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The Flash Recap: The Race of His Life (S2.E24)

Holy mother of all season finales. People do crazy, stupid things when overcome with stress, grief, and anger but this may just take the cake, Barry! *sigh* We're getting ahead of ourselves. First!

Previously on this season of The Flash... Zoom lies, Cisco vibes, and Barry cries. A lot. And for good reason. We pick up tonight where we left off last week with super sad news: Zoom has just killed Barry's dad right in front of him. Henry collapses to the floor for one final awful last gasp before officially dying. An enraged Barry grabs the crazy lunatic aka Zoom who taunts the Flash and runs away. Barry takes off after him and the two race through the streets. Unbeknownst to Barry, there are suddenly two Zooms, one of whom veers off. Barry catches one Zoom and brings him down, but before Barry can kill him, Zoom kills him. The other Zoom. Don't worry, we're all confused, Barry.

Barry realizes the other Zoom was a time remnant, one willing to allow himself to be killed by... himself. Zoom tells Barry, "You can have a time remnant too, you just have to be willing to let yourself be killed." Then Zoom cryptically says, "Yeah, you're almost ready," before zooming away, leaving a dejected, angry, and confused Barry in his wake.

At Henry's funeral Barry is too overcome to say anything other than to vow to his dad that he will take from Zoom what he has taken from Barry. Back home, Wally finally gets to talk to Barry about how he's the Flash, and thank him for everything he's done. Wally promises if Barry ever needs anything he will be there for him. Thanks, but Barry's distracted. He wants a plan to stop Zoom. Now. Cisco wants to know why he keeps vibing Earth 2 going all destructed looking like a Transformers' movie, but with much better acting.

Barry is not in the mood for joking, Cisco! He goes outside to sit on what will be called his "pouting porch" by episode's end and Iris follows. Barry tells Iris he can't believe he lost his dad just as he came to terms with losing his mom. Iris tells Barry has to come to terms with it before it tears him apart. Before this can get too heartwarming, Zoom flies by. Barry takes off after him and catches up when Zoom chooses to pause coquettishly in the middle of the street giving Barry a come hither look over his shoulder. (Seriously, what was that?)

Zoom wants a race, between him and Barry, to see who is the fastest man alive. That's all. No hidden agenda. If Barry doesn't agree, Zoom will start killing more of Barry's loved ones. Sounds like a no-brainer to Barry. Let's race!

Not so fast, says everybody else. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs Dr. Wells figures out that Zoom is using a magnetar that was being developed by Mercury Labs to act as a pulsar, a magnetic pulse that can wipe out the Multiverse. And you thought Supergirl was coming to the CW this fall. Nope! Bye bye Kara and all the alternate worlds! Zoom's going to use his and Barry's energy to power it, that's why he wants to race. Caitlin remembers that of the many crazy things Zoom said, one was that he wanted to see how many Earths he could conquer. This pulsar would do the trick. "One pulse to destroy them all," says Cisco "Gandalf" Ramone. Like Barry said, no brainer. He has to race Zoom.

But before Barry can leave, Joe tries talking him out of racing Zoom. When that doesn't work, Dr. Wells shows up and stabs Barry in the back shoots Barry with a tranq dart. When Barry comes to he is in one of the containment cells having been betrayed by all of Team Flash. E tu Iris? They're all there to tell Barry they're going to take down Zoom without the Flash. So it's Team Really Smart People off to defeat Zoom as Flash pounds on the glass in frustration.

Cisco has managed to track down Zoom to an industrial park. Joe goes over the plan before they head out: Caitlin will be the bait to draw out Zoom and distract him while Joe and Harry take him down with the boot. Then Cisco will open the breach and it's hasta la vista Zooma! They'll shove Zoom through and seal the breach so he can never return. Joe says no take backs if anything goes wrong. Everyone pinkie swears to Joe's pact. (Pity Barry didn't make that promise). Before they confront Zoom, Jesse tells Harry after they're done, she wants to go home. Jesse reassures her dad that he can stay behind if he wants to, she's seen how happy he is with Team Flash.

At Zoom's lair, the industrial park, the team is in place, ready to go. Caitlin walks out into the open and calls for Jay. It works, he's out in a flash to talk to her, even though he's totally still pissed she left him. Caitlin claims she's come back to him because she wants to go bad. It's enough to get Jay to move closer to her. He's not in a forgiving mood, however. Which is totally okay because when he goes to kill Caitlin he finds out she's just a hologram. Wells hits him with the boot, Cisco opens the portal, but Joe can't get the tranq gun to work. He has to rush Zoom to stab him with the darts so when Wells finishes Jay off with one final blast, sending him back into the other earth, Zoom grabs Joe and takes him with him. Come on, man! The law of threes being what they are, it's hard to believe Barry will really lose a third parent.

