she saw the symbol on the wall. She started drawing it everywhere and it gave her peace. Ichabod understands (even though she almost let him die!). With that reveal, Abbie and Crane set to work getting out of the lab. Ichabod blows up the door with a gleeful, "Now who's a sub par alchemist?"

Jenny calls in to report that she's still irritated with Joe for buying her a fancy new RV and oh yeah, the hourglass is what the H.O. is after. Jenny's book tells them, oh, who gives a crap. Leeds and H.O. have a way to bring him back to full power using Leeds version of a lightning rod. Don't tell Pandora. She's been complaining about H.O.'s lack of "lightning" in the marriage for months.

Crane and Abbie show up just in time to try and stop Leeds as he's about to set the whole thing in motion. Leeds goes ahead with the plan, setting up the lightning thingamajig. Nothing Abbie and Crane do seems to stop it. Finally Crane distracts Leeds long enough for Abbie to stab him with his own lightning rod. "Benjamin Franklin sends his regards," says Crane, as lightning strikes the Jersey Devil, killing him. Unfortunately, the sands of life have disappeared as well.

Also gone? That fancy trailer. Joe has brought back the old clunker Jenny lived in and is doing his best groveling to get back in her good graces. It's not going well. Jenny kisses Joe, then tells him not to ever touch her stuff, and locks him out as she goes back into her old trailer. Eh, they'll work it out.

At the Crane Homestead, Abbie has brought her symbol medallion home with her and is gazing at it as Ichabod comes home. He goes to leave the room to give Abbie time with her symbol, but she stops him. She wants him to talk to her! Yay Abbie! She finally admits to Crane that she has a symbolic problem. Abbie hands the symbol medallion to Crane and tearfully asks him to help her.

It looks like Pandora and H.O. are mending things as well with the Hidden One giving her the same flower she once gave him. He invites her to join him as he raises an hourglass and fills it with those missing sands of time. And just like that we're all doomed. Not as dramatic as I expected.

Oh dear, next week doesn't look good for Joe as he gets turned into a demon by Pandora! Arguing about trailers seems pretty silly now, doesn't it Jenny...

Until next week Sleepyheads! Let us know what you thought of this episode in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you!
Sleepy Hollow Recap: "Dark Mirror" Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 11:57 PM Rating: 5

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  1. Ichabbie was on point. This was the best episode all season.


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