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Sleepy Hollow Recap: Delaware

Tonight's episode of Sleepy Hollow is entitled, "Delaware." Didn't we just cross this river last week with George Washington? Maybe like Catacombs Abbie we're doomed to spend all eternity stuck in Delaware hell: where Abbie loves Reynolds and Crane has no one. On to the show!

Previously on Sleepy Hollow: The Hidden One abuses Pandora, Crane wants to drag Abbie back to the catacombs to help Pandora with her box, and Reynolds is kissing Abbie! Not cool, mister. Oh and Betsy sewed a flag. Tadum!

As tonight's episode starts, Crane is practicing his barista moves. (Remember when he didn't know what Starbucks was or why there was one on every corner? Now he could work there!)

Crane has made a cappuccino for the just come home Abbie complete with a swirly latte Crane. And he wants Abbie to embrace him the fruits of life with a full heart.

Abbie's down with that. She's drinking the latte and Crane it tastes good! Oh, and Abbie knows the way to Crane's heart: a gourmet donut. Could she be any cuter wiping the crumbs off Crane's beard? And that's the end of the show! Crane and Abbie live forever in domestic bliss.

Ha. Down at the archives, Crane and Abbie tell the Monster Club they're going to the catacombs to fix Pandora's box to stop the Hidden One. Jenny's pissed. She doesn't trust Pandy and her stupid ass boyfriend. "Husand," says Pandora. She didn't correct the "stupid ass" part. Sophie's not down with it either. Aaaaaand Reynolds is here. *unenthused voice* Welcome to Monster Club Danny yay.

It doesn't really matter what the club wants, though, because we're only 8 hours away from the end of the world. Side Ask: If the Hidden One destroys the world does he destroy the whole thing or does he keep a burnt out shell to hang out unhidden in all alone? Oh, and Pandy's sitting this one out. It may be her box, but it's the witnesses burden to fix. She's staying behind to help fight the Hidden One.

And we're off! Oh, nope. Wait. Betsyback. She made a flag. She cried. Snap out of it Crane! He nearly crashes the car with him and Abbie (and their row boat???) thinking back to December 1776. Crane can't figure out what happened to Betsy after she came back from the catacombs. They never spoke after her trip there other than one Dear John letter from Betsy ending their friendship. I don't suppose telling Crane, "And that allowed you to hook up with Katrina!" would make him feel better.

Meanwhile, at Monster Club, Pandora tells the gang THO will take the hourglass (which I know does something but at this point don't care) to Bear Mountain (NY not Tahoe) and pose with it like a boss, savoring his victory. Bear Mountain it is! The team is going to use it's magic against THO and stop him. So why are Crane and Abbie going to the catacombs? Oh, because.

Abbie and Crane are crossing the Delaware, waving Betsy Ross's flag, singing the national anthem, waiting for something to happen... That's why Abbie and Crane needed the row boat. They're replicating Washington's crossing with Betsy to get to the catacombs. It works! Betsy's flag teleports Crane and Abbie to the River Styx, that mythical gateway to the underworld. Oh, good. This bodes well.

Being on the river to the land of the dead makes Abbie feel morbid, focusing on the number of times she and Crane have been killed and all the people they love who they've lost. Crane tries to cheer Abbie up by telling her what a great partner she is. "Better than Betsy? Better than Washington?" says Abbie. Nay contest, Abbie. You're the winner hands down, says Crane. We interrupt this moving Ichabbie moment to bring you a bunch of dead bodies. Washington's crew is still lying there on the shore, 200 years later, frozen in death.

At Bear Mountain, Pandora is playing scout leader, telling the crew to put poles around the mountain where the ley lines cross. It's gonna do something to stop THO. Reynolds is not a fan of her leadership style. Get used to it, says Joe.

