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The Flash Recap: Invincible (S2.E23)

Is it really a good idea to taunt fate by naming your episode "Invincible?" Bad things, man.

Previously on The Flash... Zoom sucks.

Tonight, Central City is on fire, completely overrun by metahumans from Earth 2. Joe and Captain Singh are about to go all Napoleon at Waterloo as they fall under attack by an army of the metas. The Metapocalypse is here. Have you saved up your Twinkies? The Flash swoops in just in time to save Joe and round up a bunch of metas. Zoom's agents of chaos have Barry running around putting out fires.

Weirdly though, Barry seems very happy. As he and Iris arrive at S.T.A.R. Labs he tells her he's just feeling confident. He knows they can beat these guys. Kind of like the Warriors were going to win against the Thunder in game one? Careful Barry...

Meanwhile... Caitlin's back! Or at least what's left of her. Looks like Zoom kept his promise and let her return to her friends. She is clearly severely traumatized but trying to hold it together. Caitlin tells them all that they can't stop Zoom, it's impossible. But Barry has seen the Force, the Speed Force that is. He knows from being at one with it that the Force is with them, not Zoom. If the Speed Force is for us, who can be against us? Team Flash is a little alarmed at Barry's Pollyanna attitude, but they back him up. Yeah, sure, everything's going to be fine, Caitlin. While Barry takes Caitlin away for some rest, Team Flash decides somebody better talk Barry out of his crazy new beliefs.

Across town at MercuryLabs groundbreaking stuff is happening. Literally. An apparently not dead newly gothic Black Canary / Laurel Lance arrives with some significantly enhanced powers, knocking down the entire building with one scream. As the building collapses around Dr. Christina McGee and her minions, back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco is trying to talk some sense into Barry when he vibes standing in front of a building with a dead bird on the ground in front of him.

Before this vibe can be analyzed, they get word of the building collapse. Barry rushes in and pulls Dr. McGee to safety. As a thank you, Dr. McGee turns to the Flash and says, "Thank you, Mr. Allen." As Wells would say, "Welcome to Team Flash, McGee." Back at S.T.A.R. Labs McGee explains that she used simple observation to figure out Barry was the Flash. That's about all she knows, though, as she didn't see what caused the building to collapse. Oh, and by the way Dr. McGee, meet Harrison Wells!

While this is going on, Wally West has decided to take up the mantle of Kid Flash without the Flash part. Seeing a meta steal a woman's purse, Wally pursues and knocks the guy down. However, the meta rises to take Wally out but before he can, Joe boots him with Cisco's device. He then reads the riot act to Wally, pissed that he would try to stop a criminal. Joe demands to know what Wally was thinking. Wally says he's trying to prove to the Flash that he was worth saving by doing good. Plus, it's his fault the metapocalypse is happening in the first place. Nothing Joe says is going to stop him, either.

Barry arrives back at S.T.A.R. Labs with the proverbial black box. Only this one is loaded with video images from when the building collapsed. Barry heads back out to help Joe but not before his other dad confronts him about Barry's eternal sunshine of the speedster's mind. What's up with that? asks Henry. What happened to my tragically sad son? Barry bristles at Henry trying to drag him down before throttling back on the anger. Barry tells Henry he loves him for being protective, but he's going to be okay. Barry's determined his new optimism won't be his downfall.

The touching father son moment is interrupted by Zoom's Flash signal at the CCPD. Barry races into his lab where he finds Zoom perusing the crime scene photos from Mrs. Allen's murder. Zoom thinks Barry had it easy having been whisked away at the moment of her death. Whereas Zoom had to watch his father murder his mother. Zoom taunts Flash, telling him Barry will always choose to be the hero instead of doing what it takes to stop Zoom. Cue collapsing building.

Later at S.T.A.R. Labs Barry demands that Team Flash come up with a way to stop Zoom. Uh, how? asks Wells. Barry wants a nuclear option to stop all the metas at once. With them down he can concentrate on Zoom. Uh, how? asks Wells. Well, since you asked politely, says Barry, sound waves. Frequency, good vibrations, those have to be the key because all the Earth-2 people are vulnerable to different vibes than the good people of Earth-1. "Guys, we've got this," says Barry to a collective eyeroll from Team Flash.

Cisco meanwhile walks straight into another vibe. This time there are more birds throwing themselves into a building before falling dead at Cisco's feet. "Birds! Why?" It's like a Hitchcock movie in my head!" yells a frustrated Cisco.

Around the corner, Joe has pulled Barry in for an emergency Wally West meeting. Joe tells Barry about Wally's death wish. Joe wants Barry to talk some sense into Wally, but Barry seems to really admire what Wally is trying to do. Don't think he'll be too convincing. But he agrees to try.

Cisco is trying his best to come up with a solution for the Earth-2 metas, but he's frustrated he's not getting anywhere. Caitlin would be sympathetic but she's seeing flashes of Zoom everywhere she turns. (Are we sure that's not really Zoom running in and out? Seems like something he would do). Cisco rushes over to calm a frantic Caitlin telling her it will be okay:

Cisco: Look, you literally just escaped a psychopath who kidnapped you so I think it's normal for you to have a severe reaction like this.
Caitlin: This is so much worse than that. I'm afraid all the time. I don't think I can ever move forward.
Cisco: You will.
Caitlin: When? Jay took everything from me. My confidence, my trust, my sanity. I don't think I'll ever be whole again.

