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Sleepy Hollow Recap: Sins of the Father

Previously on Sleepy Hollow, nothing happened between Crane and Abbie. Everyone felt sorry for themselves. And that's where we pick up tonight, with the Hidden One feeling blue. He's lounging in bed. Huh. Figured he was an up all night kinda guy. His grouchy wife, Pandora, is up and about contemplating going all Farah Fawcett "Burning Bed" on the man who stole her power. To make up for it, he bestows some power on Pandy, but it's not nearly enough for her. H.O. could give a crap telling her, "Yeah? Now you know how I feel. Sucks don't it!" Or rather something about "woe is me," but I don't care. Are Abbie and Crane making an appearance soon?

Nope! We're off to "Cops", Sleepy Hollow style. The bad boys tonight are Atticus Nevins who has been stopped by a single solitary police officer. Before our officer can make his hero's collar of the FBI's most wanted (are terrorists not in existence any more?), he gets attacked by the large and growly bear! Or some such monster.

We're not to know because Ichabod is singing! Opera! His song of choice? "O Sole Mio." Obviously a love song for Abbie. The lyrics in English: "It's my own sun | that's in your face! | The sun, my own sun | It's in your face!" And he's cooking! And lighting candles! And there are flowers! And wine! And here's Abbie! I may pass out.

Abbie's not as impressed as I am. She thinks Crane needs to stop spoiling her. Really?? Ichabod presses ahead, reminding her of their double date at the movies with Miss Jenny and Joe. The movie choice, ET, does not go over well either when Crane refers to it as a movie about a "diminutive being stranded far from home." Abbie says she'll pass. She's standing Crane up for both dinner and the movie choosing instead to go practice some rounds at the gun range. Abbie also reveals she's been keeping a journal of her time in the boring land. Ichabod seems to understand she wants to leave and says goodbye with a fond "tenente," Italian for Leftenant.

Meanwhile, Joe is driving Jenny to go meet her AWOL father. She's agreed to meet him at a diner, but it looks like this Mills sister is also going to stand up her date. As soon as he starts talking, Jenny starts to have second thoughts about the meeting. "Jennifer" takes papa up on his offer to just listen to what she has to say. It's not pretty, as she tells him how angry she is. Turns out Mr. Mills ran away and joined the Navy when he couldn't deal with their mother's mental illness. By the time he got out, their mother was dead. He just wants Jenny and Abbie to know it wasn't their fault. And can he meet with Abbie?

This might not be a good time as she's busy with her PTSD at the gun range, missing her target badly while Agent Reynolds shows off, lighting up the center of his target. But don't think this is a date. Abbie is not pleased to see "Danny" there. Me either Abbie. He makes another play to try and convince Abbie to trust him again. She puts him off, too. No men for Abbie tonight. A mysterious anonymous text message distracts her. It says if she wants to save lives, she needs to see someone alone now. Turns out the message is from crazy Nevins who has not been eaten by a bear. He shows her the dead officer and says an inhuman creature did it (not him) and she needs to help him. Now.

Abbie takes Nevins to the Headless Containment Cell where Joe and Jenny play bad cop while Crane and Abbie watch through the looking glass. Nevins reveals that Pandora stole his spleen when he failed to get her the Eye of Providence. In for a penny, in for a pound. Nevins wants them to help him get out of the country or he won't tell them what he knows about the large and growly bear. So Crane goes old school, pulling out one of Washington's interrogation tactics: feeding the prisoner. Turns out humane treatment gets results: Nevins chows down and finally gives up his info. (Oh, and Sophie is there now, too. Almost the whole FBI!).

While serving in the Gulf War, Nevins went all Hurt Locker and took a crew to find a cave filled with Iraqi gold. Joe's dad, Sheriff Corbin was also along for the ride. They find the gold nicely laid out and Nevins is ready to grab it. Corbin has some misgivings, thinking it's all just a bit too easy. And he's right. As the men start to pick up the gold, a monster attacks. Nevins and Corbin escape, setting off a grenade as they run away. Corbin stayed obsessed with the creature, so Nevins wants a look at his old files. Abbie hopefully not foolishly lets Nevins out of his handcuffs allowing him to reveal a secret trap door to a secret trap file with a secret trap monster in it. Ichabod assumes his role of official reader and informs the gang the file says they're dealing with a guard ghoul. (Not to be confused with a guard ghost or the less popular guard demon). They protect sacred temples and crypts. It's only weakness? The Auburn War Eagle Aurum Scarabaeus Sacer, a golden scarab. Across town, Nevins' leftovers are hoping to steal some stuff to get in Randall's good graces (the other resident sacred relic bad guy collector). But the only treasure waiting for them is the pearly gates: the ghoul is there and makes quick work of them, killing both.

The next day, or some other time, Abbie is back at FBI headquarters trying to get ready for a briefing when Jenny decides to tell her she saw their father. Jenny tells Abbie that he wants to see her. Abbie responds with as much emotion as she's been showing about everything else, which is none. What's one more piece of shit on the turd pile? Abbie heads to the briefing which is focused on the ghoul killing of those two dudes and the missing Nevins. Not only does Abbie not share what she knows, she starts to see a fiery symbol burning on the glass wall of the briefing room. "Beautiful," says Abbie. "What in the world is going on with you Miss Abbie because you are not yourself!!" says Sophie. Or rather, "Hey, you okay?" she says.