Abbie and Crane meanwhile have found a note from Betsy on one of the bodies of Washington's crew. While they were crossing the Delaware a saboteur on the boat attacked and managed to take out the whole crew. Except Crane knows Betsy and Washington made it to the catacombs, got the Eye of Providence, and came back. Uh, but no, says Abbie. She points out that Crane said Betsy was very different when she came back. "Like a different person," says Crane. He thinks maybe the real Betsy never came back. Like in some kind of Susan and Sharon Parent Trap swap? Abbie's not buying it. She's sure the real Betsy came back and rejected Crane. I swear! I am convinced this Ross character is going to pop up any minute now and reveal herself to still be alive.

Meanwhile, THO's meditation on Bear Mountain is interrupted by the sounds of the Monster Club hammering home their ley line trap. Suddenly things turn into a Hitchcock disaster movie as THO sends birds and Biblical storms raining down on the crew. Everyone except Pandora scrambles for cover.

While all hell is breaking lose at home, in actual hell, things are pretty quiet. Crane and Abbie are still searching the dead bodies for clues how to get to the catacombs. Oh crap! Except those dead guys are coming to life! One attacks Crane but Abbie manages to cut him in half. Crane still ends up having to run the still alive half through with a sword. Once the zombie stops moving, Crane pulls a necklace off the body. It's a dark magic charm which curses the wearer with eternal life. He seemed pretty dead so "eternal life" must be a pretty loose term. Crane then figures out a bunch of stuff. What it ultimately tells us is this: Betsy left a coded message in the letter they found.

We'll have to wait to find out what it says as we're headed back to Bear Mountain where the crew has weathered the storm getting hit only with a tiny evergreen branch. Weak sauce, THO. The storm was powerful enough to break Pandy's compass though so now they don't know where the ley lines are. Joe has to go back to Jenny's trailer to consult an old map and text them the location of the ley lines. Reynolds assigns Jenny to go keep a watch out for THO while the rest of them march importantly off the screen.

Who cares? Cause Abbie and Crane are holding hands! We're not worried about the letter any more. Abbie and Crane have found a portal to the catacombs and are ready to cross over together. The couple heads through the looking glass and disappears.

At Jenny's trailer Joe finds the map and quickly starts trying to pinpoint the ley lines. Meanwhile, Jenny wins hide and seek at Bear Mountain, locating THO and his hourglass. She wants to shoot him, or the hourglass, or something, but Reynolds says no way! Uh, this is Miss Jenny. She doesn't follow orders. Instead, she marches, gun out, towards THO. As she's charging, Joe is trying to head back to Bear Mountain having texted the ley line coordinates. Unfortunately, Jenny's dad has come visiting. He wants to know if it's a bad time for a visit.

Yeah, kinda, Papa Mills. Your daughter has just spent spotted by THO and dragged off her feet. But Jenny gets in the line of the night, "I don't know what I hate about you most. The way you talk, or the way you treat women." This pisses of THO enough for him to suck the love out of Jenny (it sounds grosser than it is) and shoot that love into the air in the form of a green light that he then hits Joe with. This turns Joe into the Wendigo. For all time, says THO. This would break Jenny's heart but you took all her love away so what's left in her to care? You know who does care? Mr. Mills. He's thinking he picked a hell of a day to stop by. Joedigo underlines this by going after Papa Mills, trying to kill him.

Oblivious to all this are Sophie and Reynolds who are having a tactical debate about how to attack THO, unaware their partners are in serious danger. Pandora tells them to knock it off and get to work. Finish laying the ley lines and she will try and lay out THO to buy them some time.

It may not be too hard to take on THO because Jenny has somehow gotten away? She rolls up on Joe trying to Wendigo her father and fires a gun into the air. This definitely gets Joe's attention. Papa Mills doesn't care for Jenny's plan to try and "get through" to Joe. She finally realizes it's not going to work and shoots Joe with a tracking bullet, then hightails it out of there with her dad.

Commercial time! Oh, no, wait. That's just Sleepy Hollow showing off the features of some Ford. It comes with handy side and rear mirrors to keep you from going over the edge of a cliff while attending your daughter's soccer game (or laying ley lines against evil gods). Reynolds and Sophie have driven to the top of Bear Mountain to plant the last of the poles. Sophie says she's sorry she kept Monster Club a secret. But she's not the only one with secrets. Reynolds confesses to spying on Abbie in an off the books operation. She clearly was an asset because Abbie is a witness. I didn't hear you telling Abbie about that, Reynolds, when you all were "reconnecting" the other night. How's she going to feel about that secret? He thinks if he helps save the world it will make it all better.

