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Sleepy Hollow Recap: Dawn's Early Light

O say can you see, no sign of Ichabbie... Tonight's episode of Sleepy Hollow is brought to you by flagwoman superbore extraordinaire, Betsy Ross, and Agent Reynolds, the guy who luuuuvs Abbie. Let's get to it!

We begin with the Hidden One monologuing about what a terrible pet owner he is. (He once accidentally stepped on and squashed his dwarf hamster) Pandora should be so lucky. THO is trying his very own version of water boarding, drowning Pandy to punish her for lying to him about Crane and Abbie having the symbol. Luckily for her, all this near drowning business has made THO tired. He sits for an afternoon siesta while Pandora ominously eyes the golden hour glass. Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of crazy and crazier.

Back in Sleepy Hollow, "Abigail" and "Jennifer" get a surprise visit from their dad, Ezra Mills. He's brought a photo book of baby Jenny and Abbie! Abbie is into it, but Jenny doesn't want any part of this, chastising her dad for leaving her mother. Ezra blames secrets for driving their family apart. Before it can get too ugly, Crane arrives. Time to meet the parents! Ichabod gets daddy's seal of approval when Ezra tells Crane to take good care of his daughter.

Later that same morning, Crane heads to the Headless Containment Cell under the archives (did I miss a transition here?) to find a grizzly bear rifling through the trash in the corner. No, wait, it's Pandora searching for pieces of her box. Crane pulls a gun and demands to know what she wants. Pandy begs Crane to help her stop THO. If she doesn't they're all gonna die! The box is all that will stop him and the only way to regenerate it is with an all expense paid trip to the Catacombs. Only problem? The way to get there is by Crane accessing his Betsy Ross memories.

Across town at FBI headquarters, Abbie is up for some sweaty time with Agent Reynolds, working out and teasing him about his time on the treadmill. She's also decided to make a major confession, but just before she can, she gets a text from Crane. Phew! And she's off, meeting Crane at the archives. He fills her in on Pandora's visit. Apparently in part of the convo we did NOT see, humanity will be destroyed in 48 hours unless THO is stopped. Abbie does not like the idea of going back to the Catacombs, and likes the Betsyback even less. Or is that just me?

Once upon a time, on Christmas Day in the year 1776, Princess Betsy and Sir Paul Revere took part in the gallant act of crossing the Delaware river with General Washington and his forces while poor pauper Ichabod was left standing on the river bank watching them disappear into a magical fog as they journeyed into the catacombs. Oh, wait, it gets better.

Jenny and Joe are invited to the party while Crane does his best Ray Stantz impression and investigates the large wall mural in the archives of Washington crossing the Delaware. Upon closer examination, Ichabod realizes the man in the painting behind Washington is actually Betsy Ross! (Did they just go Da Vinci Code on us?) Joe, says, "Really? Are you sure it's not just Mary Magdalene?"

Oh, he's sure. He's so sure, Crane treats us to the Rossback of that one time at Revolutionary War Camp when Betsy was dressed as a man while sewing a flag. All kinds of mixed gender messages that North Carolina wouldn't appreciate. Crane's pissed that he doesn't get to go on the mission to cross the Delaware. Betsy's pissed she has to sew the damn flag and that's how she'll be remembered, as a seamstress. There's some weepy eyes and loving looks that the two exchange that I'm just going to ignore. What is important, is that Betsy told Crane she was not going on the mission. AND she used special gold thread on the flag that would get the Americans into the Catacombs.

Road trip! Time to pahk yah cah in Havahd yahd. Turns out Paul Revere was the last person known to have Betsy Ross's special flag (talk about a cold lead). His Boston home, that is now a museum, has the flag so Abbie and Crane head there while Joe and Jenny figure out what the hell to do with it once they get it. Cut to: a house that is definitely not Paul Revere's. Been there, seen it, and that's not it, but whatever. Hamilton reference! Ichabod is stunned to find out that there is a musical about Alexander Hamilton given that he had "a voice like a stuck goat!"

While Abbie and Crane explore the faux Revere home, Ichabod decides to ask about her father. Abbie says things are getting better with him (more for her than Jenny) and in fact she's thinking about telling Agent Reynolds aka "Danny" the truth about her secret life as a witness, "Wait, what???" says Crane. Wait what is right! If she's gonna have a chance for something more with Danny she has to be honest. Well isn't that great. Good for you Abbie.

Let's just table that discussion for right now, Miss Mills. There's an old American flag that needs to be stolen. But on closer inspection, Crane realizes the flag in Revere's house is not the one Betsy made. It doesn't have the right stitching. When Ichabod flips the flag in disgust, it triggers something crazy in the bellows of Revere's house. When Abbie and Crane go down to investigate, they find the walls burning up with heat and a Revolutionary War monster on the loose!

Abbie tries shooting the monster, but it doesn't stop, kicking her, sending her flying across the room. Ichabod manages to plant an axe in its chest, and push it away as the two make their escape from the house. The monster comes barreling out of the house after them, but Abbie and Crane drive away just in time. Having lost the two, the monster melts into the ground. Really.

When Abbie asks, "What was that?" we don't get a simple, straight answer. Crane explains that this one time, these soldiers from Virginia were killed in the Revolutionary War. Some, however, ran away!, defying orders. Some were caught and some crazy ladies tarred and bandaged or something one with infernal materials turning him into a fire shooting creature known as the Eternal Soldier. The opposite of the Winter Solider. (Seems unduly harsh but okay).

