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The Flash Recap: Rupture (S2.E20)

1. the discovery of that one's life without power is no life at all
2. the despair that besets an audience upon discovering their hero is depressed and powerless 

Previously on the Flash! Cisco's brother.... kinda a douche. Zoom.... definitely a douche. Good Wells... not a douche, but verrrrry pushy. Alright already! Particle accelerator. We get it!

As tonight's episode opens, Central City's finest are chasing some bad guys and Flash is helping! Or is he? What looks like the Flash going after some crooks is actually a hologram being controlled from S.T.A.R. labs by Cisco and Barry. (Is this what it looked like when they shot Andy Serkis for LOTR?) Barry, through hand gestures interpreted by Iris, tells Cisco to deploy his lightning move to stop the bad guys. It works, all without the Flash being there. It's high fives all around until Dr. Doom and Gloom comes in and reminds Barry they need to get his speed back because, duh! Zoom.

Harry wants to rebuild the particle accelerator. Barry, Iris, and Cisco think this is the worst idea since Greedo shot first. Why? Because massive explosion and blowing holes in the space time continuum. But Wells is adamant he can recreate the sequence of events that created the Flash and save Snow (cause Charming isn't getting the job done of rescuing her). Despite Wells' impassioned plea, Barry remains unsure.

Which means road trip! It's up the mountain to visit good old dad, Henry Allen. Henry's surprised to see Barry arrive in a car, and is shocked to find out his son has lost his speed. Must not get emails or text messages up on Walton's Mountain? The heart to heart with dad does little to make Barry feel better, or help him make up his mind about whether he should let Wells have a go at restoring his powers. (As an aside, Barry's dad casually mentions that Henry's mother's maiden name was Garrick. Things that make you go hmmm...).

Back at S.T.A.R. labs Cisco and Wells are arguing about whether Barry should try to get his powers back when Cisco vibes. Wells is all, "Was it Zoom? Did you see Zoom? Is it Zoom? How many Zooms?!" What Cisco saw was his brother, Dante. He rushes off just as Barry and Henry arrive with big news: Henry's moving home. He's going to stay in Central City giving up his time on the mountain.

Across town (it has to be, right?) at CCPD Joe and Wally are bonding over Wally's need to serve the greater good. Ever since the Flash saved him he's wanted to do more with his life than just build cars. But before anyone can feel too mushy gooey, Zoomy arrives, with Caitlin in tow. (Is he just dragging her along to show off?) Zoom is about to kill everyone (I assume) when Juliet Caitlin yells from the balcony, begging Zoom to spare everyone. Zoom decides to let everyone go with the caveat they tell everybody else the city is his. He'll kill anyone who gets in his way.

Wells tells everyone this is the first sign of the Zoom Apocalypse: First he murders police officers, then he recruits metahumans, then it's dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria! Barry and Joe decide all the displaced police officers should set up at Jitters (all that's missing are donuts). Barry also looks like he's in serious need of some Tums, constantly rubbing and hitting his stomach. Wells storms off with one last, "Particle accelerator!!" shout. But Barry remains unconvinced.

At CCPD a very cocky (and annoying) JayZoom tells Caitlin ain't nobody going to stop him. Caitlin tells him, Zoomlin ain't ever gonna happen. Only JayZoom isn't so sure, telling Caitlin she has a darkness inside her she hasn't accessed yet (Killer Frost anyone) and it would go perfectly with his fuckedupness. For some reason this fails to woo her.

Also not open to wooing, Cisco's brother Dante. The two meet for drinks and Dante quickly reminds Cisco how much it sucked to get kidnapped that one time and how they just aren't very close anymore. So much for brotherly love. Two people who are getting close? Wally and Jesse. Joe has decided to look them away in a safe room while Zoom is out roaming around, whether they like it or not. Awkward!

Joe tells Wells their children are safely stowed, which pisses of Henry who doesn't appreciate the fact that they're wanting to potentially kill his child, Barry, by putting him through another particle accelerator explosion. It's Three Men and a Barry! Barry interrupts the My Three Dads argument to tell them all that if anyone's going to decide what happens to him, it's going to be him, Barry. Not Henry, Harry, or Joe. (btw how many times is Wells going to erase and rewrite that formula?)

Back at the bar, Cisco and Dante's evening is not going well. Cisco is just about to bail when he sees the news that Zoom is back. Cisco rushes out to save the day and Dante takes off after him. Both are suddenly blown off their feet by Star-Lord some freak in a costume. He tells "Vibe" he's there to kill him because he killed his brother. Inconceivable! Says Cisco. The man reveals himself to be Dante's Earth-2 doppleganger, and he's under the mistaken belief that Cisco killed his brother, Reverb. Cisco and Dante manage to escape his attack and get back to S.T.A.R. labs.

Wells explains that this is Rupture, a meta human who gets his power from the scythe he wields. (Wells also throws in an "I told you so!" just for good measure). Wells screams, "Particle accelerator!!" again so Barry excuses himself so he can think through all this trauma. Iris finds Barry and tells him, with great power comes great speed which leads to the end of annoying Zoom. This is a no brainer, Barry. Get your speed back! Or rather she tells him that she loves him, no matter if he's plain old Barry or fancy flash Barry. Barry can barely take it all in and has basically no response other than to look shocked. Iris excuses herself (hopefully to find those Tums Barry clearly needs) and leaves Barry with even more on his plate than he already had.