We have arrived! Crane and Abbie make it to the catacombs. Abbie's chess pieces are still there. Both confess to having "fake" conversations with the other while Abbie was trapped and gone. Now they're both trapped, and Abbie's realizing that she beat this prison the first time around. It empowers her. Following Pandora's directions, Crane and Abbie find the secret entrance to an inner chamber. (Where a holographic Thomas Jefferson awaits? Or Miss Ross?) Yup. There at the base of a tomb is a dead Betsy Ross. Or is she? She looks pretty fresh. Now a real Ford commercial. Damn! And we're back. Upon closer inspection, Crane finds no signs of life on Betsy. Crane believes the magic of the room preserved her body. He thinks she deserved a better end than this.

Back in the Hollow, Jenny is about to explain things to her dad when Papa Mills surprises her with the fact that he is an OMC (original monster cluber). He knows all about the supernatural. He's known about all this crazy stuff since before Abbie and Jenny were born. He was a pal of Corbin and Nevins in the army. Papa Mills has everything they need to save Joe, and he wants to go do that before he gives any more answers. Focus Jenny!

In the catacombs, yeah, Betsy's alive. While Crane is planning a short funeral (really?) Abbie notices that Betsy is breathing. Joy. Abbie looks absolutely thrilled. Crane is stunned. Betsy is Betsy. Another gal for the Monster Club. Is there anyone in this show not in the club?

Pandora. She's not in. She is confronting THO though, telling him he never loved her. Yup, you're right says THO. Oh and he's going to kill Pandy when the hourglass thing is up. While that's happening, Reynolds and Sophie have got the last pole in place starting the "disturbance." A big "keep out Voldemort" type of electrical wall. Piertotum Locomotor!

Back in the underworld, Betsy is chatting away a mile a minute, clearly thinking no time has passed and that Ichabod is there to rescue her. Crane has the awkward job of introducing "Miss Elizabeth Ross" to "Miss Abigail Mills." Neither is pleased to meet either.

And back to Jenny and Papa Mills. While they wait for Wendijoe to show up, Jenny asks why her dad thinks he needs to help Joe for August Corbin's sake. He says something confusing about he had to leave town to protect Jenny and Abbie, but before he can explain Joe shows up. Jenny quickly performs the ritual to change Joe. But it so does not work. So Jenny has to shoot Joe to stop him from killing her father. And that's the end of Joe. Well that sucks.

I guess I need to watch until the end, but Joe is dead, Betsy is alive, and Pandora and THO are still here! Blech. THO avada kedavra's the disturbance, destroying it as the last sand falls in the hourglass. He lifts the hourglass and it goes all red and crazy. Is it supposed to do that? Check the manual. Oh, yep, it's good. It worked. He's all red and ready to burn the world. The way this episode is going, please, burn baby burn.

And Crane's ready for some answers, demanding Betsy tell him how she's still alive. Betsy says she and Washington made it to this very chamber and found the Eye of Providence. Washington was ready to leave, but Betsy got greedy and wanted to grab the golden idol, sending a big boulder chasing down after her and GW. Actually, she lingered and got trapped while Washington made it out. Washington left her. So Betsy was left and finally gave up hope, falling asleep? Oh, and she wants to know how the war is going. The Revolutionary War. She thinks it should be the new year of 1777.

We're just gonna leave that right there for now, with Abbie pondering how to tell this lady that it's been centuries since she disappeared. And that's it? Boo. Next time on Sleepy Hollow: the season (series?) finale! Looks like Headless will be back. He's been sorely missed.

Sooooo..... what did you think? This episode left me torn between loving those intimate scenes between Ichabod and Abbie and hating everything else. Let us know below!
Sleepy Hollow Recap: Delaware Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 11:08 PM Rating: 5

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