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Sleepy Hollow Recap: Incommunicado

Previously on Sleepy Hollow: the symbol wants to be together, Pandora's box should stay apart, and Joe should stay and the Wendigo should, uh, go. Let's get this party started! We're rocking out as Sleepy Hollow begins with a basement church garage band. One of the members gets a little too Marty McFly knocking over the speakers and the music screeches to a halt. The band members are pissed at Kyle for not conforming to their style of music in a nice Tenacious D reference. It all becomes moot (or mute) when the band is suddenly set upon by a shrieking banshee! Talk about ear splitting music. She's clearly had enough of Kyle's histrionics as well.

In a much quieter part of town, Ichabod has finished baking symbol shaped cookies. Actually, as Abbie arrives, Crane is finishing testing out "tufted mittens" aka oven mitts and their protective qualities against the symbol's remote viewing qualities. Direct skin contact is needed to activate the symbol's skyping ability. When Abbie plops a donut bag on the table, Crane looks disappointed, chastising Abbie for not getting him his bear claw and almond beignet. You didn't even look in the damn bag, says Abbie, how do you know what's in it? Hmm? Because Ichabod's been spying on Abbie with the symbol! Totally on accident. Not because of some desperate unrequited love. Crane swears he didn't see anything else. "This is a crime against pastries, nothing more," he tells her. No donut lies! Says Abbie. Thankfully for Crane, Abbie gets interrupted by a phone call from Sophie. Agent Foster thinks Abbie needs to come check out the banshee murders. Ichabbie call a truce in one of the cutest scenes they've had in a long time.

At FBI headquarters Sophie and Abbie are figuring out all kinds of stuff: the drummer in the band was a member of the FBI and all were killed by a cerebral hemorrhage after their ear drums were ruptured. Also, there's video showing a shrieking thing. Or as Abbie says, "We have ourselves an entity. An all encompassing word that means we do not know what the hell we're dealing with yet." Don't worry, gals. You'll get there. Sophie will go to Joe and Jenny to analyze the video, and Abbie's going to go pick Crane's brain.

She might want to hurry up on that. Back at the archives, Crane looks up from his pastry to find himself face to face with the Hidden One (who also brought no bear claws). Luckily, like all good villains, instead of just killing Crane on the spot, H.O. explains why he's there (because of all that happened this season, yo). He demands to know where Abbie is. Like Crane would tell you. When H.O. realizes that he's getting nothing from Ichabod, he sends a fiery blue orb to kill him, only to have the symbol jump out of Crane's pocket like the little guys in "batteries not included" and intercept his light. The symbol hovers between the two. All H.O. can say is "Thura." The symbol then sends out a blinding blue light. Which was apparently some sort of home security system because when Abbie arrives (carrying what I hope is a big box of bear claws) she is sent flying by an electric shock.

Abbie rushes down below and tries calling Crane on his cell but gets no answer. As Abbie turns the corner she finds Pandora lurking in the shadows. Abbie demands to know what she's done to Crane, but as Pandy tells it, she's there because H.O. is now trapped inside with Crane thanks to the Emblem of Thura. (How exactly did she know this? Did it send out a distress call to her?) This is the first time in 4,000 years it's been activated. It's purpose? To imprison and eat the power of a god. And that's the good news. The bad news? That anger management problem H.O. has will result in the emblem becoming more and more unstable until it's finally had it with his shit and blows everything up in an epic symbol temper tantrum. Pandora tells Abbie the only way to calm H.O. down is her. Because you've all gotten along so well lately?

Pandora tells Abbie nothing can penetrate the "barrier of mystic energy" aka force field. Pandy would just get H.O. out and save everyone but, ahem, her box is broken. Cue Abbie eye roll. Yeah, like she's going to put Pandy's box back together. We'll just find another way thanks very much crazy lady, says Abbie.