Meanwhile, Rupture reports back to Zoom at CCPD that he failed to kill Cisco. Zoom does not care as all he wants is for Rupture to go kill all the police now gathered at Jitters. Caitlin overhears and manages to send out an emergency text message via a cell phone she snagged from a nearby evidence box. The message gets through to Team Flash but it's not enough to convince Barry to risk the particle accelerator. He says he's made up his mind, they're not going to do it. They have to solve this without the Flash. I have a feeling he'll regret this decision as much as Oliver does his decision to not tell Felicity about William (Could he seriously not have just slipped her a note? Would Mom Samantha have known? Weak sauce).

At Jitters the Flash Team is preparing an A Team style diversion to thwart Rupture when he shows up. Barry and Cisco will set up their hologram studio outside Jitters and send the rest of the townsfolk out in Flash costumes to confuse the bad guy. Barry asks Joe if he's made the right decision, to not get his powers back. Joe is less than reassuring telling Barry either way, he has to live with his choice.

Before Cisco can get there to help, he has some family time with Dante who has found the Dear John letter Cisco left his family when he went to Earth-2. Dante demands to know what's going on so Cisco finally confesses all: he's a metahuman and he sees vibes. It's a short heart to heart because Cisco has to get over to Jitters to play Hannibal to Barry's Face.

When Rupture arrives HoloFlash appears to dart around, getting Rupture to shoot at him. Everyone else remains hidden until Rupture thinks he's beaten Flash. Just then, Joe pops out and tasers Rupture, capturing him. This pleases everyone except Zoom who watches the news unfold with Caitlin at CCPD. He can't believe she betrayed him by telling everyone Rupture was coming. As payback, he's going to go kill all the police.

Zoom arrives at Jitters and promptly kills everyone but Captain Singh, Barry and Joe. He leaves those three alive as a gesture of goodwill towards Caitlin. Zoomlin isn't happening!! Zoom also tells the city that HoloFlash is a fake, and that there is no hope. The city belongs to Zoom. Cisco can't believe he just watched Zoom kill his not brother, Rupture, and rushes back to S.T.A.R. labs where he embraces Dante, telling him he wants things to be different from now on.

Meanwhile, off in a side room, Wally and Jesse are still stuck inside waiting to be released into the episode. They decide the best way to do this is to come up with a plan that will jurry-rig the door so it opens, allowing them to escape, at the exact moment when they are most likely to be affected by, say, an exploding particle accelerator thus turning them into Kid Flash and Jesse Quick.

Back with Team Flash, the fact that all of Wells Zoompocalypse predictions have come true finally convinces Barry to try and get his powers back. He can't watch any more people die like he did at Jitters. So it's off to the particle accelerator for you! Don't need to tell Wells twice, he's already down the hall yelling, "Yippee!" before Barry can finish his emotional speech.

Wells says they need to recreate exactly what happened to Barry. So Cisco has to go on the roof with the weather wand he built for Mark Mardon to create the lightning, while Barry straps himself into the portable particle accelerator. Wells then starts to inject Barry with the chemicals he was exposed to the night of the particle accelerator explosion. (And in perfect timing Jesse and Wally manage to break free of the room they were in). As everything comes together, Zoom finally notices what's going on just as Barry undergoes an alarming transformation. As the lightning, chemicals, dark matter, and a bunch of other stuff does their thing, Barry starts to come apart slowly dissolving before everybody's eyes before exploding out in a burst of red and yellow light (that just so happens to smash into Wally and Jesse).

As the dust, or lack thereof, settles, Barry is gone. The only thing left is a gleeful Zoom who holds up Barry's shredded Flash costume, informing Team Flash they've killed their hero. But we only have to grieve for a nanosecond as the previews for next week show us Barry is more White Canary dead than Black Canary. Turns out the explosion sent Barry off into some alternate universe where Evil Joe is going all Misery on him, refusing to let him return home.

Vibe Pop Culture References

Cisco in full gaming mode: "Leeeeroy!"

Cisco: "I figured if they could get Tupac rapping again at a concert, we can get the Flash running around Central City."

Cisco: It looks like the vacuum.
Jesse: What's the vacuum?
Cisco: No Fringe on Earth-2. Noted.

Rupture:You killed my brother. So now you die.
Cisco: You're "Princess Bride" ing me right now. You must have me mixed up with somebody else, Inigo.

Cisco on seeing his brother in a vibe: I saw you. At least I thought it was you until your World of Warcraft doppleganger showed up.

Harry Wells: Well, Ramone, you have the wand.
Cisco: The one I made for Mark Mardon?
Harry Wells: No, the one you built for the Harry Potter convention. Yes, of course the one you built for Mardon.
Cisco: How do you know about the Harry Potter convention?

Cisco (aiming the wand at the sky to create lightning): Expecto Patronum!

Cisco (seeing the lightning strike): Great Scott! It's working!

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

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