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Sleepy Hollow Recap: "Into the Wild"

Previously on Sleepy Hollow, Agent Reynolds loved Abbie, Abbie loved the symbol, and the symbol loved no one. As tonight's episode starts, our friendly neighborhood Mills girls are wall climbin' it Spidey style (did you SEE him in the new Captain America trailer?!). Abbie's working on kicking the symbol habit with Crane's help and seriously regretting getting him Netflix. (Surely he's a fan of Jessica Jones). Thanks to "It's a Beautiful Mind" Crane is teaching Abbie behavior modification techniques to fight the symbol. Abbie also has a weekend with Agent Reynolds to look forward to at FBI survival camp. Jenny wonders if Abbie can handle a weekend with a man who loves her. (She does it all the time at home with Crane, Jen). Abbie proves just how great she is by totally showing off for a hot condescending guy.

Across town, another hot condescending guy, the Hidden One, is playing with his hourglass. Pandora tries to draw his attention away by saying she's found another piece of her box. Like all old married couples, H.O. acts interested  but maybe isn't quite as keen as he should be. He says he's tired, but is glad Pandy is making the effort to call in more spirits with power for him. But he really doesn't care for her pointing out how he should restore the glory of her box basically telling her he has a headache and to leave him alone. This brings out some scary yellow cat eyes from Pandy.

At the Archives, Crane has a symbol inspection lab up and running trying to figure out what the gold colored symbol shaped medallion they recovered last episode is made out of. Abbie tries to play with one concoction that started the great Chicago Fire and Krakatoa, a massive volcanic explosion in 1883 which was 13,000 times more powerful than an atomic bomb. Step away from the blue liquid Abbie! Crane has set up an appointment with a Professor of arcane materials who he hopes can identify the substance of the medallion. So while Abbie goes to FBI camp, Crane will go to Rochester to meet with Professor Cranston. Jenny is  unavailable because she's hunting Summerian artifacts with Joe.

Speaking of, Jenny is researching the artifact in her not brand new trailer that Joe did not inappropriately buy her. No one knows anything about the artifact other than it goes on sale tomorrow night. And oh, by the way, why the hell did you buy that trailer Jenny rejected, Joe? He tells Jenny it's because he wanted to be the one wearing the pants in the relationship for once. Ah, Joe. Not gonna happen. You don't get to ever touch Jenny's stuff, Joe.

In the meantime, Abbie and Sophie have found their way to FBI camp. Agent Caleb Haas Robbie Malone explains the rules: they'll be in teams, with a map, and have 48 hours to get to a specific location. Abbie and Sophie are on the same team, and Reynolds has arranged to give another agent appendicitis so he can step in and be their third. Abbie plays it cool saying, "Pshaw. Like I care." Sophie is a little more reluctant to join the repressed love group. And can I just say 10 minutes have gone by and not a soul has been eaten or attacked by a monster/spirit/demon/necromancer/ghost? Is this Days of Our Lives or Sleepy Hollow? (Well, Days did have that one time Marlena had to be exorcised).

Abbie and Sophie quickly ditch "Danny" for some girl talk in the woods.... about other dimensions and crazy ass scary movies like Friday the 13th. No wonder Danny is scarce. Sophie gives Abbie her backstory and explains that's why she's so good at rolling with the spooky. Danny and Caleb Haas (I mean come on, he looks just like him) finally catch up to the girls when Agent Reynolds veers off path finding an old well. It looks old. Like 1600s old. And like something has busted out of it. Nevermind that, says Caleb, I'm ignoring the monster implications and reporting this to the Rangers. And there's our monster. Sort of. A growly noise comes out of the well...And nothing happens. Well, at least it was something.

A little later on, Abbie politely points out that Agent Reynolds has led them in a circle through the woods. Rather than be a man and ask for directions, he throws down the coonskin cap and taunts Abbie, asking if "Miss Davie Crocket" can do any better. Of course she can, Danny. But when Abbie tries to make nice, telling Agent Reynolds she's glad they're together because she has some things to tell him, Danny takes his map back and stomps off. He doesn't want to hear it Abbie! His love has an expiration date and you're too late! Sheesh.