Meanwhile, Crane is watching over Nevins via CCTV. Nevins scratches in the ground that he wants more chicken, pissing off Ichabod. Nevins also asks, "Where the hell is Headless? This is Sleepy Hollow, right?" Okay. So that's just me. Abbie finds Crane and tells him it looks like Randall has the scarab that controls the ghoul. The next thing we know, Joe and Sophie are searching a warehouse to find where Randall has stashed the ghoul. They find a crate that looks ghoul-sized, but before they can open it Randall shows up. (Is it really a good idea to open the ghoul cage to see if it's in there?).  Oh, but you're all wrong. There isn't a ghoul in the crate, it's a shit load of money. It dawns on Joe and Sophie that Randall is not the one controlling the ghoul. Jenkies! And that's the end of Randall. The ghoul sticks his arm right through his chest. Right through his chest! Holy Cannoli!

So Joe decides the best thing to do is attack the ghoul. He tries to take him down like Lawrence Taylor hitting Joe Theismann, but Joe is the one that ends up knocked down. Sophie tries a gun, but that doesn't work either. Just before the ghoul is about to snap Joe's neck, it leaves. It dawns on Joe and Sophie that Randall couldn't be the one controlling the ghoul because of the whole open heart surgery it just did on him. So that means Nevins must be controlling it.

Jenny calls Abbie and Crane to warn them. Unfortunately, Nevins is sitting right next to them eating his chicken. And in the second grossest moment of the show, the scarab crawls out of the scar on Nevins body from where Pandora took his spleen. Nevins has had control of the scarab since the Gulf War making him the only man to control anything in the Middle East for more than two decades. He used the scarab to make the ghoul kill his own men so he could have the gold for himself.

Like any good Scooby Doo villan, Nevins explains that he's been using the ghoul to get access to, well, I'm not sure. Suffice it to say, he wanted Sheriff Corbin's old super secret files. The ones that show where all monsters and treasures in the world are kept. He then sticks the scarab in the ghoul and tells it to get Abbie and Crane, making his escape. While Crane fights the ghoul with an original American flag, Abbie multi-tasks, calling Jenny, telling her to get Nevins while shooting two guns at the ghoul. Crane tells Abbie to target the scarab in the ghoul's chest thinking it may be his achilles heel. They then bust out of the archive through some windows A-Team style to run away.

The ghoul follows them, and Abbie has a crisis of ability, telling Crane she can't hit a target that small. (Remember her poor show at the shooting range earlier?) Ichabod says, "Jesus, Abbie! I'm defending us with a trash can lid! Shoot the damn thing!" Abbie is seriously frozen, unable to shoot even as the ghoul threatens to choke the life out of Crane. Images from her time in the other world flash through her head before she finally summons the courage to shoot, nailing the ghoul in the scarab. The ghoul is down, and Crane gives Abbie an encouraging smile.

It's bad news in the tunnels, though, as Nevins has managed to grab Jenny and is holding a gun to her head. He tells Joe to toss his gun or he will hurt her. Joe's aghast. "You were family, Nevins!" Not so much. Nevins says Sheriff Corbin hated him. Joe tries to reach Nevins on an emotional level, telling him they both loved Sheriff Corbin. Nevins doesn't want any part of this kumbaya, but does let Jenny go, pushing her into Joe's arms. Joe and Jenny head back to her trailer to relax and recover from the ghoul battle. They commiserate over the loss of their fathers and their growing love and understanding of each other. It's a sweet moment.

Abbie decides to go see her father, mostly because she wants information about her mother's mental illness and how it started. Abbie clearly thinks she may be going crazy. Her dad doesn't have encouraging news. He says it was like she was living in two different realities, similar to what Abbie's been feeling. She tells him maybe that's just what happens to Mills women, they go crazy and die alone. Her dad tries to offer help, to be there for her, but she refuses him. Telling him she has "people for that now." It's an emotional heartbreaking moment.

Meanwhile, back at the FBI, Agent Reynolds gets a call from his boss, Jack Walters. Walters has heard that Abbie's a little crazy now, but Reynolds says he's got it control. Oh, and Walters wants Danny to back off the search for Nevins. Why would he do this? Well, Walters is working with Nevins having offered to help him escape if Nevins gives Walters the Corbin files of the "9 sacred sites." Nevins does, but instead of a ticket out of the country, it's wham, bam, thank you Nevins. Walters puts a bullet in Nevins' head as thanks for all his efforts.

At home, Crane is contemplating a sandwich (as only Ichabod could do) when Abbie walks in. "Bologna on wheat? That's the Charlie Brown of sandwiches," she says. "The bald boy with the awful luck? Good grief!" says Crane. And I love it. Abbie finally confesses to Crane that she's not handling things all that well, but she knows he understands. In a tender moment, Crane reassures her he will be by her side, just as she was when he returned to Sleepy Hollow. Oh just hug already! Abbie tells Crane she could really use a beer, and sends him down to the tavern to order the first round and save her a seat. Says she'll be there in 20 minutes. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Because what she's really doing is going out to her garage where she has a white washed version of the gold symbol she saw earlier in the day painted on her wall. Abbie also has her journal with her, and it's filled with the same symbol over and over again. Abbie kneels before it, crossing her arms to resemble the symbol, saying, "You saved me. I'm yours." Abbie! You were supposed to say that to Crane five minutes earlier! What kind of love can you get from this thing? Oh this is so frustrating.

What do you make of the symbol worship? And will Abbie actually show up for that beer with Crane or will she have a good time in the wood shed instead? Until next time, Sleepyheads!
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