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Sherlock: Comic Con Recap

UPDATE: See video from the panel at the end of the post as well as video from Sherlock at Nerd HQ
The Sherlock panel at Comic Con Sunday did not disappoint. Not only was Benedict Cumberbatch there, a new trailer for season 4 dropped as did some clues as to what the next season will hold. Oh, and that report that season 4 was the last? Not true, says Steven Moffat. The game is on!
First, the trailer:

If you've managed to pick yourself back up after watching it, here are the other things we learned Sunday, in no particular order:

  • Three words: Thatcher, Smith, and Sherrinford. Those were the three key names for season 4 given by showrunners Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue. Sherrinford has obvious implications. As to the other two? 
  • Moffat lies: He says he lied that the "Abominable Bride" would be a standalone episode. "In fairness, I say I'm going to lie, then I lie, and people still get mad at me," said Moffat. 
  • Fever Dream: According to a joking Gatiss, modern Sherlock could just be the fever dream of the Victorian version of the character. Will the back and forth era jumping never end? Speaking of mixed eras, says Gatiss, people wanted to know, "How do you do Sherlock Holmes without gasoline lamps?" and now they say, "How do you do Sherlock Holmes without iPhones?"
  • First Comic Con: Sunday was Benedict Cumberbatch's first Comic Con panel for Sherlock. He made sure to tell the fans how much he appreciates them. They even sang Happy Birthday to him as he just recently turned 40.
  • Cut! Filming on season 4 is scheduled to be completed in two weeks. Cumberbatch said they had 26 pages of dialogue they were doing next week and were flying out tonight (Sunday) to finish.
  • A dark season: "A lot of things come home to roost [in season 4]" said Cumberbatch
  • Everything must evolve: "You can't do a show about a  genius who doesn't learn," says Moffat.
  • Don't touch the coat! Vertue every year wants to change Sherlock's coat but Moffat refuses (cheers from crowd). Cumberbatch: sometimes the coat needs to come off (crowd cheers)
  • Doctor Who? Yes, says Moffat. No, says Gatiss.
  • Cumberbatch Impressions: Trump and Morgan Freeman. Must see video of that now!
  • Much Ado About Mary: Amanda Abbington didn't know she "had to shoot the hero." DIdn't find out Mary Watson would be an assassin til the 3rd episode. Says she told husband/partner Martin Freeman, they would all hate her if she shot Sherlock.
  • Bloody Bloodhound: the dog in the new trailer "wouldn't f****** move" according to Cumberbatch. Scene had to be rewritten to accommodate the dog's unwillingness to be mobile. 
  • The Mother Mary: Yes, Mary is still pregnant at the start of season 4. 
  • More seasons? Gatiss joked there wouldn't be a 5th season, but there would be a 6th and 7th season. Moffat says everyone willing to do more seasons. 
  • My Best Man's Wedding: Cumberbatch said his monologue best man toast in season 3 took five days to film. It was like doing a one man play.
  • Stranger than Fiction: Cumberbatch says the character of Sherlock is much stranger than Doctor Strange, and didn't help him at all in preparing for his new Marvel role. 

We will post videos of the panel as they become available. Check back for updates!


Fun video shown at the beginning of the panel:

New photos from Sunday at Comic Con:


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