At the swanky Sumerian artifact auction party (sponsored by Stay Puft) Joe and Jenny await the big reveal of what artifact will be for sale. They're shocked and appalled to learn it is part of Pandora's box. Hope they brought a lot of money! They need to buy that and keep it away from Pandora and H.O.

Back in the woods, it's looking like Lord of the Flies as Caleb sharpens a spear. It's only been a couple of hours, right? Surely it's not time to kill Piggy yet. It is time for our first monster, though! And it's a white walker. Where's Jon Snow when you need him? The white walker tries to kill Caleb, who doesn't even get a chance to use his spear. Abbie and Sophie manage to fight it off while Reynolds is nowhere to be found. Convenient. When he does get there, Sophie claims a coyote attacked Caleb. Say what? says Reynolds. They get a makeshift stretcher together and Abbie hands the conch spear to Danny and says, "lead the way, dude!"

Reynolds takes off giving Abbie and Sophie time to compare notes. On Caleb's camera is a photo of the well. Dutch words written around the well say, "Verslinder" which means devourer. Sounds fun.
Sophie wants to tell Reynolds what's going on. Abbie does not. Instead she wants Danny and Sophie to carry poor Caleb out of the woods while she goes monster hunting on her own. Sophie hesitates for a nano second before hightailing it out of there with Danny.

Abbie is busy searching for the white walker when she starts having symbol flashbacks. A Beautiful Mind, Abbie! She gets the flip out under control just in time to fight off the white walker. She manages to cut off its arm only to watch it grow right back. Now what? Sophie! That's what. And she has the spear. Facing double trouble, the white walker takes off. Abbie shares the bad news with Sophie: because it can regenerate they may not be able to kill it. Sophie shares her bad news: more words from the well, "There is no end." Sophie tells Abbie, "All that supernatural shit sucks, but hey, at least you got Crane out of the deal." Very. Good. Point. Sophie. She is my new favorite character.

The trio find an abandoned cabin and decide to make camp there for the night. Reynolds doesn't want to stay, though. He wants to go out overnight by himself to get help. Abbie tries to tell him, "Danny, don't be a hero." And boy does that piss him off. "I'm in charge! Dammit!" he says. Serious man of the house issues there, Daniel. And oh by the way, he never wanted her back. In the FBI. He won't tell her why because she won't tell him where she was. And he's mad. And leaving. Fine. Be that way.

At the Pandora's box auction bidding is underway. Jenny offers $100,000 of Joe's money. So it's okay for Joe to spend his money on another woman's box but not okay to buy you a trailer? When another bidder takes the lead, Joe bids $1,000,000! How much money does this dude have? But when Joe tries to collect the box it turns his eyeballs inside out and he goes in a trance. Jenny's touch pulls him back leaving Joe confused as to what just happened. You and me both, Joe. Turns out it was a silent alarm that alerts Pandora to the box's presence.

Back at the cabin in the woods, Sophie has pulled a Crane, finding an old journal to Cranesplain the monster they're dealing with. Colonialback! But with no Betsy Ross (phew) and no Crane (bummer). The journal details how a Dutch village was massacred by the monster so an English trapper and his brother were hired to trap and dispose of the monster. When the monster scratched his brother he died from his wounds. And then rose from the dead as a white walker. Oh, time to look behind you at Caleb ladies! Yep. He's a white walker now, too. Run!

Abbie and Sophie manage to survive the attack and knock him out. Being the smart girls they are, they tie him up and hope to find a solution before he gets stronger and goes after them again. Abbie recalls a book from the archive (Crane would be so proud!) about this sort of thing. The key is to kill the source monster and that will cure the victim. When Sophie cracks a joke about needing antibiotics, Abbie gets an idea. She thinks she has a way to defeat the monster.

Meanwhile, Joe and Jenny are trying to make their way home with the box when they're stopped first by another buyer with a gun and then Pandora. When the crazy buyer takes a shot at Pandora she gets distracted killing him allowing Joe and Jenny to run away. Pandora just can't catch a break.

