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The Flash: Comic Con Recap

The big news to come out of the Flash Comic Con panel was the teaser trailer for season 3 which confirms the Flashpoint storyline.

Video from the panel:


The Comic Con panel confirmed what we all knew: Flashpoint is happening! Here are the highlights from the panel:

Executive Producer Todd Helbing's Comments
Barry still got hit by the particle accelerator in Flashpoint

"We're doing a really cool thing this year that we haven't done before, we're doing two big bads. One is a speedster that we'll reveal later, but the other, the guy that you saw with the creepy mask is Doctor Alchemy."

Flashpoint has its ripple effects throughout the whole universe (Arrow, etc). One effect is with Diggle himself. 

In any timeline, Barry and Iris ultimately find each other.

Executive Producer Aaron Helbing
He is a bad dude and he is going to be a formidable adversary to the Flash and everybody on the team throughout the season. Voiced by Tobin Bell, Jigsaw from Saw. 

Grant Gustin
First Barry doesn't realize how much has changed. The whole reason he did this is so his parents would be alive, and they are. So I think when we find him he's still kind of living in that like blind bliss and like just kind of ignoring what other changes are out there, or unaware at least when we first find him.
[Barry] also knows that the conversation from the season 2 finale on the porch with Iris still happened as far as he remembers. He remembers that happening so I think his plan is like, "I'm just gonna find her and it's going to work out." Good old Barry logic. 
When we find him he's been in this timeline for three months. He's been living in this timeline for three months so... He didn't grow up with Joe, he didn't grow up with Iris. Joe and Iris and Barry are just kind of acquaintances. They went to school together. Barry's still a CSI so he still knows Joe from work. But like I said, I think he's just kinda like, "I'll figure out the rest later. I just need my parents alive. And got that, so, check." 
[on the death of Barry's mother] I think we've been in that room shooting a version of that scene I want to say like five, six times. I can't think of that storyline without like welling up, but like for real, so I'm not going to go there.
It's a really cool relationship (Barry and Joe).
Harry left and he's gone. And so like in Flashpoint, he's not around. 

Candice Patton
Any time we can have women on television that are friendly and supportive I think we should do that. I love that. (On Caitlyn's friendship with Iris). 
CP: I think the reason we can sit down and have those great family scenes is, you know, we have such a great rapport with each other and so when there's heavy work to do and there's emotional scenes we just sit down and have the conversation. 
KL: We have family moments, too. Like when I picked Candice up from the airport and then Candice's car didn't work and then me Jesse and Candice are all just standing there like what are we going to do.
CP: My car broke down and K had to come to my rescue. It was like real brother, sister stuff. 
KL: We got our poppa there, he's telling us what to do, it's just like a real thing. 
GG: In Flashpoint, though, that's another story. You guys ain't so tight. Sorry.
CP: Thank you Grant.
GG: Sorry again.

The thing about Flashpoint, for my character actually, she's quite similar. You sign on to do a show you think you're playing one character for that many years. This is one of the rare shows where you get to expand and play as an actor and that's really exciting. It makes me excited to go to work. Especially for many, many years to come.

Danielle Panabaker
It was a treat [to play Killer Frost]. It's so fun to be on a show where that's a possibility. Where for two episodes everybody in our cast did an unbelievable job with their Earth-2 doppelgangers. It's bonkers to look around on set and see Reverb and Cisco. 

I loved it [Killer Frost's costume]. The original wig that we tried for Killer Frost was like a short little pixie wig. I was like, what if we put a little more hair in. And it just kept getting longer and longer until what we ended up with. 

Candice and I don't have enough scenes together. And Keenan. I need more scenes with Keenan. 

Carlos Valdes
[On rich Cisco] In that different timeline, Cisco is an ostentatious billionaire. Making money [is his best quality]. There are definitely quips, regardless of the fact that this is a different version of Cisco, I think the core is still the same. He's still very quick, he's still an engineer at heart, he's fascinated with the way the world works, and he's very good at what he does. 

Jesse L. Martin
He's very unhappy. [Joe in the new timeline]. Things at home aren't going well. He's having a particular issue with his youngest and only daughter. It doesn't seem solvable. So Joe gets quite depressed about it. And it starts to affect his life, it starts to affect his work. Even though him and Barry aren't tight like that anymore, we do work together, Barry is the one that makes sure Joe still has a job because things get so dire Joe doesn't want to do anything. So we're still in that journey to the happy thing.
I don't think we ever set out to make anyone cry.
I always miss [performing]. 

Tom Cavanagh
I will say that it's enjoyable, by the time this season has done its run, if I can get to triple digits in the number of characters that I play, that will be a nice little bucket list thing checked off. 

Keiynan Lonsdale
"I had an idea [Kid Flash] would happen eventually. When I got the script, I was like, oooh, this is happening. I was actually having like not a great day that day so that definitely made my day. There are similar qualities [to Barry Allen], he's Kid Flash, so I tried to play him with a really young, light hearted almost cockiness to him that can sometimes be his downfall. He is just in a really good place mentally. Like he has never felt more sure of himself."

Tom Felton
Good to be back. It's surreal. Last time I was hear I was representing a franchise symbolized by a lightning bolt. And here I am. That just hit me like now....

Julian Dorn character: You know more than I. Any character I play you should see as a threat. I honestly don't know. I tried to get both of these writers tipsy last night to pry some information out of them to no joy. So I'm not sure. The first two episodes that we're into so far there's definitely some friction shall we say between Barry and Julian. He definitely sort of treads on the toes of Barry's expertise. Being a sort of forensic expert. There's some feathers ruffled pretty early on so I'm intrigued to know where it goes. 

It's exciting. I know there's going to be a lot to sink my teeth into and if the last two seasons have anything to go by, anything's possible. I could be a woman by episode six.

Episode 2 going to have a little Felicity on the show. 
She's giving advice. 
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