Meanwhile, Joe, Jenny and Sophie have figured out that it was a banshee that killed the band. And here we all thought it was Yoko Ono. It has a killer wail. Jenny calls Abbie and fills her in and reams her out for even considering working with Pandora. Pandy likes the banshee plan because evil spirits power her box. Abbie agrees to hear her out, while up above, Crane is waking up after having fallen down on the job. He awakes to find H.O. trying to blast his way out of the blue symbol emblem of thura prison. Ichabod screams at him to stop as it obviously is making things worse. Ichabod is gleeful when he realizes that the symbol is more powerful than H.O.

Across town, it's St. Patrick's Day at your local Irish pub. Jenny and gang are there to visit her former Irish terrorist connection who is now a whisky blogger. Of course. In exchange for some blood sausage, he tells them how to defeat the banshee. They have to be really quiet while making a terrible racket. Huh? The banshee will suck up all sound and use it against them, but they've got to make a lot of noise to draw it out. Gotcha. Oh, and they'll need 200 year old iron. So Joe fires up the ambulance, sirens wailing, and the three head out loaded to bear after stealing iron from a local graveyard.

Joe's grumpy about crazy Irish guy, and Sophie thinks it's because of the WendiJoe. Jenny says he's fine. We're all fine. Before the girl talk can continue, the banshee takes the words right out of their mouths. The three quickly put in ear plugs which apparently don't do much to stop the shrieking from hurting. Before Sophie can put an iron arrow through its heart, Jenny gets a text from Abbie telling them not to kill the banshee. They need it alive! Makes you wanna scream, doesn't it.

Jenny pops the banshee in the throat to shut it up (Abbie didn't say anything about wounding it). She then gets on the phone to Abbie and reams her out again. Jenny's sure Pandy is conning Abbie. She can't possibly want to help, she just wants her box back together. Abbie agrees but says she doesn't have a choice. Pandora seems at peace, though, busily redecorating the Headless Containment Cell with every candle ever sold by Martha Stewart Living.

Upstairs, Ichabod is rifling through every book he owns looking for a solution. This amuses H.O. who mocks Crane for not being omnipotent. Ichabod decides to put on some Duke Ellington before going off on a Craneurysm about all the glorious artistic works (including Charlie Brown) inspired by the soul of humanity. "You may know everything, but you understand nothing." says Crane. Mic drop. Until H.O. drops on Crane that he saw him as a child, hiding in his coach house, reading forbidden books by candle light. H.O. chastises Crane for never putting his own wants first, just living to serve. Then he drops this: Crane's role as witness was inherited through his bloodline. Seems H.O. does know everything. He then shows off one more time, absorbing all the knowledge of every book in the room before announcing there is nothing in them that can save Crane. Ichabod is alone, he says, just like always. Crane's saved from any more sanctimonious lectures when the room starts to shake as the emblem threatens to destroy it.

Back in the woods, the banshee is being lured into a trap set by Jenny and gang using Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. When it reaches the music, the group blinds it with lights, and ties it up with iron cables. Sophie rushes to get the car while Joe and Jenny hold down the fort. So while we have a minute, says Jenny, let's talk about you, Joe. Are you worried about WendiJoe? Yes, he says. We interrupt this poorly planned relationship talk to bring you a banshee escape. For some reason neither has in earplugs so when the banshee lets loose her killer wail Jenny is knocked down to the ground. Before she can be killed, Joe shoots and kills the banshee with an iron arrow. Joe!! "So whose gonna tell Mills that we knocked off her monster? Not it!" says Sophie.

Joe and Jenny head back to give Abbie and Pandy the bad news while Sophie wanders the streets looking for another monster. As you do. When Joe sees part of Pandora's box glowing he has a physical reaction, and Pandy realizes she has a monster already: Joe. If Joe agrees to Wendigo out for Pandy, she'll draw his dark energy out of him and use it to break the barrier. He may die. He may not. 50/50 Joe. And you'll get an added bonus of the monster possibly being gone for good. Jenny doesn't care, and tells Joe not to do it. But he's in, telling Pandy, "Let's do this."