Abbie has meanwhile concocted a medicine of sorts using natural herbs and stuff from the forest. She thinks it's enough to stop the monster. Sophie and Abbie are ready to go fight the monster with their smelly meds.

And it's Crane time! So he is still on the show. He's hanging with Mr. Cranston who has discovered the medallion is made out of a form of Bronze but was made before the Bronze Age. And it's not one medallion, it's two! Somebody got a deal at Wal-Mart. When the two pieces are put together they are more powerful. "Never underestimate the power of a natural bond," says Cranston. Hint hint cough cough Ichabbie. When Cranston leaves the room Ichabod remembers the tablet he brought back with him was also made of two pieces. He grabs it out of his bag (because of course he brought it with him) and discovers an indention shaped like the symbol on the back of both sides. When he places the two pieces of medallion on each tablet he is pulled into a vision showing him all that's been happening with Abbie and the white walker. And a fat lot of good it does him. Crane is now frantic to find Abbie, but has no idea where she is.

Unfortunately, Pandora knows exactly where Joe and Jenny are. Pandy goes all Darth Vader on Jenny, choking her with the force. Joe desperately grabs the box hoping Pandora will take it and leave Jenny alone. Instead it starts to unleash what I assume is the Wendigo, the creature Joe once turned into and was supposedly cured of. Joe slashes Pandora and that's enough to cause her to go running away. He tries to get Jenny to leave, but Belle Jenny won't do it. She's staying with her beast. And true love's faithfulness cures Joe. Mrs. Potts will be so pleased!

In the woods, Sophie and Abbie decide to split up to lure the white walker out into the open. It chooses Abbie to go after first. She runs him through with the spear (is it covered in medicine?) but it doesn't do anything. Instead the white walker takes off after Sophie. She too runs it through with a spear. Again. Nothing. And oh my god Crane is here! He fires a bullet into the monster. Could he look any more dashing? With one final stab of the spear by Abbie, the monster disintegrates. Now whose the hero?

It's time for some explanations, please. Crane tells Abbie how he found her: by using the medallion he felt like he was right in the room with her. So he stole the Blavatsky map from Professor Cranston, a map that tracks demonic presences. And just like that he was there to save her. Abbie and Crane figure out the symbol might not be evil after all. Says Crane, "Sometimes the things we think will hurt us will actually save us." I sure hope so you two!

Back at FBI headquarters, Abbie heads in to see Reynolds. Abbie tells Danny that the "us" that is them isn't over. But it's not romantic? At least I hope that's what she said. And then she quotes Crane. Phew!

Meanwhile, Joe is having a crisis at Jenny's trailer. He knows now the Wendigo is still inside him and isn't at all comforted to know the box that triggered it's reappearance is hidden. He wants to leave Jenny to protect her, but she's not having it. Joe's staying put dammit!

And at our not so happy couple's lair, H.O. is pissed that some other guy was mean to his wife. He's the only one who gets to do that! Pandy thinks she's about to get all her power back from H.O., but no. He's decided that the thing to do is destroy the witnesses. You've got to be kidding me!!! Screams Pandy. Actually she just stands there and takes it as usual while H.O. disintegrates into dust particles because.... ?? We'll not find out tonight as Pandora shrugs her shoulders and looks into her water to reveal Abbie and Crane with the symbol. Hmmm....

Next time on Sleepy Hollow: Ichabbie and Pandora go all Legends of Tomorrow, teaming up to bring down the Hidden One. As Crane says, "It's mind blowing!"

What did you think of tonight's episode? Was there enough Crane? Did we really need Sophie and Abbie wandering in the woods? Let us know! Until next time Sleepyheads!

Sleepy Hollow Recap: "Into the Wild" Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 12:36 AM Rating: 5


  1. loved the recap and I actually enjoyed the episode, hopefully the next one will as good as that one (and Boobsy Ross-less!)

  2. The Blavatsky map Crane referred to was the one Joenny brought to the archive a couple of eps ago. No Crane theft.


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