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Outlander Recap: Untimely Resurrection (S2.E5)

Previously on Outlander... The best laid dinner plans of Frasers often go awry...

As this episode begins, Claire finds herself waiting up all night as Jamie has been carted off to the Bastille for going all Batman on his dinner party guests.

When Jamie returns the next morning he finds Claire still awake and wee Fergus having just passed out unable to stay awake for his master's return. Everyone has been set free from the prison except for Alex Randall. (One Randall in prison is better than no Randall at all). Claire insists that she and Jamie help get Alex released. Jamie isn't so sure as he's anti-all things Randall. But there's no one else to help. The Duke of Sandringham won't do it as he has fired Alex and publicly disowned him. Instead it's going to take a letter from Mary swearing Alex did not attack her.

Leaving Alex behind for the moment, the two focus on St. Germain and his budding relationship with Bonnie Prince Charlie. These two bosom buddies are not as benign as Kip and Henry. Jamie decides to have Murtagh follow St. Germain to keep an eye on him and see if they can tie him to the attack on Claire and Mary. Oh, and by the way Mr. James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, why is it exactly that the attackers thought Claire was La Dame Blanche? Weeeelll... Jamie may have told a prostitute that was trying to mate with him that his wife was a witch. Claire, still fresh from being not a witch, is more than slightly offended. Cue cute looks and blushing from Jamie.

The next morning, Murtagh has found Jamie at the office to deliver his report: he's got nothing on St. Germain. But Murtagh has discovered that the men who attacked Claire and Mary are most likely a gang of aristocrats. Initiation into the gang requires taking a woman's virginity. Les Disgusting! Murtagh also wants to apologize for not protecting Claire and Mary. He says he failed Jamie. Jamie's look says it all, "Yes, you did. And I won't hold it against you. But you better damn well make it right." Jamie tells him to find out if St. Germain was behind the attack. Murtagh swears vengeance on the bastards.

Across town Claire visits Mary to make sure she is recovering from the rape. Mary is healing physically, blames herself for what happened, but is glad it means she won't have to marry the wart faced man her uncle picked out for her. Instead, she wants to marry Alex and Mary's written a letter to secure his release. Claire takes the letter, but in a moment of panic, considers burning it. If Mary marries Alex then Frank will never be born because she's supposed to marry Black Jack. Clearly Claire did not get the "Fuck Frank" memo.

Back at the winery Bonnie Prince Charlie arrives to dump some more crap in Jamie's lap. Bonnie C tells Jamie he's arranged a partnership with the St. Germain to purchase some alcohol. All Chuck has to do is drop 10k on St. Germain so he can bring in a boatload of spirits. If BPC sells enough (and brings in enough clients) he will make his money back and make enough to fund his invasion of Britain. And he gets a brand new pink cadillac! Jamie is not impressed, and expresses his concern about St. Germain's devil worshiping tendencies. Ack, says Chuck. I don't care if he's the devil or that your wife is a witch, we're all in for London baby! 

Meanwhile, Claire is playing anti-Cupid to Alex and Mary. She manages to convince Alex to let Mary go (for Mary's good, you know) using Alex's illness as an excuse. Alex, loving Mary as he does, wouldn't dream of condemning her to life with an invalid. Yea, Claire, much worse than being married to a, what was it? A fucking sadistic piece of shit. Always good to turn recent rape victims over to a rapist all so a boring man can be born sometime in the future. Jesus, God, Claire. Oh wait, that comes later.

All this makes the meeting between Jamie and St. Germain seem quaint. Jamie refuses to speak French, the Comte refuses to speak English. So childish gentlemen. St. Germain swears he will have revenge on Claire and Jamie swears the Comte will live to regret ever having even uttered a word to Claire. Oh, and they'll do this thing for Charlie but that's it.

At home Claire realizes the perfect way to stop the Comte and Bonnie P. They will give the crew bringing in the moneymaker shipment herbs that will simulate small pox. That way the shipment will be burned and Charlie won't get any money. In the meantime, Jamie has a gift for Claire: apostles spoons, a gift handed down through the generations in his family. It's for her and the baby. And they all lived happily ever after. The End!

Or not. Let's keep going. Sigh. The next day finds Jamie and Claire at the King's stables. Jamie has a date with Sandringham to help him pick out some horses and Claire has a date with a sadist. But first, she clearly has some dishes to finish as she's left her yellow rubber gloves on. Jamie and the Duke inspect the horses and talk Charlie. The Duke thinks he's a moron, Jamie agrees, but says he supports Charlie's father. Claire, meanwhile, having excused herself for feeling ill, gets stuck touring the gardens with Miss Annalise, Jamie's old flame. Miss Anna is all, Jamie was this that and the other thing when I knew him. Claire puts her in her place and then finds herself face to face with another ass, Black Jack Randall himself.

Anna helpfully runs away (to find Jamie) leaving Claire to fend for herself with BJR. Just when things get heated between the two, King Louis arrives to be very helpfully French. With great disdain, Louis mocks Black Jack for his poor French accent. This whole scene is enough to make me love the French and crack me up. Unfortunately, Jamie shows up to bring the tension right back up. He and Black Jack exchange strained pleasantries (this scene really makes me miss the moment in the book when Black Jack sees Claire. He believes Jamie to be dead so when Jamie rounds the corner it's enough to give BJR a heart attack. Pity we didn't get to witness that.)

King Louis forces Black Jack to his knees (careful! we all know what the BJ in BJR stands for!) and makes him practice begging the Duke to re-hire his brother, Alex, before telling Randall to get up. It's all just a joke. Claire quickly decides to fake illness (again) to get Jamie away from Black Jack. But before they can get clean away Jamie leaves Claire and goes back to Randall. We don't get to hear the conversation, but it seems surprisingly pleasant, and Jamie doesn't even flinch when BJR reaches out and touches him. Jamie returns to Claire and informs her Black Jack has agreed to a duel saying he owed Jamie a death (a call back to the promise Jack made to Jamie in prison when he agreed he would kill Jamie at the end of a night of torture. some cows kept him from fulfilling that promise).

When Jamie and Claire arrive home he gleefully goes inside to get ready for the duel. Claire, however, takes off like a shot to the Bastille. Upon returning she tells Jamie she's put a stop to the duel by swearing a criminal complaint against Black Jack, accusing him of being the man who attacked her and Mary. Claire knows it won't hold BJR for long, but she's hoping it will give her time to speak to Jamie. She wants him to promise not to kill Black Jack. Because you know, Frank. WHAT????????????????? says Jamie. "Did you not get the Fuck Frank memo, Claire??" he says. 

Claire begs him to wait one year before killing Randall so that he and Mary can wed and give birth to Frank's ancestor so that one day Frank can be born and fuck Claire, Jamie's wife. Appalled and betrayed doesn't begin to cover how Jamie feels about this request. So Claire ups the ante, telling Jamie he owes her a life as she has saved his life not once, but twice. Because he's an honorable man, Jamie agrees to abstain from killing BJR for one year, but it comes at a heavy price for Claire. When she tries to touch him he rebuffs her, a stark contrast to when he let Black Jack lay his hand on him. It's going to be a long cold night at Fraser Manor. 

What did you think of the episode? Were there any moments from the book you missed or that you thought the show did better? Let us know in the comments below!
Outlander Recap: Untimely Resurrection (S2.E5) Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 10:57 PM Rating: 5

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