H.O. and Ichabod are still hanging in there, though. When H.O. sees Crane eating he can't believe it. At a time like this? "I'm eating my feelings," says Crane. Ichabod asks H.O. to confirm the claim that Crane is part of an ancient bloodline that can trace it's roots to back before history. Now is that before the Big Bang or after? Crane shows H.O. the tablet he found in his family tomb, the one that lets him symbol skype with Abbie. Ichabod tells H.O. that he bets if he checks in on Abbie he'll find her gal palling around with Pandora. H.O. scoffs. Pandy would never. Oh, wouldn't she? If they can see Pandora casting her box spell to break the barrier, H.O. can draw power away from the emblem and let them escape. Time to fire up the symbol phone!

Down below, Pandora has drawn a chalk circle which a distractingly shirtless Joe must not leave if everyone is to stay safe. Yeah, he'll totally stay inside. Joe tells Jenny he loves her, and steps into the circle. Jenny girl say it back! She stays mum. Pandora uses her box to get Joe to transform into the Wendigo but something isn't working right. He's already stepped over the circle and Pandora announces that's it. He's lost. But Jenny isn't so sure. She tries to calm the beast by telling him she loves him, and promising to give him a key to her trailer. It works! He goes back to the circle.

Oh, but that's still not good enough. Pandora's puny box just isn't strong enough. She needs those other fragments, Abbie. Of course you do! Abbie's super pissed, realizing Pandora was just playing her this whole time. Pandy claims it's not a long con (kind of) and says she's just doing this because it's all her fault H.O. is trapped. She's the one who told the humans about it back before history only to watch them use it against him. It took her 4,000 years to try and release him only to screw it up all over again. Pandy knew Abbie had the emblem but did not tell H.O. It's not clear if Abbie believes her or not, but she knows Joe is dying so it's time to take action.

In the archives, H.O. has finished reworking the symbol skype so it won't drop out and freeze so much just in time to hear Pandora confess to knowing Abbie had the emblem and her withholding of that info from H.O. Oh, that doesn't go over well. Because omnipotent H.O. didn't know that Pandy had done that? Come on. Think Crane! That doesn't make sense. Either way, the symbolquake is starting again. Looks like everyone's time is up. Unless...

Abbie decides to give Pandora what she wants, the other piece of her box. With the lid fully restored, Pandora is able to shoot Joe's dark energy into the barrier above. Abbie rushes out to get to Crane who watches as H.O. disappears into the blue wall of energy which then evaporates. Ichabod is safe! Joe is also saved as he transforms back into himself. Abbie rushes in to hug Crane who lets go far far too soon! Abbie gives him the bad news, that Pandy got part of her box back. Yeah, and the Hidden One is hidden once more, says Ichabod.

Crane rushes back into the archive to check on the emblem only to discover it destroyed. Cheer up, says Abbie, you faced a god and lived to talk about it. Before Crane can celebrate, it occurs to him to let Abbie in on the info H.O. gave him: that they are witnesses because it is passed down through their bloodlines. Ya'll ain't related, are ya? It's all very.... boom, says Crane. Mind blown, Ichabod. Abbie cracks up and says they need to get to Donut Man, now.

Jenny has gotten Joe back home and makes good on her promise to give him a key to her trailer. He teases her about finally telling him she loves him. She's not going to say it again Joe! She may just have to take her key back. Joe is pretty sure the Wendigo is gone for good so it's good times all around for these two. Too cute!

Back at the bat cave, Pandora and H.O. are celebrating their big win and how she conned everyone into giving her back her box and rescuing H.O. He's happy, for a moment. But then reminds her that she lied to him. And they're going to deal with it. Right now. Out with it! H.O. wants the truth! Pandora looks scared. Or annoyed. Or just tired. Hard to tell with her.

Next Friday: H.O. is ready to destroy everyone, including Pandora, and Agent Reynolds finally gets made a member of Monster Club.

Let us know what you thought of tonight's episode below! Do you think Pandora was fake crying or was she genuinely upset? Until next time!
Sleepy Hollow Recap: Incommunicado Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 1:12 AM Rating: 5

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