Back at the lab Cisco can't vibe Joe's location. When Wally shows up and finds out what happened he's pissed. Iris tells Wally they all promised Joe they wouldn't re-open the breaches. No matter what. Wally wasn't made a part of Team Stupid so he didn't take the pinkie swear to not rescue Joe. Wally storms out.

On Earth-2 Joe and Zoom are having a nice conversation. Joe wants to know who the man in the iron mask is. For whatever reason, Jay feels like telling him. Zoom explains that he got fast enough to go to other universes and found another speedster on another Earth. So Jay brought the speedster to Earth-2 to try to steal his speed, but it didn't work. Now he just keeps the guy as a trophy, after first stealing his name: Jay Garrick. The man in the iron mask is the real Jay.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs Wally's decided enough is enough and lets Barry out of his cell. Barry rushes in and confronts everyone telling them they have no choice but to let him race Zoom. They're all still convinced, rightly so, that Barry's in no frame of mind to race Zoom. But seeing as there's no talking him out of it, the team decides to help Barry. Cisco vibes him into Earth-2 so he can tell Zoom the race is on. All Zoom has to do is bring back Joe and they'll get the party started.

The gang all tags along with Barry to the industrial park where Zoom has somehow found the time to build a gigantic race track. Guess that's why he's the fastest man alive. Or is he? Zoom and Barry take off around the track, Zoom taking an early lead. But just like Nyquist, Zoom is soon to be overtaken because Barry has figured out how to make a time remnant. While one Barry catches Zoom the other frees Joe and runs circles around the pulsar causing it to be destroyed, killing time remnant Barry in the process.

Creating the time remnant also has one other added benefit: it brings back the time dementors, who are super angry with Zoom. The dementors save Barry the trouble of killing Zoom by grabbing on to Jay, causing him to age into a skeleton like creature. The dementors carry Zoom off into some other world where he presumably will be made to suffer for all the crap he's put everyone through this season.

All's well that ends well, right? Not really. When the team returns to S.T.A.R. labs they have also rescued the man in the iron mask, Jay Garrick. Once they finally get his mask off, everyone goes into shock. The real Jay looks just like Henry Allen (remember how Henry said his mother's maiden name was Garrick?). That is just the last straw for Barry who rushes out. Barry finally gets a handle on his emotions long enough to go back and say goodbye to Jay.... and Wells and Jesse. Jay has his powers back and wants to go home to Earth-3. So Jay agrees to use his speed to get Wells and Jesse to Earth-2 and they will help him get the rest of the way. It's a sad goodbye, Wells finally calling Cisco by his first name, instead of his last.

Back home Barry is back on the pouting porch when he's joined once again by Iris. Barry tells Iris that he thought he'd feel better having taken care of Zoom, but he's still overwhelmed by his father's death. Iris says maybe being with her, as a couple, can help him find some joy and help him recover. Barry is moved, but tells Iris he can't be with her until he fixes what's wrong with him. Iris promises to wait for him, no matter how long it takes, telling him she loves him. They finally kiss and Barry says he loves her, too, and he always will. Iris heads back inside leaving Barry to contemplate life. And it's a sad bittersweet ending....

Whoa, wait, what? Barry says, "That's why I'm so sorry. But I have to do this." Bare...... What are you doing? Barry begins to run as fast as he can and you just know he's going back in time to stop Zoom from killing - whoa, wait, what? Barry travels back to the moment his mother was killed, stepping in and knocking away the Reverse Flash just as he was about to murder her. The Barry that traveled back to stop this from happening but didn't peeks around the corner and sees his mother alive, saved by Flash, and that Barry disappears into time, leaving current Barry with his mother. She's scared, afraid Barry is going to kill her. But Barry tells her not to be afraid, that she's safe. And fade to black.

I. Can't. Even! No, Barry, no! Now Barry's incredibly moving beautiful goodbye to his mother and all those moving scenes where he reconciled himself to her death in the Speed Force are wiped out by his anger and hasty actions saving her. I can't be happy for him. This feels like a colossal mistake. And now we have to wait until next fall to find out what in the what is going to happen because of this.

Was this a mistake or will Barry's life turn out fantastic? And does that mean the Flash never happens? Or did the Flash happen because he's still there? Or... man my head hurts. (EW may have some answers for you here) What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!
The Flash Recap: The Race of His Life (S2.E24) Reviewed by Deborah Thompson on 11:51 PM Rating: 5

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  1. The mind boggles. Does this mean he grows up with mum and dad and meets all the others under different circumstances. All to confusing for this old brain, but man I'd love that power to change ones past.


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