Revere then used the creature to guard Betsy's flag. Someone else came along and stole the flag without setting off the creature (someone who knew their way around). But Crane and Abbie weren't so lucky. So. Things suck at the moment: they still need to find the real flag, escape the Eternal Soldier who is now unrelentingly hunting them, and do it all in less than 48 hours before the world ends!

Back at the Archives, instead of looking up helpful information, Jenny is looking up the taffy house her dad used to buy them taffy from. Joe points out Daddy Mills is trying, but Jenny is not sure about letting go of her anger towards him. Enough of that. Time to check out the fake flag for clues. Jenny and Joe look at pics of the flag from Abbie. Joe figures out the holes in the flag are actually music notes from the first bar of the Star Spangled Banner (O say can you see!). Joe asks the most mind bending question of the night, "Why is the Star Spangled Banner on this flag?" A star spangled banner is the American flag so why is a flag on the flag? Makes my head hurt...

The author of the Star Spangled Banner, Francis Scott Key, was a mason. He wrote the national anthem during the War of 1812. So far, so historically accurate (kind of). Key wanted to save Betsy's flag from the British so he took it from Revere's house and left behind a clue where to find the original: Fort McHenry in Baltimore where he wrote the Star Spangled Banner. Another road trip! But before Ichabbie can leave, Agent Reynolds confronts Abbie about burning down Revere's house. We interrupt this condescending lecture from Danny with a knife wielding monster. Abbie pulls Reynolds out of the way just as the Eternal Soldier chucks a nasty knife at him. Welcome to Monster Club, Danny!

Crane grabs the knife and heads towards the monster while Danny cowers behind his gun in the corner with Abbie. It doesn't exactly work out for Ichabod as the monster throws him to the side. Reynolds tries the old, "FBI, freeze!" routine. Uh, not gonna work. He then shoots the monster who decides a nice fireball is what Danny needs. Reynolds manages to duck out of the way of three fireballs before Crane comes barreling in with the car, running over the Eternal Soldier. Abbie and Danny hop in so they can make a getaway.

Time to Cranesplain to Danny what's going on. We'll let Abbie do the honors: "Monsters are real. And they're here in Sleepy Hollow." Cue stunned stuttering from Agent Reynolds. Abbie says, relax, we're dropping you off because it's just after "us." As in her and Crane. Not her and you, Danny. Reynolds does not think that sounds like a good idea. Crane is all for it. Three's a crowd, Danny.

Meanwhile, Crankypants THO is up from his nap looking for Pandora. Oh, she's there, alright just so she can tell you, Mr. THO, that she's done with your shit. And she's realized that Abbie and Crane love each other! Finally! Damn, it has to come from Pandora but at least someone on the show said it. Pandy's figured out Ichabbie's love bond is what makes them strong. And that's why Pandy and THO suck. There's no loving partnership, just a power hungry crazy man. When THO tries to zap Pandora, his lightning goes right through her. That's because she's not there. It's a hologram. Pandora is officially Team Witness. You're dead to me, says THO.

At FBI Headquarters Agent Reynolds rushes up to a bored Sophie and demands to know how long she's been in Monster Club. The first rule of Monster Club is you don't talk about Monster Club, Daniel. Sophie tries to explain why she didn't tell Danny about Abbie being trapped in a crazy mystical realm, but Reynolds is hurt she didn't tell him. Poor Danny is really monster shocked.

Crane and Abbie have arrived at Fort McHenry, and Abbie tells Crane she's glad Danny found out. Even if it didn't go to plan. Speaking of plans going to hell, Crane has a Betsyback for us. This one time, Betsy disappeared leaving behind a note that she was gone for good. (Hooray!) She told Crane not to try to find her. And Crane never saw her again. He's not too cut up about it, and his whole point in this Rossback is to remind Abbie to tell him that she loves him! Or at least that's what I heard.

Anyway, Abbie and Crane find the Orpheus statute at Fort McHenry (this time using parts of the actual statute and parts of the actual fort) and with a push of a few buttons, open a door into the statute. They take a stairway down into a chamber where they find Betsy's flag safe and sound. And the fire monster! The Eternal Soldier materializes with a fireball ready to go. Doesn't he know it's a social faux pas to burn an American flag! He doesn't care. Just as fireballs start raining down on Ichabbie, Joe and Jenny shows up with some liquid nitrogen to take care of the monster. "Science," says Joe.

Back in Sleepy Hollow, Abbie goes to see Reynolds to update him on the fire man. He's been "extinguished," says Abbie. Oh, boy. Abbie confesses to Danny that she's still scared of trying to love him. Danny doesn't even know if there's a him and Abbie any more. Besides, he has more pressing matters: like what the hell is Crane? Is he a ghost? Oh, Danny. Wait, now we're back to - oh crap they kiss. It was sweet even if it's not with Ichabod. I guess.

Jenny gets an unwelcome visit from her father. He's brought her some taffy that he thought she might like. He leaves and after he goes Jenny realizes he's brought her her favorite kind of taffy. He remembered all these years. She's touched.

The next morning, Abbie meets Crane at a park where he's been pondering the meaning of Betsy's flag. It too means something more. "O say can you see, by the dawn's early light..." When the sunrise hits the flag, it reveals a map back to the catacombs. "Let's go," says Abbie.

Next time on Sleepy Hollow: It's everyone versus The Hidden One. What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you like Abbie with Reynolds? Should Jenny let Ezra into her life? What really happened to Betsy Ross after she married a vampire? Until next time!
Sleepy Hollow Recap: Dawn's Early Light Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 12:00 AM Rating: 5

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