The last part is especially moving as it echos how many survivors of abuse or trauma feel, wondering not only when you'll feel better, but if you'll ever recover. It fundamentally changes you. It's a nice insightful moment. Cisco does his best to comfort Caitlin.

Meanwhile, Barry finds Wally listening to a police radio. As the Flash, Barry tries to talk to Wally, to tell him to stand down, let the Flash handle it. Wally's not having it. He says he'll stand his ground and fight. Cisco interrupts the convo with news of another meta attack. When Barry says the address out loud, Wally takes note. Good work, Bar. Not only did you not change Wally's mind, you gave him the coordinates to a meta fight.

Barry rushes off and finds himself face to face with Laurel Lance?

Barry quickly figures out this is her Earth-2 doppleganger. She introduces herself as Black Siren. And then she huffs, and puffs, and blows the Flash down. Well, that was too easy. Looks like Barry is done for as he can't do anything now. Black Siren promptly kicks his ass and is about to leave him pretty messed up when it's Wally to the rescue! He takes Black Siren out mid-monologue with his car. Nice! Flash hops in the car and Wally speeds him away. Finally recovered, Flash rushes back to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Caitlin is tending to Barry who has lost hearing temporarily and is bleeding from the ears. Fortunately for Joe Barry gets his hearing back in time to get a lecture. He's not pleased Wally did the exact opposite of what they wanted after his talk with the Flash. Barry says Wally's gonna do what Wally's gonna do. Iris waits for dad to leave before piling it on. She wants to know why Barry is so sure he can't get hurt. She wants Barry and Wally to have a healthy dose of fear to keep themselves safe.

Is anyone really safe with Zoom around no matter what their attitude? Black Siren is reporting back to Zoom and reminds him she's his only top lieutenant left. She dares to question why she has to keep knocking down buildings. It's all part of a plan to distract Team Flash so they won't know what he's really up to. Which is?????

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs Cisco has come up with a Wells torture device. Or rather a mechanism that will allow them to defeat all the meats, including Zoom. They're going to disrupt all the metas matter with these sound waves effectively knocking them all out at once. This will give Barry time to round em all up at once. As Cisco says, Earth-2 people vibrate at a more erratic frequency. "Higher frequency" says Wells. You say higher, I say erratic. Barry just has to run around the city creating a wall for the sound to bounce off of. While he's doing that, Wells and Jesse will wear special headphones to protect them from the pulse.

Just then, Black Siren pops up at another building. Barry is torn. Save the people in the building or stop the metas? Cisco? Cosplay time! While Barry heads out to create the wall of light, Cisco and Caitlin will dress up as Reverb and Killer Frost to distract Black Siren. She's a bit surprised to see them since they're dead. Cisco and Caitlin pretend like they're forming a special club to take on Zoom and Black Siren is invited. It looks like it's going to work until it doesn't.

Black Siren, being the smart person she is, tosses a bar at Cisco. Who catches it with his right hand. Aha! Huh? Oh. Reverb is left handed. Thus, Black Siren knows these two are just wannabes and not the real deal. Run, Cisco, run! Looks like the end of Cisco and Caitlin until out of nowhere Cisco gets his grove back, sending a wave of vibe right at Black Siren just as she's about to blow them to pieces.

"What the what?!" says Caitlin. "I don't know," says Cisco. "Well, do it again!" Caitlin screams. Oh, but Cisco is a one trick pony at the moment, unable to make his powers work again. Never fear, Barry's got the wall up and Wells is ready to activate the device. The sound blast brings Black Siren, Zoom and all the other metas to their knees. Oh, and Jesse, too. Her headphones have stopped working. Wells sacrifices himself, giving her his headphones and collapsing under the blast. Unfortunately, the waves weren't quite strong enough to take down Zoom who manages to escape through a portal. Barry rounds up everyone else, including Black Siren. Most of them go to Iron Heights, but Laurel gets a special cell at S.T.A.R. Labs. The fight seems to have cheered Caitlin up so a group hug is totally called for.

At CCPD Flash, Joe and Capt. Singh are hanging out discussing how Zoom got away. Why is it that Barry doesn't disguise his face with that blur thing when he's that close to Singh but does with Wally? Surely Singh would recognize him. Or not, as Singh wonders where the hell Barry is, the Flash zooms away and returns in seconds as Barry. Phew! Avoided that one. Barry tells Joe he's been thinking about Wally. Barry says the best thing to do is to let Wally be the hero, whatever may happen.

Later that night everyone gathers at Joe's house for a big family dinner. Including Dr. McGee who is totally hitting it off with Dr. Allen. Speaking of couples, Barry decides it's time to get things moving with Iris. He asks, "What do you say, you and I give this a shot?" Iris is totally down with that. And another couple! Jesse tries a little flirting with Wally. It's love and friendship all around until Cisco vibes more dead birds and the total destruction of Earth-2. If only that were the worst thing. It's not.

Just then Zoom bursts in and grabs Henry Allen, speeding off with him. Barry takes off after him. And that, folks, is how Wally finds out the brother he tolerates is his hero, the Flash. Barry chases Zoom across town to his old house. Zoom's horrible plan is suddenly clear: he intends to kill Henry in front of Barry so he'll have to witness the death of a parent, making him just like Zoom. Barry begs Zoom to kill him instead. Henry tries to tell Barry he loves him only to be killed at that moment by Zoom. It's horrible. I hate Zoom.

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